Wednesday 31 January 2018

Natural Ways to Renew Your Hair Health

Suffering from hair problems like dryness, dandruff, hair fall, lifeless dull hair, tangled hair and so on? Don’t worry. Kaya has a solution for all these hair problems. Apart from that, you can use some naturally occurring agents too.
Many people have to deal with hair problems like dryness, dandruff, and hair fall. Nature offers solutions for all these problems. However, in serious cases, an expert interference is required. You can consult with hair experts at Kaya to find treatments and products to get rid of the hair problems you have.
You can read Kaya reviews to find which treatment and products others have found effective in dealing with the different types of hair problems. However, before that, let’s take a look at some of the natural remedies for common hair problems.

Natural Remedies for Hair Health Issues

For a millennia, Indians have used many natural products to get healthy glowing hair and skin. Coconut oil and herbs like tulsi and flowers like hibiscus, have always been a part of hair care products made at home.

Sunflower Seed Oil

These bright cheerful looking flowers have many uses, one being that these seeds are good for your hair and scalp health.
       Sunflower seed oil contains vitamin E along with several antibacterial properties. It promotes skin health and prevents infections on the scalp. A healthy scalp ensures good hair growth.
       Sunflower oil also contains oleic Acid or omega-9 fatty acid. This is vital to enhance health of hair follicles, prevent hair breakage, and encourage growth of healthy glowing hair.
       Sunflower seed oil helps deal with frizzy hair and seal in the natural moisture to prevent dryness. It also moisturizes and softens hair.

Basil Extract

Basil or tulsi has many medicinal properties. Among these are its benefits to hair health. You can mix Tulsi oil with carrier oils like coconut oil to apply it on your hair and scalp.
       Tulsi has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. It also improves blood circulation and alleviates dryness and itchiness. Basil can thus help deal with many scalp conditions like dandruff.
       It is also rich in antioxidants which prevents cell damage and promotes growth of healthy cells in the scalp and hair. It strengthens hair shaft and prevents hair loss.
       Tulsi and amla can be a great combination to get rid of premature greying hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is found in every household. Coconut oil is good for both your skin and hair and it comes with many health benefits.
       Coconut oil moisturizes hair by sealing the natural moisture in hair. This prevents hair dryness and frizzy hair. It also helps prevent dandruff.
       Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants. This helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. It keeps your skin and hair healthy and glowing.
       Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid and capric acid. They have antifungal and antibacterial properties. One of the common causes of dandruff is a fungal infection called Malassezia. Coconut oil can thus help prevent or treat dandruff.
       Coconut oil prevents loss of protein in hair. It also naturally strengthens the scalp and hair. Therefore, it is an effective oil that promotes healthy hair growth.
       Coconut oil spreads easily and then forms a protective coating over hair shafts. This can help prevent tangling. Use it as a styling gel or just to gradually and smoothly get rid of tangles.
       Lice can cause itching, wounds and other problems in your scalp. A study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics has shown that coconut oil can be effective in dealing with lice. Coconut oil combined with anise oil was found to be highly effective in getting rid of lice without causing any irritation to the scalp.
       Coconut oil can also be used as a natural leave-in conditioner. It is also effective as sunscreen to protect skin and hair against sun damage.
There are thus numerous benefits of using natural oils and herbs like coconut oil, sunflower oil, and tulsi. The best hair care products are the ones that don’t have parabens and that is exactly what Kaya offers. You can opt for the Kaya Root Regen System if you’re facing excessive hair loss. It works by targeting your hair roots and making them healthy.

Monday 29 January 2018

Here Are Some Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young Forever

Skin is the primary and the largest organ of the human body. It is the heaviest and most flexible organ, but is often not taken proper care of. When it comes to daily care, we give it less attention than needed.
The signs of aging are first spotted on the skin and, before it is too late, it needs your care and attention. With Kaya’s extensive range of products, you can keep your skin youthful and fresh.
Everybody works hard to look good and stay in shape. But in the course of time, we often overlook things that affect our health. Skin is the reflection of a healthy mind and a healthy body, and as we grow older, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkle. But there are other factors as well that can initiate the skin aging process at a young age.
Kaya Skin Clinic's products provide the necessary resistance to delay the early onset of skin aging. Following are the list of products by Kaya Skin Clinic that help in keeping your skin youthful.

Dramatic Day Cream

Skin aging is due to the inability of cell regrowth and the decrease in the collagen content. Collagen, a protein produced by skin cells, provides firmness and elasticity to the skin. Collagen keeps the skin firm and together.
Dramatic Day Cream helps in generation of new cells and boosts the production of collagen. It contains Ambrette seed extract which assists in smoothing of the skin, making it wrinkle free. It also has SPF 40 which protects from sun’s harsh rays and prevents skin tanning.

Youth Brilliance

Youth brilliance is a series of products by Kaya Skin Clinic that focuses mainly on enhancing the youthful glow of your skin.

Flawless Day Cream

As your skin begins to age, fine lines, open pores and age spots start appearing. Flawless Day Cream contains extracts of Bistort Herb and Grapeseed that makes you look young. This cream also contains SPF 40 to protect the skin against the sun.

Replenishing Night Cream

Formulated with extracts of Bistort Herb and Grapeseed, The Replenishing Night Cream helps in making your skin more beautiful and light. It contains a compound called Niacinamide that repairs broken skin and improves skin tone and texture.

White Resilience

White Resilience is a series of products by Kaya Skin Clinic attends the issues of uneven skin tone, dark complexion, dryness and patchy skin.
Products like Refining Mist contain extracts of Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry that help in reducing the size of the pores and cleanse the skin. This product is best used before you use any other product on your skin as it cleans it and makes it ready for the other products to be applied.

Creamy Exfoliating Rinse

It is a non-foamy product that delays aging by removing dead skin cells with the help of derma beads. It provides excellent results for almost all skin types.

Regenerating Day Cream

It is the best solution for a dull skin. It protects and boosts the tone of the skin. It also regenerates cell growth and reduces aging signs.

Overnight Regenerating Cream

Using Overnight Regenerating Cream influences moisturization. It also repairs the skin with the aid of anti-oxidant properties.

Intense Clarity HD

Kaya Skin Clinic also provides solutions to brighten and lighten your skin. The Intense Clarity HD range of products is crafted to provide clear, bright and young skin.

Brightening Serum

As the name suggests, this serum brightens your skin, lightens freckles and treats uneven skin tone. With skin lightening agents like Ferulic and Waltheria Indica, this product regulates the compound melanin, giving you a brighter and lighter skin.

Pigmentation Reducing Complex

This product works wonders on different types of pigmentation issues like dark spots, age spots, pigmentation marks and dark circles. The Azelaic and Phytic compounds present in the product makes skin look visibly brighter.
Kaya Skin Clinic brings you a whole range or products and therapies that help you get rid of all the signs of premature aging and give you a young and glowing skin. So go ahead and contact your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Make Your Hair Stay Gorgeous as Ever Through Winters

Regular hair care helps hair retain its natural gloss. Hair that looks and feels good never fails to delight anyone! Ensure stronger and shinier hair with a much-improved hair, root and scalp health with Kaya Skin Clinic. Kaya Hair Health Boost System is the surest way to let your hair overcome harmful effects of sun rays and pollution.
Over time, you may have noticed a change in the quality of your hair. A fast-paced life and rays of the sun influence the hair texture, shine, and presentation. Similarly, cold winter months can make your hair dry and rough.
Kaya Hair Health Boost System is designed to address your hair issues. The Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy contains sheer goodness of nature mixed in perfect synchrony with science. Vitamins and plant peptides combined with deeply nourishing oils and phytonutrient extracts gives you hair that is much fuller and denser.

The Right Way to Keep Your Hair Healthy

You will come across a host of products that claim to make your hair look beautiful. But keeping your hair healthy could still be difficult at times.

When it comes to hair care, length of the hair really doesn’t matter. Improper hair care, usage of styling products in excess and salon treatments could at times be detrimental to your hair health. These could have effects such as breakage or thinning of hair, or even hair loss.
Having healthy hair requires consistent efforts on your part. A hair care routine should ideally include oiling, and shampoo, conditioner, and serum in the right combination. It is always better to avoid using a hairdryer, as much as possible.
Trimming hair regularly keeps your hair free from split ends. A regular haircut would ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy! If you have long hair, you should go for a trim every eight weeks. But if you notice split ends early on, go for a haircut immediately.

Kaya Skin Clinic Rejuvenates Hair And Boosts Hair Health In 3 Simple Steps:


Upon a consultation with an expert dermatologists, you get a step-by-step diagnosis of your hair and scalp.


Beauty therapists get to the core of the reasons why your hair is undernourished and treat it through in-clinic services.


Maintaining hair health involves monitoring results. A proper diet advice and products specially designed to address your hair issues ensure that your hair stays healthy.

Winter Hair Care Could Be A Discerning Factor For Your Hair

Winters have a cold effect on hair health. Hair has no natural lubrication, so it may tend to become dry or rough when it stops producing oil naturally. Excessive dryness or oiliness, thinning, and split ends make hair prone to breakage.

Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy

Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy comprehensively makes up for the winter damage by volumizing and moisturizing hair. It works towards ensuring that hair loss reduces to a great extent.
It strengthens hair from the scalp, and you instantly get hair that is both shiny and smooth! Call your nearest Kaya clinic today to know more.

Kaya Nourishing Shampoo

One of the most complimented solutions as per the Kaya products review is the Kaya Nourishing Shampoo. It is one of the best products for winter hair care. Using the shampoo makes your hair healthier from within.
Hibiscus extracts is an important ingredient in this mildly fragranced shampoo. While hibiscus ensures that natural sheen of your hair is restored, almond oil nourishes hair from within and reduces hair fall.

Kaya Hair Health Gel: Your Best Bet For Winter Hair Care!

For winter care, Kaya Hair Health Gel could make a world of difference to your hair!
The Kaya hair health gel is specially formulated with protein, mineral & vitamin complex. This reaches your hair roots and strengthens hair such that hair loss is minimized.

Friday 19 January 2018

Why You Need To Avoid Hair Care Products with Paraben?

Generally, the current trend is staying clear of skin and hair care products that use a lot of chemicals. Certain chemicals such as parabens have the potential to cause harmful side effects. Kaya’s paraben-free hair care products offer safe and effective solutions.

Parabens are preservatives. They were first introduced to cosmetic industry in the 1950’s. These chemicals prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in beauty products. Cosmetics are usually stored in bathroom cabinets, or in other places where they are exposed to humidity, and other factors that are conducive to the growth of microorganisms.
To prevent this and to ensure a long shelf life, cosmetic, companies use parabens that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

What is Wrong with Parabens?

Parabens come in many forms such as—methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. They are all used in the cosmetic industry as preservatives. Parabens have a chemical structure that is similar to the hormone estrogen. So, the human body reacts to parabens as it would to estrogen.
Increased estrogen levels can cause a lot of side effects like increased breast size to triggering early puberty in young girls. However, some studies link parabens to a much more serious condition such as breast tumor.
Parabens have been found in some tumor cells. Though a strong link has not been established, many consumers are not comfortable of using products that have parabens in them.

Paraben-Free Hair Care

Kaya offers treatments and special hair care products that rejuvenate the scalp, hair roots and hair shafts to prevent hair fall and encourage healthy hair growth.

Kaya Root Regen System

This is a multistep treatment designed to stop hair loss in women. It uses a combination of several methods to deliver rich nutrients, minerals, vitamins and plant extracts to the hair root. It also uses your own blood plasma to revitalize weak hair follicles and encourage hair growth.
The root regen system, in the final step, uses laser treatment to stimulate blood flow and healthy cell growth in the scalp.

Kaya Hair Health Gel

This cooling gel has been formulated to deliver vital nutrients to the hair and scalp during the night time. This lightweight gel is easily absorbed by the scalp. It contains keratin proteins, vitamins, minerals, flower extracts and Aloe Vera. It reduces mineral deficiency. Aloe vera controls hair frizz and helps add luster to your hair. For best results, use it with Kaya Nourishing Shampoo.

Kaya Revitalizing Shampoo

This gentle shampoo contains a combination of basil root, sugarcane, apple and lemon extracts, to reduce hair fall. It exfoliates the scalp without causing acute dryness, and encourages cell growth. It also prevents hair fall and hair breakage. For best results, use it along with Kaya Deep Conditioning Mask.

Kaya Deep Conditioning Mask

Best applied after washing your hair with Kaya Revitalizing Shampoo, this deep conditioning mask contains extracts of basil root, sugar cane, lemon and apple. It reverses hair damage, prevents hair fall and delivers instant shine and smoothness to your hair.

Kaya Hair Protect Serum

This hair serum is silicone based and protects your hair from sun damage, dust, and pollution. It gives a protective coating to your hair. For best results, apply the serum on slightly damp hair.
Apply few drops of serum using your fingertips or a comb. Spread the serum over your scalp and down your hair. It is lightweight and easily absorbed. It nourishes the hair roots and promotes hair growth.
Read Kaya Clinic Reviews to know more about the various hair care options available. The Root Regen System provides essential nourishment to the scalp, hair roots and also stimulates hair growth.
With the help of products listed here, you will soon have a lustrous, thick and healthy hair. Products from Kaya make you forget that you once suffered from hair loss. Most importantly, all the products are paraben-free.

Monday 15 January 2018

Ways To Keep Your Skin Young And Wrinkle Free

Young skin is a sign of good health and vitality. But as we age, our skin loses its glow and becomes dull. However, there are ways to retain the glow of a youthful skin. Some simple methods can keep your skin from aging early.
One such step is slight changes in your food and lifestyle. Once you start concentrating on your food and lifestyle, you can keep your skin young and beautiful and avoid premature aging. Take care of your skin and keep it nourished with some products that suit your skin well. Kaya Skin Clinic creates products that help you achieve younger and vibrant skin in few days.
As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity due to the failure of cell regrowth. This happens because of a receding production of collagen, a protein that keeps your skin looking young. This leads to sagging, wrinkles, and the loss of the glow of your skin.
Luckily, Kaya Skin Clinic, along with some simple changes in your lifestyle, can help you retain the youth and glow of your skin for a long time.

Daily habits

Wash Your Face Regularly

Washing your face regularly helps in getting rid of dirt and excess oil. This prevents skin problems like acne and formation of fine lines.

Moisturize Everyday

Using moisturizer everyday gears up collagen and elastin production. This helps in keeping your skin hydrated and oil free.
When you need to remove dead or patchy skin, use a gentle exfoliator. An exfoliator scrubs away the debris and makes your skin look healthier.

Follow A Skin Care Routine Properly

It is essential to follow a routine of regular toning, moisturizing, exfoliating, and cleansing. This helps in maintaining an even skin tone and a healthy skin. It can even brighten and lighten your skin tone. Try using mild products that are not harsh on the skin.
Kaya Skin Clinic has a wide range of products that help in keeping your skin young and radiant. Products like Flawless Day Cream and Replenishing Night Cream contain extracts of Bistort herb and Grapeseed—this enhances the tone and texture of your skin and keeps it moisturized.

Protection From Sun

The skin gets easily damaged by the harsh sun rays and it needs extensive care. Your skin is sensitive to withstand sun rays and this may cause some heavy cell damage. Make sure to apply a sunblock or a sunscreen lotion before stepping outdoors.
Dramatic Day Cream of Kaya Skin Clinic contains the extract of Ambrette—that smoothens the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles. It also provides protection from sun and prevents tanning and photo-aging. It boosts the production of collagen and hence improves elasticity and firmness of your skin.

Include Vitamin C in Your Skincare Regime

Vitamin C is crucial when it comes to collagen regeneration. It links amino acids to proteins—thus making your skin stronger and firmer.
According to Kaya feedback, Kaya Skin Clinic has the perfect solution for you to include vitamin C in your skin care habits. Antox Vit-C Formula + of the White Resilience series, helps in reducing free radical damage and encourages the production of collagen, since it contains vitamin C.

Adding Antioxidants

Antioxidants help repair the damage caused by free radicals. Free radical causes aging of the skin. Damaged cell attaches itself to the healthy cell, damaging the healthy cells as well.
Overnight Regenerating Night Cream from Kaya Skin Clinic has antioxidant properties that repairs the damaged cells. It also moisturizes the skin and has anti-aging benefits. The Kaya Skin clinic reviews of this cream is positive and it has benefited many women fighting skin aging.

Thursday 4 January 2018

Don’t Let Dandruff Ruin a Beautiful Winter

You must have experienced that during winters, the hair is more prone to dandruff. This is because the scalp becomes dry and due to lack of moisture; it becomes dandruff-prone. But with the right steps, you can take care of your scalp and make it dandruff-free. The right products and therapies can help you combat all the root causes of this itchy condition of the scalp.
Dandruff is caused by the fungus Malassezia Globosa—that accelerates the skin growth rate on the scalp. It then leads to rapid shedding of skin. This is what appears as flakes on our hair and shoulders.
If dandruff is not treated at the early stage, it could go to cause inflammation of the skin. This may then lead to hair fall.
The right care needs the right products. While most products aim at treating the symptoms and work superficially, Kaya hair care products treat the underlying cause.
With effective active ingredients, Kaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a great choice for eliminating dandruff.

The Right Way to Treat Dandruff

At Kaya, the treatment follows a unique approach, and it involves 3 vital steps. These steps make sure that the entire spectrum of your hair care is taken care of. The approach involves the following steps:
Cleansing: This step makes sure dandruff-causing microbes are gently eliminated. Moreover, the excess sebum that makes hair prone to dandruff, is also brought under balance.
Nourishing: Dandruff-prone hair is rough and undernourished. This step makes sure your hair and scalp get back its nutrition that is lost due to internal and external damage.
Smoothening: This step re-energizes the scalp, making it smooth and itch-free.

Anti-Dandruff Therapy

Kaya Scalp Purifying And Balance Therapy

This therapy cleanses as well as nourishes. The therapy restores the vitality of your scalp and hair roots. It is a natural treatment that makes use of unique natural oils. These imbibe a healthy shine to the hair and make them smooth and frizz free.

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate And Revitalize Therapy

This treatment is very effective to treat an itchy scalp that is suffers from dandruff. The therapy is packed with anti-fungal actives that target dandruff-causing factors. These active fight the fungus and create an unfavourable environment for them to live in. The new generation actives clear up the scalp and make them free from microbes and well as excess oil—giving the hair a thorough cleanse and eliminating the flakes and itching.

Anti-Dandruff Products

During the early stage of dandruff, the right product suffices as treatment. Kaya brings anti-dandruff products that are specially formulated for gentle and effective treatment. The products are developed by expert dermatologists at Kaya.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion With OT Complex

This lotion is an amalgamation of active ingredients that arrest dandruff and its symptoms. Regular use of this shampoo, reduces dandruff and itching as well, giving you a clean and healthy scalp and hair.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is a mild shampoo that can go into your daily hair care regime. It gently eliminates dandruff from your hair. Moreover, it provides nourishment to the scalp as well. This shampoo is gentle yet effective.
Know more about the effectiveness of Kaya products by going through user reviews. The products are free from harmful chemicals and made with natural active ingredients. Delaying dandruff treatment and taking it for granted could worsen the problem. It could lead to loss and inflammation on the scalp.