Friday, 30 November 2018

Kaya’s Relationship with Customers- Why Your Suggestion Matters

Kaya Clinic has made quite the reputation for itself with its well-researched treatments that are provided alongside a stellar customer service. Kaya takes such a client-centered approach that you’re bound to get favorable results.
Customer service is necessary for every company or brand and Kaya is no different. You will find that regardless of the treatment you choose to undergo at and with Kaya, you will have world-class customer service that is unparalleled in the market. This is because Kaya is focused on making sure that their customers leave fully satisfied with the treatments. You can take one look at Kaya clinic reviews online and see that there is an overwhelming number of people more than satisfied with Kaya!

What is the customer’s feedback?

As simple as it sounds, whatever you have to say on record about your experience at any Kaya clinics, be it kaya skin clinic Kolkata or any of its locations in the world, is taken as feedback and is seriously reviewed. This is absolutely essential to Kaya because only through feedback can it improve its services and products.
Kaya feedback helps Kaya Skin Clinic improve its services and products in a way that they are able to cater to more skin types than ever before. Despite how research-based all of Kaya Skin Clinic treatments, procedures, and products are, there might still be a unique skin combination, perhaps yours, that may feel like it doesn’t benefit. Only your feedback can help Kaya reach out to you, and others with a similar skin constitution.

How Kaya Takes Feedback

Of course, spoken feedback may be good and easy for everyone, but it doesn’t do much when it comes to holding a brand or business accounts. For example, after any service or treatment at Kaya skin clinic Bangalore you will be given a feedback form that is anonymous in nature, and you can give a complete review of your experience. Getting reviews for results is tricky since most of the Kaya treatments are time-dependent, and show visible results after a few months post-treatment.
You can also go online and leave your feedback on the Kaya website. You can also contact Kaya skin clinic Delhi or elsewhere nearby and leave a comment. However you choose to do it, your feedback can help Kaya skin clinic in becoming a brand that truly puts the client in the center. Here’s how customer feedback helps in other ways.

     Feedback is reliable marketing

When you as a satisfied or dissatisfied customer leave a review or feedback for Kaya skin clinic, other potential customers are bound to find said feedback. They expect to get some information about treatments and individual experiences from previous customers. Kaya is confident in its service and treatment and ability, which is why it uses customer feedback as a valid source of information for other potential customers to learn about the quality of treatments and services.

     Customer Feedback guides business decisions

Another way that the feedback customers give is used - business decisions and direction. You may not know it, but the feedback you and other customers leave helps Kaya make business decisions that affect the direction of the company. For example, if customers in their Kaya laser hair removal reviews excessively mention that a particular laser treatment is doing them a good job, then Kaya can strive to ensure greater availability of that technology across clinics.

Whatever the case may be, as a customer of Kaya, you can be sure that your feedback is heard and implemented upon. Which is why if you find that you had a less than perfect experience, make sure Kaya knows and you will see the efforts they take to ensure that they can serve you better again.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How to Plan Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is easily the most important day of your life. If looking your best has ever mattered, it’s the numero uno when it comes to the big day. For most people, it’s a day when they make promises to their loved one, amidst the company of their friends and family. It is a day to be marked and remembered. Of course, you want everything to be perfect and this means your skin. Unwanted body hair can really put a damper on things. This is why before your wedding is a great time to explore laser hair removal by Kaya Clinic.
This is probably a thought that’s crossed your mind every now and then. It’s been a long time since laser hair technology has been introduced in India and it’s making waves for all the right reasons. You’ll find that you have plenty of company when you’re prepping for your wedding day. And don’t be disillusioned- it isn’t only for women. At Kaya, men too are welcome and encouraged to explore their options for unwanted body hair removal. But, for something as important as a wedding, timing is everything. You must fully understand how laser hair technology works before you plan your treatment.

Kaya Technology

Kaya hair removal technique and technology is truly a golden standard to aspire to. It uses the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch which is approved by the US-FDA and is 100% safe for Indian skin while being effective on all hair types and growth patterns. The laser is unique in that it targets hair that’s in its growth phase only. This means that you would ideally require 6 sessions- and a few additional touch-ups. This is dependent on your hair growth pattern.
Ideally, for your wedding, you would want to avail the services for full body laser hair removal. Women can opt for treatment of underarms, arms, legs, facial hair, and even bikini permanent hair reduction. The best part about it all is that if your timing is well-done, you won’t ever have to worry about shaving or waxing appointments and have a breakdown before your big day over your skin!

Time between sessions

Laser hair removal sessions are spaced out down to weeks. Depending on what part of the body you’re getting treated, your hair type, and growth pattern- you might even have two months between treatments. This is where the timing comes in. Keep in mind that it is ill-advised to expose your skin to direct sunlight for up to 24 to 48 hours post-treatment.
However, it is interesting because once your first or second laser treatment is done, your hair will fall out in a few days. This is the best time to rock whatever clothes you wish to without feeling any hassle. In about a month or two, your hair will grow back and you’ll have to report in for the next session. 
This is why your initial consultation is important. Make sure your first consultation is at least 6 months before your wedding. At the consultation, you will meet with a dermatologist who will help you identify your skin type, hair type, and hair growth pattern. With this information, the permanent hair removal treatment plan will be customized for you. You’ll also know how long you’ll have to wait between sessions and when you can ideally have your wedding without having to worry about hair on your skin!

Don’t let something like body hair rob you of your comfort and happiness on your big day. With Kaya, your wedding day will be as special as every day after since hair removal will be a worry of the past. This is the best laser hair removal technology in all of India. 

Monday, 19 November 2018

Look Good And Feel Good Every Day, Age Is Just A Number!

Is rough and aging skin getting in the way of your life? Is it a cause of concern for you? Do you feel powerless every time you look in the mirror? You can actually do something about reversing aging signs regardless of your age.

Maintenance of the youthfulness and suppleness of your skin is easier said than done. You might have tried every single product out there but you did not get the results you hoped for. It is true there are so many so-called ‘anti-aging’ products out there that it can get confusing after a while. Moreover, since there are a plethora of reasons that cause aging, it can be difficult to get a product that targets all of the problems such as sagging skin and crow feet, among others. You might have already spent quite some money without getting any real results. If you feel the same way, then your skin might be in need of a proper treatment to reverse the signs of aging.  

Kaya Anti Ageing

Anti-Ageing Treatment To Make You Feel Youthful Again

Kaya Clinic, through years of experience, has found the perfect way to reverse the signs of aging and delay skin aging from taking a toll on you. It has an effective way for you to visibly reduce age spots and improve the texture of your skin. All this while ensuring the results are result-driven, with continued use. Kaya’s Youth Brilliant Range has what you require for fighting all signs of aging early on so your skin stays happier and so do you! Kaya Youth Brilliance Range consists of three products; Dramatic Renew Day Cream, Replenishing Night Cream and Flawless Day Cream.

Kaya’s Dramatic Renew Day Cream gives your skin the fresh appeal that you love about it. The cream moisturizes your skin just right without making it look oily at all. It comes with SPF40 which helps protect your beautiful skin from UVA and UVB. It helps your skin become softer and stay that way all day long. It helps improve production of collagen in skin which improves elasticity. This has a positive impact on skin tightening and ensures your face looks youthful the whole day. This formula ensures that your skin doesn’t tan when you step out in the sun too.

The Flawless Day Cream by Kaya makes you looking radiant all day long. It evens out your skin tone so that it doesn’t look patchy. You will notice that with continued usage, the age spots will start to lighten in appearance. In addition, it gives your skin that extra lift that makes it looking ravishing and improves the appearance of your skin from the inside. It contains bistort herb and grapeseed extract which helps to make your skin healthy and smooth. If you are looking for a light formula that you can put on your skin, then this is the cream to go for. 

The Replenishing Night Cream repairs your skin when you slumber. It helps improve the texture of your dull and dry skin by making it moisturized to the right level. You will feel like your skin has had the rest it needed at night when you wake up the next morning. The niacinamide ensures your skin glows and your skin brightens as it becomes healthy. Your skin tone is improved and you will feel the lightness of it as soon as you apply it onto your skin.

When you start taking care of your skin early, it will ensure that your skin stays healthier for longer. Use Kaya’s Youth Brilliance Range and the difference will be visible to you. Don’t forget that the right food and exercise will help too so take care of your health. The amalgamation of these is surely going to stun you and take you by surprise after a few weeks! Time to say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and other signs of aging such as visible pores! Are you ready to be the confident you all over again and take on the challenges life throws at you? 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

All about Post-Laser Treatment Skin Care

So you have just had a Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch laser hair removal treatment. After each laser treatment session, you need to take special care to protect your skin, which has become sensitive due to the treatment. This will also ensure the best result for your laser procedure, whether it is for hair removal, pigmentation reduction, or other treatment.

Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews
Your Laser Treatment and After Care
Choose a reputed skin care center like Kaya Clinic for laser hair removal. At Kaya, the treatments are carried out by highly trained experts under the guidance of dermatologists. You can read Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews online.
Your laser treatment will have its desired effect, but it can also make your skin very sensitive for the first few days after the procedure. So, you need to keep in mind a few good practices for the proper care of your skin.
 Here is what you need to do:
Wear Protective Clothing
If you have had treatment on your arm or leg, be sure to wear full sleeves and long skirts or pants to protect the skin from direct sun exposure. If you had the laser treatment on your face, wear sun goggles and scarves.
Apply Ice Packs
If you feel any slight irritation or pain, this is normal, it will soon go away. Apply a soothing ice pack. Wrap the ice pack in a soft towel to avoid hurting your tender skin. You can repeat this treatment, taking breaks in-between till your skin feels calm and soothed.
Use Sunscreens
Remember to always apply sunscreen before you step out. This is always important but even more so after laser hair removal treatment. Use a sunscreen like Kaya Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, a lightweight formulation, free of perfume. This provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Laser hair removal
Avoid Taking Hot Showers or Steam Baths
Laser treatment uses heat to destroy hair follicles. This makes your skin very sensitive for a few days. So, do not take hot showers. Use cool, clean water to cleanse the treatment areas. Do not take a steam bath or sauna.
No Makeup
Applying makeup on the treated skin can cause irritation. So, avoid makeup for a few days. You can use gentle moisturisers and soothing creams. Makeup and makeup removers can harm your skin and decrease the effectiveness of the laser treatment.
No Other Hair Removal Treatments
Do not wax, pluck or thread any hair you see in the treated area. These will eventually fall off and will also be targeted in further sessions. Waxing and other treatments that pull out hair will damage your sensitive skin.
Use Gentle Cleansers
Use an effective but mild soap-free cleanser like Kaya Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. This light and smooth cleanser is formulated for tender, delicate skins. It has no perfume or harsh ingredients so it does not cause any irritation.
Use a Good Moisturiser
You always need to use moisturisers to maintain skin health. It is even more important after having a session of permanent laser hair removal treatment. Kaya Clinic offers a selection of moisturisers including a lightweight ‘Anytime Moisturising Cream’, and an ‘Intense Body Hydration Lotion’. These products are non-greasy and get quickly absorbed into the skin for fast results, leaving your skin looking smooth and soft.
Use Aloe Vera
Kaya uses the best techniques in its permanent laser hair reduction treatments like the ND-Yag-based Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch. However, any laser treatment can make your skin a bit sore and tender. Soothe your sore skin with aloe vera. Kaya offers a Skin Protection Cream with Aloe Vera, specially formulated for post-treatment care.

Kaya Clinic offers US_FDA approved laser treatment. The ND-Yag and Diode laser hair technology for permanent hair removal is safe for use on Indian skin and are highly effective. However, for the procedures to have their desired results, you need to take precautions too. Develop a good sensitive skin care routine and follow it for some time after the laser treatment session for best results!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Here Is How Kaya’s Lighten and De-Tan Facial Treatment Can Help You Look like Sunshine

Pigmentation can cause your skin to look dull and make you look more tired in appearance. While it is a common problem, proper therapy is the need of the hour to reduce skin pigmentation. There is a tested effective way to do so while ensuring your skin is protected from any harm.

What Is Pigmentation?

Your skin’s topmost layer is made up of pigment cells. These produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for your natural skin tone. Therefore, pigmentation is the coloring of your skin that is achieved due to melanin production. Hyper-pigmentation is what causes excessive skin tanning. It is synonymous to pigmentation. The reason is the excess production of melanin as the number of pigment cells increases.  This can be due to various factors and can lead to age spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation, freckles, and melasma among other skin problems. Some of the common factors for hyperpigmentation include hormonal changes and UV radiation.

Kaya’s Lighten and De-Tan Facial

What if you want to reduce the effects of the pigmentation and get back your natural skin tone without the extra tan? For some people, the tanning never seems to go away and just keeps making the skin darker. If you are experiencing this then no need to fret any longer because there is a simple solution to this problem. You can use Kaya’s facial treatment that is completely safe and provides results that are there for you to see. It helps to effectively reduce the pigmentation such as dark spots, patchy skin and skin darkening that increases skin dullness every time you step out of the house.

Get Flawless Skin With De-Tan Facial Treatment By Kaya

Kaya Lighten and De-tan Facial Treatment helps you get your skin tone back, reduces the problem of uneven skin tone, and helps improve the overall appearance of your skin. The steps taken for performing the facial are as follows. The entire session of the facial takes approximately one hour. It is recommended that you get a facial done on a monthly basis so that old cells are removed and can give way to new cells that help rejuvenate your skin.


Exfoliation is the process by which dead skin cells and other harmful particles are removed from your skin. Your skin has an accumulation of dust particles that can harm your skin and give it the dull and dark appearance. This exfoliation process ensures that free radicals are removed using the Microderma Abrasion technique.


The second step in the facial is the application of aloe vera gel. This helps your skin get hydrated and helps maintain the moisture balance of your skin. Moisture is important because the reduction in moisture is what causes dry skin that can cause another host of problems such as skin aging. Aloe vera is soothing to your skin and it easily penetrates in your skin.


A serum that has been enriched with Vitamin C is then applied onto your skin. This helps nourish your skin further and helps to reach your skin deeper. When your skin is nourished from within, it can completely rejuvenate and give a youthful appearance. This has the benefit of producing collagen and thus improves your skin’s elasticity as well.


A BioWhite facial mask is applied to your skin at the end. This mask helps to tighten your skin pores. The mask is what gives your skin the radiance and helps to brighten your skin. Your skin will feel suppler and your skin will feel softer than before. The tightening and clear skin will help you feel on top of the world.

Flaunt the beautiful and radiant you again by booking an appointment with Kaya Clinic today. The expert dermatologists will analyze your skin thoroughly to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your skin. No more darkening of your skin, post acne blemish and tanning when you don’t want it to. It is time to say hello to the spectacular you that you knew you always were!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Body Hair Removal for Men - Why Is Laser The Best Method?

Guys, we all know that body hair removal can be a tedious process if you use methods like waxing, shaving or trimming. A more permanent solution would be to undertake a laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal for body hair is safe and there are many advantages to using this method.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal a Better Option Than Other Methods?

Enquired about Laser treatment for hair removal cost and wondering if it will be worth it?  Well, let us look at the advantages laser hair technology offers in body hair removal for men:


Laser techniques used for hair removal have been approved for safe use on human skin. The laser techniques used at Kaya Clinic like the ND-Yag are approved for use on all skin tones including darker skin.


You may need many laser hair removal sessions based on several factors unique to different individuals, but each laser session is a quick process. Even for full body hair removal, it will take just one to three hours depending on hair density and other factors. You can quickly get back to your normal routine after treatment, taking certain precautions like wearing sunscreen.


Lasers used for hair removal target the darker color of hair shafts growing out of hair follicles deep within your skin. At Kaya Clinic, care is taken to ensure there is no skin damage. The treatment area is shaved so there is no hair growing out of the skin surface. A cooling gel is applied to keep the skin surface cool, only the hair follicles get heated and shrivel up. This is mostly a less painful process than waxing.

Very Effective

Laser hair technology focuses the laser beams on the hair follicles from which hair grows. The heat buildup from the energy of the laser beams shrivels up and destroys the follicles, ensuring hair does not grow back.

Gives Long-Lasting Effects

Permanent laser hair removal/reduction for full body hair can take several sessions because not all of your hair will be in the early growth or Anagen stage. Subsequent sessions target coarser hair that needs more treatment and also newer hair that emerge after the previous session. However, with each session, you will notice a reduction in the density and coarseness of hair. Once the full course is completed, there will be significantly less hair that grows back and most of these will be light and fine and unnoticeable. You may just need top-up treatments each year to keep your body hair in control. This will certainly be more lasting and effective than other hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving.
You should get laser hair removal treatment at a trusted clinic like Kaya. Read some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews online to learn how effective it has been for other customers who have taken this treatment.
Permanent hair removal takes several sessions and the number of sessions will be decided by the Kaya dermatologist after an examination of your skin, the hair growth density, and other factors. Remember to enquire about Kaya clinic prices for laser hair removal. Kaya allows you to pay by session instead of a complete payment for the whole treatment. You can also opt for financing the treatment through a loan and pay in EMIs, with Kaya’s help.
Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch uses the ND-Yag laser technology approved for safe use on all skins including darker skin tones. This laser hair technology can remove the coarsest of hairs with the least amount of pain and effort. Kaya also has another laser hair removal treatment, the Painless Laser Hair Reduction that uses an In-Motion diode laser with DualChill technology to keep your skin cool. The doctor at Kaya will advise you on which method will be right for you considering your hair growth, skin tone, skin sensitivity, and other factors.
Get freedom from the pain of frequent waxing sessions. Opt for laser hair removal at Kaya and achieve permanent hair removal after a full course of treatment. You will be in safe hands at Kaya, in a hi-tech clinical setting, with trained expert technicians performing the procedure under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Why Kaya’s Vital Volume Intense Range Is The Go-To Product For Increasing Your Hair Volume!

Volume loss of hair makes your hair look limp and thin. This lack of density in hair affects your overall appearance. While sometimes you can strategically hide the thinning, this is only a short-term solution. If you want long-term and the most effective solution for increasing hair volume, then Kaya is the answer.

Have you constantly been using hair care products for getting your hair health back? Did not work even a little bit? Especially in the case where damage has been done for a long time, it can be difficult to get your hair volume back. There are numerous factors that affect the loss of hair volume and loss of sheen. But you don’t have to worry because it is not impossible when you have treatments that are targeted for hair density gain.  Ready for thick, shiny and smooth hair? Then choose Kaya’s range that ensures your hair becomes luscious and dense with each strand much thicker than you have ever seen before.

Kaya Vital Volume Range For Hair Fall Treatment

Sometimes the solution lies in the simplest of things. You do not need to go to therapy or book appointments for hair treatment when you have Kaya’s products to tackle your hair thinning problem. The multitude of problems such as postpartum hair loss among others should not make you think that after a baby, your hair isn’t going to be coming back. It will surely come back and it will become better when it does. Kaya’s Vital Volume Range has been specifically formulated to ensure each hair strand is given the due importance that it deserves. This helps you get hair that is bouncy and beautiful, making you look like a million bucks!

Kaya’s Vital Volume Range is an amalgamation of three products; Root Energizing Oil, Intense Volumizing Shampoo and Intense Volumizing Mask.

     Kaya Root Energizing Oil is a feather-light oil formula that is easy to apply onto your scalp. It is a powerful mixture of avocado, macadamia and olive oil. You can gently massage it onto your scalp and leave it there for one hour. This will help your scalp absorb all the nutrients from the three oils and nourish your hair roots from within. It helps to strengthen your hair roots from within so that your hair becomes stronger and thicker from the start.

     Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that helps cleanse your hair properly after the oiling procedure. It helps to remove all the dirt, dust and extra sebum found in your scalp. This ensures that your scalp is clean thoroughly. The shampoo contains extracts of rich foods, has loads of proteins and includes Hexapeptides. The combination of these ensures your scalp is squeaky clean after you wash your hair. You will find your hair shinier than before too.

     Kaya Intense Volumizing Mask is the third product that helps to add two times more volume to your hair. It acts like a conditioner that helps give your hair the final touch of lusciousness. Your hair will look gorgeous from the root to the tips. Your hair will become quite voluminous and each strand of your hair will become thicker than earlier. The mask consists of essential amino acids among other ingredients which ensure your hair is hydrated and has lots of volume.

Kaya helps you out every step along the way because it knows the root of your confidence lies in your hair. Whether you suffered hair loss during pregnancy or after giving birth, Kaya Clinic will enable and empower you to increase your hair density and make you feel fantastic again. All of Kaya’s products are developed and researched thoroughly to ensure that your hair gets the best treatment it can get for the best results ever. You can definitely get your hair volume back with the Kaya Vital Volume Range and get hair that is pleasing to look at, every single day. Give your hair and yourself the pampering that is needed and the results will be astonishing. Don’t forget adding the right superfoods to your diet though!

Monday, 22 October 2018

What Is A Hair Transplant And Which Hair Transplant Should You Opt For?

Hair transplant is a crucial procedure that can help many of you. It can help you get back your lost hair through hair growth. Although the procedure is excellent, the one factor that makes a whole lot of difference is the clinic you opt for when getting the treatment.

A hair transplant is a method used for growing hair where you have hair loss or you have gone bald. Sometimes, you may go bald in certain areas of your head. At other times, the thickness of your hair might be reducing at an alarming rate resulting in baldness. A hair transplant treatment is what helps your hair to grow in those areas after a certain time. The reason can be in your genetics due to which you might have had permanent damage to your scalp follicles. The procedure can thus help to grow hair in your head where other methods for hair loss treatments have failed.

Where should you get hair transplant treatment done from? While there are many options available, you should only opt for reliable clinics where the proper procedure is carried out. Kaya Clinic is one of the most reliable options where hair transplant treatments are provided. It provides a step by step guide for you so you are aware of what is happening at each stage of your hair transplant treatment.

Kaya Hair Transplant

Kaya’s Hair Transplant Treatment

Kaya’s hair transplant solutions are similar to a knight in shining armor; always there to save the day! Kaya’s solutions help you get magnificent results that you will love. Kaya uses the following hair transplant methods. The hair transplant method you choose will depend on you and the doctor’s recommendation. Earlier, scalp reduction and strip harvesting methods were used extensively. Today, due to the advancement in hair transplantation, the following two methods are the most used ones.

   Follicular Unit Extraction For Hair Transplant (FUE)

The FUE procedure consists of extracting hair follicles from the back of the head or neck. This area is called the donor area. These hair follicles are then placed in the area where you are experiencing baldness and where you want the hair growth to take place. The result of this is hair that looks really natural because eventually, hair will start to grow from these areas.

   Follicle Unit Transplantation For Hair Transplant (FUT)

FUT is a procedure whereby a surgery is required. First, a strip of your hair is removed from your head. These strips of hair are then divided further into smaller units which may range from 1 hair to 4 hairs. The recipient sites are where these hairs will be placed in your head. Holes are created in these areas. The grafts which were removed earlier are then placed in these holes carefully.

The entire procedure takes up to 8 hours in total. Anesthesia will be given in the area where you are suffering from balding. The procedure is then performed on your scalp. You will feel like yourself again after a few days maximum. Your hair will take up to a few months to grow from those areas. The hair will then keep growing like usual and your scalp will be filled with luscious and healthy hair that you will love!

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind after the hair transplant procedure has been done. For example, you should always follow what the surgeon says to ensure quick recovery time and better healing. You will probably get medication to recover from any pain that might be there due to the hair transplant procedure. You might have to take around a week off from work. Don’t get worried when you start to lose hair again as it is normal. Your hair will grow back soon thereafter.

Kaya hair transplant cost is lesser than many other clinics which makes it one of the best options for getting a hair transplant done from. Kaya has many happy customers who claim to have had great results from hair regrowth by hair transplant.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

What to Do When You Are Going Through Postpartum Hair Fall Problems

Postpartum brings with it lots of surprises and one of them is hair loss. While for some new mothers, there is light hair fall but for others, it can be difficult to handle. Find out how you can sail through postpartum hair loss.

It is normal for you to be a little scared because your hair is falling out like never before during postpartum. For someone who has had thick and long locks, this type of hair loss can be unsettling. However, research has found that it is absolutely normal for women to lose their hair postpartum. It can take up to one year to grow back. Those women whose hair grew faster during pregnancy is said to shed faster postpartum. However, there are ways in which you can expedite the process of hair growth with the right type of hair care products and treatments.

What You Can Do About Postpartum Hair Loss

Kaya Clinic is one of the most reliable places where you can get solutions for postpartum hair fall. Whether you have experienced hair loss during pregnancy or you are having hair fall issues after giving birth, Kaya is there to make your life easier. Kaya’s set of hair therapies help nourish and improve the overall health of your hair. It is a long-term oriented solution provider for making your hair healthy, shiny and smooth while retaining its strength. Your hair will grow better, stronger and quicker. The following are the two main solutions that are provided by Kaya.

Kaya Clinic Hair care

Kaya Root Regen

Kaya’s Targeted Root Regen System, an advanced hair loss therapy, has been specifically developed by experienced dermatologists. This treatment focuses on the root of the hair which is responsible for your hair growth and development. This therapy is useful for a lot of conditions and solves the problem of hair loss due to any cause. There are four treatments that fall under this treatment option.

     The Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy & Low-Level Laser Therapy consists of hair follicles stimulation. This is achieved by activating cells for an increase in blood flow in your scalp. When your scalp is healthy from within, it ensures your hair grows thick, shiny and beautiful.

     The Natural Hair Rejuvenation With PRP is another treatment you can choose from. This is a US FDA approved service by Kaya. It makes use of your blood plasma which is a natural method for hair improvement. The plasma found in your blood is used for helping your hair grow strong from the beginning.

     The Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy is used for putting nutrients into your scalp. These nutrients expedite the process of improving hair health so that your hair fall problem is tackled quickly. Kaya uses ions that are specifically charged a particular way for placing the nutrients into your skin through your scalp.

     The Intensive Hair Root Therapy is a treatment used for both rejuvenation and prevention of hair loss. It is a treatment option that is used for injecting nutrients and vital vitamins into your scalp. When your scalp is healthy, the nutrients that your hair needs will be taken in faster.

Kaya 360 Hair Elixir Therapy

Do you want all the care your hair needs in one package? Then you can get this treatment from Kaya. The Kaya 360 Hair Elixir Therapy is a sophisticated treatment package for anyone who wants brilliant hair care. The therapy consists of 10 phytonutrient extracts, 4 nourishing oils, and 17 plant amino acids extracts. This fantastic combo gives overall vitality to your hair and ensures hair grows dense and healthy. This enables your scalp to stay healthy and helps to prevent hair loss at all times.

Kaya returns your confidence back to you with its intense hair fall treatment. Get ready for those luscious locks that only belong to you by speaking to Kaya dermatologists today. Don’t forget to include superfoods in your diet for faster results.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Has Your Hair Loss Caused You To Worry? Find Out When You Should Consider Getting A Hair Transplant

If you are experiencing severe hair loss then it might be time to get a hair transplant. There are many factors to consider before you opt for hair transplant treatment. When exactly is the best time for getting a hair transplant and how can you ensure zero complications?

Has hair loss caused a huge dip in your confidence? You have had a head full of hair and now you are concerned about the receding hairline and hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to a lot of reasons but how do you determine when is the right time to get a hair transplant? First, it is important to understand what a hair transplant is in order to decide whether you should get it done. A hair transplant procedure consists of removing hair follicles found in one area of your body to the area where you are balding. There are different ways of performing hair transplant and it would depend on the clinic.

When Should You Get A Hair Transplant?

When should you start seriously considering hair transplant? Just having hair loss and a receding hairline does not mean you should head straight to a clinic for hair transplant. Your age is a factor that you should consider. Getting a hair transplant done at a young age is not a good idea. You should consider getting a hair transplant when you are 25 years old or above. Speaking to a doctor is the best way to determine for sure whether you require a hair transplant or not. Many people confuse a mature hairline as hair loss. This is simply a stage of your life that is bound to occur. However, if the hair loss is affecting you psychologically then a hair transplant is a good idea.

Remember that hair loss is a serious concern. If you feel that you are losing hair at a rapid rate then you might need to get a hair transplant procedure done. One of the common causes is genes and in this case, you have no other option apart from hair transplant for hair regrowth. When you have advanced balding then getting a hair transplant is a great idea. It will help your hair regrow in the parts where your hair is thinning and falling off. One great way to measure your hair loss is through the Norwood Scale. This scale has 7 stages, some with sub-stages, of hair loss. You can access your situation and where you stand in terms of hair loss.

Your age and the severity of hair loss are the first things that an expert will look at. The condition of your scalp and other factors will be additionally considered when assessing your hair loss situation. It is advisable that you speak to an expert first and then go for treatment for your hair loss issue.  The procedure of hair regrowth by hair transplant is a safe procedure which is why you can consider it as one of the best options for treating baldness and hair loss. It is a long-term procedure too. As long as you follow the hair transplant care tips given to you by your Dermatologist, you should be fine and no complications will ever occur.

Kaya hair transplant

Where Should You Get Hair Transplant Procedure Done?

Each person and different and your scalp story can be entirely different from another person. The best way to be sure about hair transplant is to speak to experts. You can get a hair transplant in Mumbai by visiting Kaya. Kaya has expert Dermatologists who will help you understand the entire procedure of hair transplant and what you can expect from the hair transplant method. Kaya’s Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Transplant is one of the techniques used for restoring your hair. Kaya examines your head and scalp before speaking to you about the available options that you can consider for hair regrowth. This helps you get an overview of what your hair loss stage is and what you can do about it. The best thing is the Kaya hair transplant cost is affordable.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Here Is Why You Should Consider PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment For Anti-Ageing

Signs of ageing are visible which is what bothers many people. If you want to remove all visible ageing signs from your skin, then you have a variety of options available. You can use products or choose more advanced treatments such as the PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment by Kaya.

Ageing is one of those phenomena that no one can escape from. While some age gracefully, others want to retain their youth for as long as they can. And there is nothing wrong with that. You want to look good and there are treatments out there that can help you achieve that easily. Ageing is treatable and can be prevented as well. It doesn’t matter what type of skin ageing problem you are suffering from. There are skin tightening products and treatments that can help you achieve that youthful look you want.
Ageing affects the texture of your skin, your skin tone, and your skin color. The loss of hyaluronic acid and decrease in collagen cause sagging skin. This makes you appear much older than your actual age and makes your skin look really dull with all the sheen gone. However, that is not the final stage. You can actually rejuvenate cells so that stimulation of collagen in skin is accomplished.  Kaya’s PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment helps you do that.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for Anti-Ageing

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This concentrated plasma contains up to 5 times more platelets compared to the blood in your other parts of the body. The other important aspect of PRP is that it contains bioactive proteins, which are very important for skin health maintenance. These include Vascular Endothelial Factor (VEGF), Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF). PRP is used for collagen stimulation.

The process of PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for skin tightening is as follows. First, some blood is taken from your body; a maximum of 30 ml of blood. Then the PRP is detected and removed from your blood. The PRP is then activated. Once the PRP has been activated, it is injected directly into your skin wherever required. The targeted area can be any part of your body. The entire procedure takes only up to half an hour and it is completely safe.

Kaya Clinic Anti Ageing

Benefits of PRP Treatment

PRP is always performed with your blood only. Hence, there is no chance of anything going wrong during the procedure. Many people fear their body not accepting it, but that can never be the case. PRP is entirely different from fillers and so the two should not be confused. There is no chance of any infection happening either as your own blood is used for the PRP treatment procedure.

You do not have to dedicate a lot of time to the procedure. It is a comparatively easy and quick procedure for reducing anti-ageing sings like age spots. You may have to go for a few sessions of treatments in order to enjoy optimal results from the treatment. However, this depends on the individual and the type of skin they have. The procedure results are visible for about two years.

The PRP treatment mimics the process that occurs when you are hurt. When healing of your wound is taking place, your body begins to make the appearance of your skin normal again. This is what happens in PRP. The skin’s appearance is enhanced. Visible pores are reduced drastically and your skin becomes better. You will notice the softness of your skin improve along with the elasticity of your skin too.

The benefit of PRP treatment is that you will be able to visibly see lesser crow feet wrinkles/ fine lines and your skin will become healthier from the inside. This will show, as your skin will be softer, clearer and firmer. Your skin will look natural and there will be no more dull and dry skin. As the treatment is non-invasive, it works for every skin type. Anti-ageing treatment offered by kaya Clinic works for anyone who wants to reverse the effects of ageing. Start looking stunning from today.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Going Glamorous This Navratri with A Backless Blouse? Read This.

The Indian festive season is coming up and it is one parade of celebrations. Most women would want to go for an ethnic look during this period. Be glam while gong ethnic. Don’t hold back because of skin blemishes, kaya Clinic is here to help.

Navratri and Your Apparel

Celebrate being a woman. This Navratri - whether you celebrate it Kolkata style or in the fashion of South Indian Navratri, with Kolu or a dolls display - plan your clothes for each day.
Probably you go with the casual jeans and T-Shirt for everyday wear. Maybe you wear Salwars daily. You may even wear sarees every day. Still, this festival is special, it focuses on women. So, show off your femininity, go for glamorous rather than sexy. Choose a set of delightful ethnic sarees and designer sarees.
Then, what is the saree without the well-designed blouse? You can choose so many styles to suit your body style, long sleeved, no sleeves, cape style, flap style and so on. And then there is the bodice style - high neck, round neck, boat neck, strap style, laces and ruffles, low neck, backless, halter-top and more.
Afraid to wear low back or backless blouses because of skin issues? Hair growth or pigmentation? Fear not, plan, and visit Kaya now.

Kaya Laser Hair Removal

If unwanted hair growth on your arms or back is the issue, you can book a consultation at Kaya. Get laser hair removal treatment now. Kaya offers this treatment for underarms, arms, legs, body hair, facial hair, and bikini lines. Read some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews, to learrn more.
Ask about Laser treatment for hair removal cost. Begin your permanent laser hair removal/reduction treatment before Ganesh Chathurthi, to be ready for Navratri, Diwali, and Christmas.
Kaya provides the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch and the Painless Hair Reduction laser hair technology options for permanent hair removal. While both are effective methods, the dermatologist who examines your skin will decide which is best for you, decide the number of sessions you need, and set it up for you.
The treatment itself will be carried out by a trained and certified technician, in a safe and clean setting equipped with high-end devices needed for the treatment.
In the Gentle Touch Treatment, the technology used is Nd-YAG laser, which is FDA approved for use on darker skins. So, whether you have milk white, or golden or dusky skin, this laser hair technology works. In this treatment, the laser beam targets the dark hair shafts emerging from the hair follicles beneath the skin. The laser heat shrivels up and destroys the hair shaft and follicles, preventing further hair growth.
In the painless treatment, the laser works on the same principle, focusing on the dark pigment of the hair shaft. However, in this treatment, the technician will move the laser repeatedly back and forth on the target area.The gradual buildup of heat destroys the hair follicles. This also avoids the pain caused by the laser focusing for too long on one point. In addition, the accompanying DualChill technology cools your skin as the laser is being applied, so the surface of the skin remains undamaged and you feel no pain.
Whatever technology is used, may need to come back for more sessions, spaced a few weeks apart. But, you will soon be free of unwanted hair.
Still worried about skin pigmentation?

Kaya Q-Switch Laser to Treat Pigmentation

The Q-switch laser technology uses invisible light beams to target the dark brown concentrations of melanin in the discolored areas. The heat of the laser breaks down the melanin into tiny fragments which are reabsorbed by the body and later it is disposed of naturally.
The Q-Switch laser goes deep into the skin and breaks up pigmentation where topical applications and chemical peels can't reach. This removes discoloration and gives you a smooth and even toned skin after a few sessions.
Q-Switch laser works on diffused pigmentation and isolated patches of skin discoloration like acne marks, dark patches etc. So, if you have pigmentation problems on your back, consult with the dermatologist about how best to schedule your hair removal and pigmentation reduction treatments.
Be ready by Navratri, to try on low neck, sleeveless, backless, or halter-top blouses.

Friday, 28 September 2018

What Customers Think of Kaya Laser Hair Removal

Kaya uses two techniques, both US FDA approved, in laser hair technology. Both of these are safe and very effective in providing long-term relief from unwanted hair growth. Here, we present some customer opinions on their experience with laser hair removal treatment at Kaya.

Kaya Laser Hair Removal

Kaya clinic always uses medically approved treatments for every skin and hair issue. Any complex treatments like Permanent Laser hair removal/reduction or hair transplant etc. use techniques approved by FDA. This ensures that the procedure conforms to international standards and is considered safe for use.
A dermatologist meets you and gets all the details about your skin and hair issues before deciding whether you will be a good candidate for laser hair removal. You are also advised on the appropriate laser hair technology for your requirements - Gentle Touch or Painless.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

This hair removal treatment uses the ND_Yag laser technology, which is considered safe for Indian skin. This laser goes deep into the skin and targets the dark pigmentation of hair that emerges from the follicle, before it breaks through the skin surface. This works safely even in dark skinned people so the surrounding skin tissues are not harmed. The laser beam heats up and burns the hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth.

Kaya Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

This uses a different technique, the In-Motion technology. In this, the laser beam is not focused on one point for long; it is moved back and forth across a target area. Rather than focused, intense heat, the hair follicles get destroyed by heat buildup through several passes of the laser over the area.
Besides this, this hair removal procedure also uses a Dual Chill technology that cools the skin as the laser is being applied to the hair follicles. This makes you feel very comfortable while undergoing the treatment.
This hair removal procedure is also considered safe for use on darker skin tones.

Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews

Here are a few independent reviews for Kaya Laser Hair Removal treatments:

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch (ND-Yag Treatment)

“I have literally worn sleeveless almost every other day since I have got this treatment done at Kaya. It has been almost 18-19 days since my treatment and I barely have 5-7 tiny hairs, which have grown back. You cannot even see them from a distance. My skin has now become baby soft! Laser is almost like life changing experience for me. I am sooo glad I got a chance to try it out…...It’s just UHMAZINGGGG!” says Rati at the Makeup and Beauty Blog.
“For me I personally feel opting for Laser Services was the Best decision i took! My Ingrowths Marks have disappeared. I do not have any ingrowths. Also today i don’t have to bother or think twice before wearing that gorgeous summer dress or worry about my underarms in the sleeveless top. It has been almost 3 Years since i finished my Laser services and never had any side effects.”
“Final Thoughts: I will definitely recommend Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal packages to everyone who has been facing issues with Hair Removals or who want a Hair Free skin!” Ria at the Scarlet Blush Blog
“Last year I went through the laser reduction for my underarms at Kaya Skin Clinic and believe me, after 3 sessions only my hair growth has gone down by 80%.” Jyoti at Everythingthamatters Blog

Kaya Painless Hair Removal (In_Motion and DualChill)

“In the pain-free laser, all you feel is a slightly tingling and a bit of warm sensation. The Kaya expert makes sure you are comfortable and if you’re feeling any discomfort, more gel is added to counteract the heat from the laser.”
“I’ve undergone only 2 sittings so far but I see a significant growth reduction. According to the doctor, you might need a little bit of maintenance like 1 laser setting/year and that too if you have any hormonal imbalance causing little hair growth. But you basically get freedom from monthly waxing/weekly shaving once you’ve undergone a Laser procedure!” The Corallista Blog
“My pain free experience was a result of a special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers cooling to the epidermal layer of your skin in the very same instant as the laser pulse.”
“The results after two sessions: So far, so good…..tune in next month for my final results review and images, after which I will have completed a total of four sessions, the recommended number of visits being eight.” Review of Painless hair removal at Kaya Clinic in Mirdif Dubai
Customer opinion in reply to the above review:
“Totally agree with you when it comes to Kaya laser hair removal …...First I had a discussion with the in house dermatologist who asked me different questions about skin and health to know me better. Then she directed her team to take me through the process. The whole affair lasted for 45 minutes and I had to go for at least 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks……...Then after all 6 sessions, I observed that my skin was smooth as butter. Loved the service and highly recommend it. Painless and smart – that is kaya skin clinic review.” This was an opinion posted by Gauhar
Whether you opt for the ND-Yag or the In-Motion technology hair removal, you will see a number of positive reviews by past Kaya Customers. They all express a positive feedback for the whole experience - from the welcome drink, to the treatment, to the after care instructions, all the way to the results.
Kaya Clinic has always had a policy of listening to customer feedback and responding to them. They use the feedback to optimize their services. You can enquire about Kaya skin clinic prices for laser hair removal before you fix up a consultation.