Wednesday 26 December 2018

Start The New Year off Right with Smooth and Hair-free Skin

Tired of finding the easiest way to have permanently smooth and hair free skin? One chore that every person has to indulge in month after month is ensuring that the skin remains hair free. While there are several ways for you to go about this, laser hair removal treatment is one that you will definitely find to be the ultimate solution.

About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Every single person out there wants to look their best and unwanted hair is a problem that is often faced by all. One permanent way to deal with it is through laser hair removal treatment. The treatment will take care of unwanted hair once and for all. You wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of getting the hair removed every month once you get the laser treatment done.
Laser treatment comes with a lot of benefits. All you need to be cautious about is getting an FDA approved technology laser treatment. The procedure targets the follicles to slow down the body hair growth from the root in a few sessions. Just be patient for a few weeks after your laser treatment to see a difference and attend all the sessions as scheduled. Most importantly, you won’t have to ever deal with ingrown hair again.

Kaya clinic Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The usual hair removal treatments can be an extremely painful ordeal for most people. Kaya offers laser hair removal treatments that are FDA approved. In just 6 sessions, you are sure to have smooth skin that is hair free for life. You never have to worry about what clothes you can wear when you have a permanent hair removal solution like laser treatment at hand.
Kaya offers laser hair removal services in three detailed steps. These steps have been put in place to give you the best possible experience. Here are the three steps:


First, the pattern of growth, hair type, and skin type are studied. This helps in finding the best possible solution for you.


Next, a small area is subjected to the treatment to check how efficient the laser treatment is on your skin. This helps make sure the treatment is suitable to your skin type and defines how the rest of the treatment must be done. The number of sessions, the duration between session is decided at this stage of the laser hair removal treatment.


Once they find the perfect laser treatment for you, a certified laser therapist administers the laser treatment. The entire process is performed under the direct supervision of a dermatologist.
The laser treatment for hair removal cost depends on the parts you want to get it done. You can have a look at Kaya Skin Clinic laser hair removal reviews to know how the treatment is received by others.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Permanent Laser Hair Removal/reduction

Kaya uses the latest of the Permanent Hair Removal Laser hair technology in the market. The hair-free gentle touch laser hair reduction uses the Nd-YAG laser which is extremely safe for Indian skin.
With insight into how the hair grows in our body, they have curated sessions to optimize the results. There are three phases in which hair grows: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. It is the first growth phase that is targeted the most.
In most cases, 6 sessions are sufficient. However, since the growth pattern varies from person to person, there may be a few follow up sessions that are required.

Kaya offers complete support from experts when it comes to hair removal treatment. All you need to do is be patient while going through the sessions and enjoy the optimal results once it is completed! 

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