Thursday 4 January 2018

Don’t Let Dandruff Ruin a Beautiful Winter

You must have experienced that during winters, the hair is more prone to dandruff. This is because the scalp becomes dry and due to lack of moisture; it becomes dandruff-prone. But with the right steps, you can take care of your scalp and make it dandruff-free. The right products and therapies can help you combat all the root causes of this itchy condition of the scalp.
Dandruff is caused by the fungus Malassezia Globosa—that accelerates the skin growth rate on the scalp. It then leads to rapid shedding of skin. This is what appears as flakes on our hair and shoulders.
If dandruff is not treated at the early stage, it could go to cause inflammation of the skin. This may then lead to hair fall.
The right care needs the right products. While most products aim at treating the symptoms and work superficially, Kaya hair care products treat the underlying cause.
With effective active ingredients, Kaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a great choice for eliminating dandruff.

The Right Way to Treat Dandruff

At Kaya, the treatment follows a unique approach, and it involves 3 vital steps. These steps make sure that the entire spectrum of your hair care is taken care of. The approach involves the following steps:
Cleansing: This step makes sure dandruff-causing microbes are gently eliminated. Moreover, the excess sebum that makes hair prone to dandruff, is also brought under balance.
Nourishing: Dandruff-prone hair is rough and undernourished. This step makes sure your hair and scalp get back its nutrition that is lost due to internal and external damage.
Smoothening: This step re-energizes the scalp, making it smooth and itch-free.

Anti-Dandruff Therapy

Kaya Scalp Purifying And Balance Therapy

This therapy cleanses as well as nourishes. The therapy restores the vitality of your scalp and hair roots. It is a natural treatment that makes use of unique natural oils. These imbibe a healthy shine to the hair and make them smooth and frizz free.

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate And Revitalize Therapy

This treatment is very effective to treat an itchy scalp that is suffers from dandruff. The therapy is packed with anti-fungal actives that target dandruff-causing factors. These active fight the fungus and create an unfavourable environment for them to live in. The new generation actives clear up the scalp and make them free from microbes and well as excess oil—giving the hair a thorough cleanse and eliminating the flakes and itching.

Anti-Dandruff Products

During the early stage of dandruff, the right product suffices as treatment. Kaya brings anti-dandruff products that are specially formulated for gentle and effective treatment. The products are developed by expert dermatologists at Kaya.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion With OT Complex

This lotion is an amalgamation of active ingredients that arrest dandruff and its symptoms. Regular use of this shampoo, reduces dandruff and itching as well, giving you a clean and healthy scalp and hair.

Kaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is a mild shampoo that can go into your daily hair care regime. It gently eliminates dandruff from your hair. Moreover, it provides nourishment to the scalp as well. This shampoo is gentle yet effective.
Know more about the effectiveness of Kaya products by going through user reviews. The products are free from harmful chemicals and made with natural active ingredients. Delaying dandruff treatment and taking it for granted could worsen the problem. It could lead to loss and inflammation on the scalp.

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