Tuesday 31 October 2017

Regrowth Treatment for Healthy Looking Hair

Every woman will agree to the fact that they desire healthy and shiny hair.  However, not everyone is blessed with the same. Each day 50-100 strands of hair loss is common which is replaced by new hair soon after.  For people losing questionable amount of hair, it is better to consult dermatologists and ask for hair regrowth therapy.

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If you’re a man, you will start losing hair from the top and front of your scalp, as those are the areas affected by the hormones. Hair follicles on either side or back of the head are generally not affected by the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and mostly stay healthy. Hormonal imbalances can lead to hair fall in women too. Some of the other reasons that lead to hair fall are stress, pollution, and lack of proper hair care to name a few.

If you’re facing hair fall issues, you can opt for hair regrowth treatment offered by Kaya Clinic. Expert dermatologists at Kaya make use of the stem cell therapy and many other therapies, depending on the cause of hair fall. They make use of FDA-approved technologies that are safe and that ensure desired results.

How to Control Hair Fall?

Maintaining hair is sometimes not easy and takes a lot of patience. however, if you do it right, you can prevent hair loss and hair damage. Here are some steps that you can follow to control hair fall:

Day-To-Day Care

Day-to-day care is important. Make sure you clean your scalp and hair on a regular basis. Also, try using natural products.

Avoid Sudden Change in Medication

Abrupt use or stoppage of medicines should be avoided as it can hamper the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Less Stress, More Health

You may be going through a stressful period. But it would be wise to take it slow, and think positive. This will control hair fall hair fall due to stress is common.

Check Your Diet

Unhealthy diet including junk food is a major cause of hair fall. Try to incorporate as many green veggies in your diet for healthy and long-lasting hair.

Consult Expert Opinion

If your hair fall is continuous, it is better to consult a dermatologist and ask for solution for your hair woes.

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Available Hair Regrowth Treatments

There are a number of ways in which you can treat your hair. It can range from hair transplantation, to scalp reduction, intensive hair root therapy, laser treatment, and many more. The Kaya Targeted Root Regen System is suitable for people who face a lot of hair fall. This is a therapy created by expert dermatologists, to heal damaged hair roots and help in regrowth of hair. You can read Kaya reviews on various websites to know more about this therapy and the other therapies that this clinic offers.

Let us look at how hair regrowth treatments work.

Stem Cell Therapy

This method is used on a large scale for hair regrowth, at Kaya Clinics. If your hair follicles get damaged, there will no growth of new hair.

Stem cells, when transplanted to the scalp help in the regrowth of hair follicles. Scaffolding (which is comprised of stem cells) is injected to the scalp, which boosts hair follicle growth in the right direction. This helps in hair growth which in turn helps to get rid of baldness. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical method to renew hair follicles.

Hair Root Intensive Therapy

As for Kaya, the Kaya Targeted Root Regen System incorporates basic 4 types of therapies that will reduce hair fall and promote hair growth:

  • Intensive Hair Root Therapy: Hair fall can be caused due to lack of vitamins, iron, pollution, stress etc. This treatment keeps hair loss in check and supplies necessary nutrients directly to the scalp. The therapy is FDA-approved and makes use of natural plant vitamins that ensure hair growth.
  • PRP Hair Rejuvenation: This is a very safe method in which the dermatologists make use of your plasma that is rich in platelets. The plasma enhances hair growth by keeping hair follicles strong.
  • Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy: In this process, charged ions are directly used to deliver a form of nutrient cocktail through the hair roots.
  • Laser Therapy: A very safe method of light therapy that increases blood flow and stimulates hair follicles for hair growth.

Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Hair transplant is also another safe and long-lasting method. Dermatologists provide local anesthesia to patients, so that they don’t feel any pain.
  • The procedure lasts for about 6 to 8 hours. It generally takes 3-5 months for new hair to grow from the transplanted follicles. And in 8-10 months, the transplanted hair reaches full maturation and keeps growing for lifetime.
  • So, Kaya has solutions to all your hair problems. Dermatologists here will diagnose your hair problem first and then decide on the treatment, to ensure that you get the best and permanent solutions.

Monday 23 October 2017

Every Man’s Bane: Hair Loss

The Kaya Targeted Root Regen System is the savior for all those looking for an effective treatment for the hair loss and as it offers effective and long-lasting results. But before you treat your hair fall, it is prudent to understand the causes behind this condition.

In the world of today, one of the biggest worries-excluding EMIs, is hair thinning in women and hair loss in men.
Most people think that it’s only the fairer sex that is concerned about their looks but it that is not true. Today’s men are very conscious about their looks, and more so when it comes to baldness. They do everything that is required to maintain good hair health.
This is the reason, why treatments like the Kaya Targeted Root Regen System are popular among men too. It makes use of extracts of apple, basil, sugarcane, avocado, along with 100% natural olive oil and helps reduce hair fall by stimulating the roots. Kaya reviews of this treatment have been positive across all the review websites. Check them to know more about this treatment in detail.
The Causes of Hair Fall In Men
What’s important is to first understand the reasons behind hair fall in men and diagnose the cause. This is because excessive hair fall can be a reason of an underlying medical condition as well. Following are the reasons for hair fall in men:
1. Physical Stress
Hair has a pre-defined cycle—the growth phase, the rest phase, and the shedding phase. Sometimes when one experiences physical trauma such as an accident or surgery, it can instigate hair loss as well.
 2. Excessive Vitamin A
A lesser-known reason for hair loss includes the excessive levels of vitamin A in the body caused by consumption of medications and supplements containing vitamin A. This has been stated by the American Academy of Dermatology. The daily required dosage of vitamin A is 5000 international units.  Supplements contain vitamin A as high as 10000 international units.
 3. Lack of Protein
When your diet contains less protein, your body shall ration the protein by shutting down hair growth. If you’re facing excessive hair loss, it is advisable to seek external help to get the matter sorted.
4. Emotional Stress
While emotional stress doesn’t directly cause hair loss it exaggerates any underlying reason. The resultant hair loss in turn, aggravates the level of emotional stress, forcing you to become a part of an endless cycle.
5. Anemia
The deficiency of iron is yet another cause of hair loss in men. And other symptoms of anemia include fatigue, headache, dizziness, and cold feet.
6. Hypothyroidism
The thyroid gland in the neck produces hormones that are extremely crucial for metabolism, growth, and development. When not enough hormones are produced, it is called hypothyroidism and one of its effects is hair loss.
7. Deficiency of Vitamin B
Vitamin B is an important vitamin and its deficiency can lead to hair loss. Take the help of the Kaya Targeted Root Regen System that nourishes your hair roots and stimulates hair growth.
8. Autoimmune Diseases
Hair loss can also occur due to the over activeness of the immune system, where it detects the hair as a foreign entity and targets it.
9. Medications
Medications such as blood thinners and blood pressure drugs, known as beta blockers have been known to cause hair loss as well. If you’re unsure of the cause of your hair loss, consider changing the medicines you take in every day, after talking to your doctor.
 10. Over Styling
Your hair roots can be severely affected by vigorous styling, such as cornrows, and your hair may not grow back. That does not mean you should not style your hair at all. Go on, keep styling, but be a bit cautious about it.
11. Aging
One of the most common and understandable reasons for hair loss is aging. It’s in such cases that external nutrients need to be provided to stimulate hair growth from the roots, which is effectively provided by the Kaya Targeted Root Regen System.
 12. Anabolic Steroids
The use of anabolic steroids can also lead to hair loss. If you are taking steroids for building muscles or for anything else, make sure you know what their side effects are.
13. Genes
Sometimes it’s just not your fault, male pattern baldness and hair fall are genetic traits and can be passed on from one generation to the other.
Regardless of what the reason is, you can visit the nearest Kaya Clinic to know the cause and get treated.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Nourish and Brighten Your Skin with Kaya White Resilience

Do you know what is the best time to nourish and rejuvenate your skin it? While you’re sleeping! And that is exactly what happens while you’re asleep. Your skin repairs itself from all the damage that it faces all throughout the day from dirt, pollution, and rays of the sun. This is the reason why your beauty sleep is important.  However, not all damage can be repaired on its own.
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To do this effectively your skin needs the right nourishment. Kaya White Resilience product range provides the perfect blend of active ingredients that help your skin regain its healthy glow.
The White Resilience range is one that focuses on repair and renewal of skin. The Kaya Clinic reviews available on the Internet is a testament of how effective this product range is. It is highly beneficial due to its soothing and skin-nourishing properties. It works overnight to give your skin a healthy glow every morning and also repairs all the damage.
Kaya’s Overnight Brightening Nourisher
The White Resilience range of products is specially formulated to rejuvenate skin and nourish it with all the required nutrients. The Kaya Skin Clinic Overnight Brightening Nourisher combines extracts of Japanese cherry, purple orchid, and Imperata Cylindrica to bring you the best amalgamation for night rejuvenation. These ingredients work together to smoothen your skin tone and moisturize the skin from within. Kaya’s White Resilience works at the cellular level and improves skin condition. Moreover, it inhibits the breakdown of collagen, thus protecting the skin from damage.
Kaya White Resilience is packaged keeping in mind the user's convenience. It comes in a pump bottle that you can take along while you are traveling as well. So, whether you’re an adventure lover or you love the sea, your skin protector can always be with you.
It is very light on the skin and is easy to apply as well.
Tips to Use Kaya White Resilience Product Range
Here are a few tips to consider before you start using Kaya White Resilience:
       Thoroughly clean your skin and rinse it well before application.
       Go in an upward and outward motion while applying the cream. Pulling down your skin will increase sagging over time.
       Make sure you apply it evenly all over your face and neck as well.
Regular use of Kaya White Resilience reduces dark spots on the skin. So, it gives your skin an even skin tone. Long-term use treats any discoloration by fading it away. The skin glows with regular use, it gets deeply nourished, and all the impurities get removed. Let's look at all the benefits:
       The cream is high in vitamin C content. Better known as bioflavonoids, these come from the purple orchid and Japanese cherry extracts. These active ingredients aid in skin renewal. So, your skin is rid of the old dead cells. The newly rejuvenated skin cells make you look youthful.
       This cream is light and does not clog pores, making it perfect for night wear. Also, it is oil-free meaning it won’t make you look greasy and oily.
       Soft and supple skin is the sure benefit of using this product on a regular basis.
Know more about White Resilience product range from the Kaya product reviews. The Regenerating Day Cream in this range is suitable for day use. It comes with SPF 15 and helps in protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well.
This range of Kaya creams induces new life into your skin and repairs all the previous damage that your skin has incurred. It is dermatologically tested and completely safe on skin, even if you have sensitive skin.

For best results, use this product for a few months as it is only after few months that the benefits will start showing. It is an amazing product that is both safe and effective. With the right blend of rare natural ingredients and extracts, it works wonderfully on all skin types. It is carefully formulated for night renewal keeping in mind all the needs of damaged and tired skin. With the most suitable ingredients picked by experts themselves, the Kaya White Resilience product range is a great choice when it comes to night and day nourishment for your skin. Check out the Kaya clinic review to know more about happy customers who are benefiting from these great products.

Monday 9 October 2017

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Do you find hair strands on your shirts? Has your hairline been moving further away from your forehead? It could be because of excessive hair fall. The problem of hair fall is generally associated, but not limited to women. If you are experiencing the same problem, Kaya Clinic’s hair fall treatments can come your rescue.
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Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems for both men and women. It is natural to see signs of baldness and thinning of hair with growing age but sometimes the hair fall starts at an early age due to various environmental factors like air pollution, excessive stress, or due to medical conditions like changes in hormone levels, medical surgeries, and scalp infections.
These unexpected bouts of hair fall can be controlled and even reversed with the right treatment courses and products offered by Kaya Clinic.
Kaya Clinic works in a three-step process to arrest hair fall and promote its re-growth. The first step is the 'Diagnosis' in which the Kaya Hair Experts will assess the root cause of the problem and suggest possible treatment courses. 
The Second step is the 'Treatment' in which Kaya experts will treat the issue with FDA approved and dermatologically tested products and therapies.  The final step is 'Maintenance' in which you will be guided by the Kaya Clinic experts on how to make changes in your diet, lifestyle, prescribed products to maintain the effects of the treatments and make it last longer.
Kaya Targeted Root Regen System
With age, the roots in the scalp become blocked or undernourished, which leads to hair fall. And this is something that can happen before as well. The Kaya Targeted Root Regen System is a specially designed treatment by expert dermatologists to boost the hair roots with a dose of essential nutrients which promotes hair growth and stops hair fall.                            
This contains a number of specialized services and procedures that supply nutrients and growth factors directly to the roots. Following treatments are recommended by the in-house experts of Kaya Clinic:
 1. Intensive Hair Root Therapy (IHRT)
This procedure involves supplying a nutrient cocktail to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth through microinjections. This nutrient cocktail contains natural plant extracts and vitamins which nourish the scalp from within and promote healthy hair growth.
 2. Natural Hair Rejuvenation
This is an FDA-approved non-invasive hair fall treatment offered by Kaya Skin Clinic performed by expert dermatologists. This procedure involves the use of your blood plasma to boost hair growth. The blood plasma helps to heal the damaged hair follicles and to rejuvenate them.
 There is multiple positive Kaya feedback available online by the users of this treatment.
 3. Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy
The Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy uses charged ions to stimulate hair growth. The therapy involves delivery of vital nutrients to the hair roots to stimulate follicles for hair growth. These essential nutrients provide nourishment to the scalp from within and stop hair fall and thinning of hair.
 4. Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy
The laser therapy uses light rays to stimulate your hair follicles and to activate them. The light photons lead to the production of ATP in the hair follicles and the release of some energy that stimulates the metabolic processes necessary for hair growth. This stimulation leads to hair growth and overall hair health.
There are positive Kaya reviews available on the internet about this procedure that display its effectiveness and good results.
Hair fall is a natural process that takes place in every individual. When the hair reaches its final phase of development, they fall naturally and new hair replaces them. In some cases, however, this natural hair fall process is accelerated by other genetic, medical, environmental, and dietary factors. Kaya Clinic offers some excellent treatment procedures and specialized hair care services that will revive your natural hair growth and give you your healthy, soft tresses back.
Read the Kaya products review to gain more information about the procedures, their effects and costs involved. You can also get in touch with the expert dermatologists at Kaya Clinic and get a personalized and consultation before the treatment.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Give Your Hair a New Bounce of Life with Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy

Dandruff can spoil your hair like nothing else! It is one of the main reasons for hair fall in men and women, in recent times. Take the help of Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy, to get rid of dandruff permanently. The therapy aims at improving the overall quality of your scalp that can improve the quality of your hair and make it beautiful.
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Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems that most people face today. The reason for this issue can be many and some of them include dry skin, the reaction of your skin to hair products, excessive growth of yeast, and many other skin conditions. The kind of lifestyle you lead can also affect the health of your hair and scalp. If you have dandruff and your hair quality is degrading day by day, it is time to take help from the experts.
Treat the Causes and Not Just the Symptoms
Your hair roots are the key areas that need most of the attention. Both your hair and the roots are important but the cause lies in the roots. Ensure to keep them completely clean so that your scalp is in a good condition and is healthy.
You can do this by shampooing your hair twice every week. Additionally, you must also apply oils and other moisturizing agents that can leave your hair roots supple and well-nourished. However, applying the products superficially is not enough.
It is also very important that you do have a good and healthy lifestyle. A properly balanced and nutritious diet along with ample water is one of the best ways to main the health of your scalp and hair.
If your hair is damaged beyond repair, you can take the help of Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy. According to Kaya's customers, this is one of the best ways through which you can make your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful, strong, and shiny. This is a therapy that can help to improve the condition of your scalp to a great extent, resulting into stronger hair roots and better hair fiber, generating soft, lustrous and gorgeous hair naturally.
This is a therapy that aims at cleaning your scalp thoroughly and providing deep nourishment to the hair roots which can support healthier hair shafts. The treatment also provides the required antioxidants that leave your hair well-nourished and also increase its volume. The keratin smoothening benefits moisturizes your scalp and hair.
The Kaya product review reveals that the products used in this therapy are mild yet effective and help to regenerate the health of your hair and scalp. Additionally, the almond-rich nutrients leave your hair shinier, smoother, and more manageable.
The product further offers you an anti-scalp aging property that prevents hair fall and dandruff generation. The product facilitates deeper thermal penetration that offers richer hydration for your scalp, hair roots, and hair shaft.
Improved Hair & Scalp Condition
The Kaya Clinic reviews opine that a healthy scalp can help you have healthy and attractive hair. Along with that, they also say that you can prevent hair loss and dandruff and can get beautiful long and strong hair like never before with Kaya.
This therapy is effective for both men and women. Irrespective of the length or the type of your hair, you can easily avail this therapy to get a better quality of scalp and hair fiber like never before.
Kaya Clinic offers a wide range of products that you can use to improve the condition of your hair. These products are suitable for long, short, dry, frizzy, oily hair, and all the other kind of hair.

The Kaya Hair Nourishing shampoo and the Kaya Hair Health Gel are designed for under-nourished hair. The shampoo contains hibiscus extracts that make your hair shiny while almonds make the hair roots strong thereby preventing breakage. The gel is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and proteins and prevent hairs fall. Read the reviews on various sites to know more about this therapy and the products you need to follow-up with.