Monday 25 December 2017

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy: Get Dandruff-Free And Flaunt Beautiful Hair on Your Wedding Day

No bride will want the shoulders of her wedding dress to be covered with white flakes. If you’re concerned about the same, opt for Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy to get completely dandruff-free before your wedding.
Itchy scalp and dandruff can be embarrassing. You’re probably using an anti-dandruff shampoo already, but dandruff keeps coming back. If that is the case, it is probably because you’re not treating the cause and treating the visible symptoms.
With so many things in your mind, dandruff should be the last thing that you should be concerned about as far as your wedding is concerned. Opt for Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy and a month is all that you’ll need to say goodbye to dandruff forever.
Let’s look at some of the probable causes of dandruff and how this therapy treats it.

Causes of Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff, it is important to find the causes of the same. Dandruff is nothing but your dead skin cells. Having dead skin cells on the scalp is natural. When you have too much of it, it is said that you’re suffering from dandruff. If your scalp is too oily, this can be a cause of your dandruff. The dead skin cells get clumped together and are visible as white flakes.
Dry skin is one of the most common causes of dandruff. If you’re sensitive to chemical products, it can cause dandruff too. Skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis can also be one of the causes.
If there is an overgrowth of yeast on your scalp, it can cause dandruff. The overgrowth can be a result of hormonal changes, too much of stress, applying too much oil, or due to immune system problems.
The cause can be one or many. It’s important that the actual reason is diagnosed before. This ensures the correct line of treatment.

Treating Dandruff with Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy involves a unique 3-step approach that eliminates dandruff, nourishes your scalp, and prevent dandruff from coming back.
Here’s a detailed analysis of each of the three steps:
No one is born with an unhealthy scalp. External factors and hormonal changes make your scalp unhealthy leading to dandruff. So, the first step involves cleansing your scalp and reviving the lost health.
Scalp clearing actives help to get rid of dandruff by getting rid of the excess oil and microbes. Anti-fungal actives cleanse your scalp thoroughly and reduce the itchiness.
The Kaya Anti-Dandruff Lotion with its blend of actives controls dandruff and reduces itching.
The next step involves nourishing your scalp so that growth of new hair is initiated. The dandruff-prone areas are targeted so that your scalp becomes dandruff-less wholly.
The hair roots are also nourished and moisturized that boosts your hair quality.
You can use the Kaya Anti-Dandruff shampoo to remove dandruff. Unlike other shampoos in the market, this shampoo is gentle and doesn’t harm your scalp in any way. It also doesn’t make your scalp dry. It nourishes your scalp and keeps it hydrated.
Finally, your scalp is treated so that dandruff doesn’t come back.  Your scalp is massaged with actives that protect hair shafts and strengthen your hair root. They also keep dandruff at bay.
According to Kaya Clinic reviews on the internet, this therapy has helped both men and women in getting rid of dandruff entirely. It works effectively in treating the causes, and there is no side effect involved. It is suitable for all hair types.

So, along with everything that you’ve planned for, it is essential that you take time out for this therapy as well. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and nothing should go wrong. Dandruff should be the last thing that you need to be concerned about. Book an appointment at the nearest Kaya Clinic and leave everything on their in-house experts. The fact that you’ll be dandruff-free on the day of your wedding is guaranteed.

Friday 22 December 2017

Kaya Insta Skin Brilliance: Bid Goodbye to Pigmentation And Look Fresh On Your Wedding Day

If you don't have time to keep track of your skin regimen, then Kaya Skin Clinic has the best answer for you—Kaya Insta Skin Brilliance.
Radiant skin embodies beauty and good health. A bride would love to have glowing and perfect skin for one of the most important days of her life. However, it is not something that is easy to achieve. There are endless elements that help your skin glow. A few of them include adequate sleep, balanced diet, and physical activity.
A busy lifestyle can leave you with no time for good skin care practice. Factors such as stress and pollution can sabotage your skin deeply. Worry no more, just go through Kaya Skin Clinic reviews and pick out the best treatment for you.

What is Pigmentation?

Well-known as hyperpigmentation, pigmentation is a condition in which certain parts of your skin darken. This happens when your skin secretes excessive melanin, which results in uneven, dark patches on your skin. These blemishes can either be small or large. The condition isn’t harmful but makes your skin appear dull and unattractive.

Causes of Skin Pigmentation

A number of factors can cause hyperpigmentation on your skin. Some of them are as follows:
       Too much exposure to the sun can lead to pigmentation and even sunburn
       Severe harm done by injury
       Hormonal changes in the body
       Hair removal in an unprofessional manner
       Reaction to allergies

Best Kaya Treatments for Glowing Skin

Intense Clarity Peel

Intense Clarity Peel is Tri-Active peel system which is suitable for all skin types. This peel lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reinvigorates glow, and makes your skin radiant and smooth. It also has a Derma peel that gives tender exfoliation and reduces blemishes and pigmentation on the skin. The peel also improves the formation of collagen which restores skin’s suppleness and makes it firm.

Insta Clarity Laser Action

After an examination of the skin, the dermatologists at Kaya will recommend the laser treatment if there is deep pigmentation in which the clarity peel will not be enough.
In this therapy, a Q-Switched Laser is used. It shows great results for pigmentation, tan, and blemishes. It is an FDA-approved procedure and is suitable for the Indian skin. It removes the brown pigments present in the dark spots of your skin with an undetectable beam of light. It targets the pigment remarkably and doesn’t affect the skin cells adjacent to the spots. The pigment sucks up the energy of the light and fade away.
If you read the Kaya Skin Clinic reviews, about this service, you will see that customers got visible results just after one session.

Kaya Products You Can Use to Get Rid Of Pigmentation

Kaya White Lumenis Brightening Beads Cleanser

The Brightening Beads Cleanser includes a fusion of vitamins E and B3. This energizing face cleanser brightens the skin by slowly removing dust and dirt that cause skin problems. It comprises brightening beads that help get rid of dead skin cells without making the skin dry. It also includes milk AHA moisturizers that restore the natural glow resulting in nourished and illuminated skin.

Kaya White Lumenis Brightening Day Cream

The Brightening Day Cream comes with a distinctive powerful whitening active called Azelaic Acid. It gives you bright and firm skin. It also contains antioxidant vitamin C which helps get rid of free radicals and improves skin texture. It has SPF 15 UV protection system which gives protection to your skin against harmful repercussions of the sun rays.

Kaya White Lumenis Insta Brightening Micro Mask +

The Insta Brightening Micro-Mask+ is an easy to apply, gel-based mask to clear blemishes and pigmentation. It contains a blend of botanical concentration of white mulberry and grapes. The mask has Micropatch Technology which releases brightening actives into the skin and makes your skin visibly glowing and bright in just 20 minutes.
The experts at Kaya Skin Clinic examine your skin, inspect your skin's need, and create the treatments according to the particular needs of your skin so that you get the results, you are looking for.

Simply go through the reviews of various products and services and choose the best treatment for yourself from the Kaya Skin Clinic reviews online.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Kaya Dark Circle Treatment: Reduce Your Dark Circles Before Your Special Day

In this preoccupied world with frantic schedules, dust exposure, extreme lifestyles, and jarring sun UV rays, your skin tends to get damaged. The skin around your eyes is specially targeted. The skin layer is as thin as an eggshell and significantly delicate. The skin has hardly any oil glands and is vulnerable to dryness, fine lines, and dark circles.
Most people ignore dark circles. But that is something that you can’t do if your wedding is near.
What you must understand is that it can become permanent and make you look much older than your real age. To properly tackle this problem and make sure this does not happen, you should get your face accessed by a professional dermatologist. Kaya has some good everlasting fixes and treatments for dark circles which every bride will surely love.

What are Dark Circles?

Dark circles are nothing but broken blood vessels under the skin. The emergence of eye bags and a silhouette that forms this bag contributes to the appearance of the dark circles.
As you age, the skin loses its elasticity and capacity to renew. A major result of that is thinning of the skin. This is the reason why old people have prominent dark circles despite the amount of extra sleep. People who are genetically inclined towards having thinner skin will have dark circles from an early age itself. Stress and lack of sleep also lead to dark circles.

Kaya Dark Circle Treatment

Kaya offers an exclusive dark circle treatment. The treatment is a reliable one that combines the use of glycolic peels, microcurrents, and homecare solutions.
The dark circle reduction therapy comprises of two steps. The first step involves the use of glycolic peels which break apart the dead cell layer. This helps in pigmentation reduction around the eyes.
In the second step, a microcurrent application helps the under-eye area become firm and gives additional hydration so that it stays supple and soft. The treatment requires multiple sessions, depending on the state of the dark circles and individual requirements.
In order to get the desired result, you will also need to follow a maintenance session. For best results, a customized homecare regime is curated by the Kaya dermatologists to suit your skin's distinct needs.

How to Reduce Dark Circles Before the Big Day

There are many types of dark circles. While a great deal of dark circles in people can be hereditary, some other causes include unhealthy diet, sleep deprivation, allergies, and aging. To treat dark circles, you can use simple methods such as application of an under-eye cream or drastic methods such as injectable fillers.
There are also some natural remedies to tackle dark circles that you can try at home. Here are a few tips to deal with your dark circles so you can flaunt a glowing face at your wedding.
       Tea Bags: For every bride-to-be, a tea bag is an effective method to get rid of dark circles. Simply put the tea bag in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and place it over your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this process for a week, and you will see a noticeable difference.
       Tomato Juice: A natural bleaching agent, tomato juice is great for removing dark circles. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and place it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can also make a tomato smoothie by mixing a few mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt. Drink this mix for a week and nourish your body from within.
       Adequate Sleep: One major cause of dark circles is insufficient sleep. With so much going on in your life because of your wedding, sleeping can be a bit difficult. However, beauty sleep is a real thing, and every bride must aim to sleep for at least 8 hours daily.
       Aloe Vera Gel: The gel contains multitudes of vitamins such as A, C, and E. These vitamins are great for reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. Use aloe vera gel regularly, and you will see a remarkable change.
       Ice Packs: Dip a cotton ball or a soft cloth in ice water or milk and place it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can buy an ice pack from the market and use it regularly. It will not only tackle your dark circle problems but also keep relaxed and calm.
       Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is not just excellent for your hair and body, but it also helps, lessen the appearance of dark circles. As an alternative to binging on junk food like chips and pizza, incorporate vegetables, fruits, and adequate amount of protein in your diet. Foods that have high salt concentration can retain water in your body. This, in turn, can lead to puffy eyes.
       Almond Oil: Almond oil has significant healing and nutritional value and is a great home remedy. It is a natural ingredient which has amazing advantages in treating the gentle skin around your eyes and face in general. You can effectively get rid of dark circles by using almond oil.

Home remedies can prevent dark circles and also treat them to an extent. For immediate results, Kaya is the way to go. According to Kaya reviews, the results show almost instantly. 

Friday 8 December 2017

Gear Up and Look Gorgeous For Your Big Day with the Kaya Insta Skin Brilliance

The Kaya Insta Skin Brilliance is aimed towards making a bride look her best on her wedding day. It is just what you need if your skin is dry and dull.
Are you looking to eliminate a few years from your face? Are you yearning for a radiant glow that has been robbed off from your face due to stress and other external factors? If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, then there is simply one solution to all your questions - Kaya Skin Clinic.
According to Kaya Skin Clinic reviews, it is the one-stop solution for all your hair and skin problems. Their only aim is to make you look beautiful. They offer a wide range of services and therapies for different skin and hair problems. With a number of trained experts and dermatologist, Kaya Skin Clinic offers customized plans and services to each of its clients.
Getting married isn’t easy. Whether you’re marrying the person you love or it’s an arranged married, it comes with its own share of stress. This stress and tension can be visible in the form of dark patches and pigmentation on you face, and can also make your skin dull.
Worry not, brides! If you ever have the problem of blemishes and skin pigmentation, you can head to the nearest Kaya Skin Clinic and experience pamper yourself before your wedding.

Kaya Insta Skin Brilliance

The Kaya Skin Insta Brilliance is a great choice for all the brides who want glowing skin. Whether it’s tanning or pigmentation, Kaya has a solution for it.
Here are some of the treatments that Kaya offers:

Intense Clarity Peel

Intense Clarity Peel is a Tri-Active combination peel system which is suitable for all skin types. The peel helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, restores glow and reveals smooth and radiant skin. The Derma peel gives gentle exfoliation and reduces pigmentation and blemishes on the skin. The peel also promotes the formation of collagen which helps restore skin’s elasticity and makes it firm.
After the treatment, you’ll need to use the Pigmentation Reducing Complex to prevent dark spots and patches. According to Kaya product review, this cream reduces pigmentation and gives you an even skin tone in 2 weeks.

Insta Clarity Laser Action

The dermatologists will recommend laser treatment in the case of deep pigmentation for which the clarity peel will not be enough.
Q-SwitchedLaser is used, and this is the gold standard treatment for tan, pigmentation, and dark spots. It is an FDA-approved technique that is safe for the Indian skin. It works by targeting the brown pigments present on the dark spots on your skin. An invisible beam of light targets the pigment only and doesn’t affect the cells of the surrounding skin. The pigment absorbs the energy of the light and gets dispersed. It gets absorbed by the surrounding skin resulting in an even skin tone.
According to Kaya Skin Clinic reviews, results become visible after just one session.

Products You Can Use

If your skin pigmentation isn’t very serious, you can use the following product:

Kaya White Lumenis Insta Brightening Micro Mask +

Insta Brightening Micro-Mask+ is a clear, light gel-based mask. It is intensified with a combination of botanical concentration which includes grape and white mulberry. The mask has Micropatch Technology which unleashes brightening actives into the skin and leaves your skin visibly radiant and bright in just 20 minutes.

Brightening Bead Cleanser White Lumenis

Brightening Beads Cleanser is augmented with a fusion of Vitamins E and B3. This invigorating face cleanser lightens up the skin by gently removing adulteration which causes skin dullness. It consists of brightening beads that help exfoliate dead skin cells without making the skin dry. It also has milk AHA moisturizes that revitalizes the skin which result is a nourished, even tone, and radiant skin.
The Kaya feedback of this product says that the results are visible in less than 4 weeks. Your skin gets up to 2-tones lighter.
The world-class Kaya Skin Clinic's experts examine your skin type, scrutinize your skin's need, and curates the treatments and as per your skin tone and demands - only to give you radiant, blemish-free skin.