Wednesday 4 July 2018

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal for Men

Hair removal for men? Why, you have your ever accessible razors and shaving creams don’t you? Yes, you do, but shaving does not have a lasting effect, and hair starts growing back almost immediately, which is why many men shave their face daily. This will not be practical for other hair like chest hair, leg hair etc. For these, laser hair removal might be a better option.

Hair Removal

Yes, you may try shaving, waxing etc., but they all provide only temporary solutions. With laser hair removal, you can have long lasting results. Laser hair removal is a tried and tested technique, safe for use on most skin types.
Many men now want to remove or reduce body hair. Hirsute men may be embarrassed by the amount of hair on their chest, back, arms and legs. Everyone wants to present a smooth-skinned appearance, whether they are men or women. This can be difficult for those with a lot of hair growth on their body.

Laser Hair Technology for Removing Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal is very effective. Laser effectively destroys hair bulbs or follicles and thus delays hair regrowth for a long time. Many different techniques are used in laser hair removal. Kaya Clinic uses only those methods that have received US FDA approval for being safe on human skin.
Using laser to remove unwanted hair in the face, legs and arms gives longer lasting results than other methods, so a lot of women sign up for laser hair removal to get rid of embarrassing hair growth on the face, on their arms or legs etc.
For men, laser hair removal usually targets body hair rather than the face. Hair removal for men is usually done on the chest, back, legs, and arms. On the face, men usually have hair reduction done on ear lobe hair.
These days, many men who habitually wear beards choose laser hair removal to permanently shape the beards. This eliminates the need to regularly trim the beard, to remove hair that grows outside the desired beard line.
You can enquire about laser hair removal treatments offered by various clinics. Kaya Clinic is a reputed chain of skin care providers; they maintain the highest quality in the products and services they offer. You can look at some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews online before deciding. You can also enquire about current Kaya Laser treatment for hair removal cost.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

Kaya offers this treatment for hair removal, using the US FDA approved ND-Yag Laser technique. While most laser treatments are effective only on a high contrast combination of fair skin and dark hair, new methods like the ND-Yag are also considered safe for dark skin and dark hair combination. Just a slight difference in hair tone is enough; the laser will target the darker hair pigment and avoid damage to the skin surrounding the hair.
If you are a man who wants to get rid of excessive hair growth on the chest, underarms, on the arms and legs etc., fix an appointment at the local Kaya Clinic. A dermatologist will examine your skin and hair and design a course of treatment for you. If you opt to go for the laser treatment, which will require many sessions, you will be given instructions about pre and post treatment care, and will be told what results you can expect.
You laser hair removal treatment at Kaya will be done by a trained and certified technician. This technician will apply a numbing cream and use a cooling gel while applying the laser. First, a small area will be treated to determine your pain tolerance and to find at what settings the laser provides effective hair removal for you, while keeping any pain or irritation at the lowest possible level.
Then the cooling gel will be applied over the area being treated and the ND-Yag laser will be moved in a circular motion within the region. As it focuses, the beam penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicles. The hair follicles will get hot and shrivel up. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, it takes a very long time for the body to replace them with new hair bulbs. After several sessions, you may even expect a certain percentage of permanent hair removal. Done by experts, you will not have any side effects like skin burns or ingrown hair.
So, get ready to say goodbye to razors and shaving creams, or melting hot wax and opt for permanent laser hair removal/reduction at Kaya.

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