Monday 27 May 2019

Kaya’s Three-Step Approach For Hair Transplant Solution

Are you experiencing hair loss? Is a receding hairline and baldness giving you nightmares? Don’t worry because you can now enjoy having thick tresses, all thanks to the evolutions in science, technology, and medicine-related fields. Getting a hair transplant is an ultimate solution to all your hair loss woes.

The Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people. A receding hairline or bald patches appearing on your scalp can affect your overall personality. Baldness and receding hairlines can also make you look much older than you may be.

You may experience hair loss because of different reasons but it is a problem that can be fixed. Some hair loss problems can be fixed traditionally, but in the case of damage to hair follicles, it can be difficult to induce hair growth. Fortunately, advancements in science and technology have made it easier to deal with hair loss. Hair transplant is the answer to all hair loss and baldness issues. This is a safe and secure method to improve hair growth. In fact, hair transplant has proven to show a good success rate as a solution for all hair loss problems.

Kaya offers a hair regrowth by hair transplant solution that you can rely on. This is a long-term solution to all your hair loss problems. Using advanced techniques like follicular unit extraction for hair growth, hair grafts from the healthier spots on the scalp are transplanted to the balding areas. This process helps induce hair growth in those parts of your scalp where there is balding and hair loss.

Kaya's hair transplant reviews speak for the expertise of more than a decade-long experience of the surgeons and doctors. At Kaya Clinic, before going for a hair transplant surgery, a dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon will analyze the condition of your scalp. Based on the analysis, the experts will suggest the hair transplant method best suited for your condition. They will also give you a proper set of do’s and don’ts before going in for the hair transplant surgery.

The good thing about the hair transplant methods employed at Kaya is that the procedure is cut-free and scar-free. There is no need for stitches, making it a quick, painless process. The hair transplant process typically induces hair growth over a period of about six to nine months and results in healthy, thick, natural-looking tresses.

Kaya hair transplant cost includes pre-transplant scalp analysis and the hair transplant procedure that has shown to result in healthy hair growth. At Kaya, we offer a three-step approach under the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Solutions.

Three- Step Hair Transplant Solution By Kaya

Usually, hair loss begins with the balding of the temples and crown. The side and back of your head are generally not affected by balding. As a result, the side and back of your hair are the donor areas, from where hair follicles are extracted and planted to the balding areas, or the recipient areas. Kaya follows a three-step process as a part of the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Solutions.

Step 1:
The first step involves trimming off your scalp to prepare you for the transplant surgery.

Step 2:
Following this, the donor area, that is the back of your scalp is cleaned and then marked for the administration of anesthesia. The hair follicles from this part of your scalp are healthier.

After the administration of anesthesia, the healthy hair grafts or follicles from the donor area are extracted using a minimally invasive follicular unit extraction for the hair transplant procedure.

Step 3:
Then, local anesthesia is administered to the balding area. Following the right angulation and density, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are transplanted to the balding area.

To further enhance hair growth after the transplant, a natural hair rejuvenation procedure is also undertaken with the administration of plasma rich platelets. This helps in stimulating hair growth after the transplant procedure.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Why You Should Use Sunscreen Everyday

Do you avoid sun protection because you think it is unnecessary? Think again. UV rays can cause skin burns, skin damage, and in extreme cases, it can even lead to skin cancer. Protecting yourself from the sun is the first precautionary step if you care about your skin.

People assume that walking out in the sun, even during peak times, is not a big deal. Because the sun does not seem like it can damage much if you quickly go and then get in the shade. While the damage due to sun’s rays may not be very visible, it does not mean that your skin does not get damaged. Why do you want to expose your skin when you know the potential damage that UVA and UVB rays can cause? And no, getting vitamin D is not an excuse to stay out in the sun without sun protection.

Research shows that many people can get sufficient vitamin D when they are outside in the sun for up to 30 minutes. And that too, only twice a week! However, staying out in the sun knowing the potential dangers of the sun’s harmful rays is not acceptable since you are putting yourself at risk.

How Sunscreen Can Protect You

It is time to take sunscreen seriously if you have not been doing so until now. Research shows that regular sunscreen application decreases the chances of skin cancer drastically. In addition, you will notice a decrease in skin discoloration when you start to apply sunscreen every day. A lot of research has gone into making sure sunscreens are created with the right ingredients and have been tested to make sure they don't cause any skin problems.  People who don’t use sunscreen generally have older looking skin; they get wrinkles, crow feet, and show visible signs of aging. Sun protection through sunscreen ensures your skin remains youthful and radiant.

However, you need to ensure that you know a few tips when you are applying sunscreen on a daily basis. You should apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out in the sun. This gives time for the sunscreen to settle onto your skin. You should ideally re-apply the sunscreen every two to three hours if you are outdoors. You should make sure that you apply sunscreen to all the exposed skin areas in your body so that you are protected from skin damage of any type. You should seek shade whenever possible so that your skin is safe.

How Kaya Sunscreen Range Can Help

Kaya’s range of sunscreens enables you to protect yourself from the sun no matter what. Kaya sunscreen is created by expert dermatologists to ensure the formula is safe and can help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You no longer have to fear the sun because you have the best protection possible. There are six different Kaya sunscreens for you to select from and you can use them depending on your skin type and the type of protection you are looking for. Doctors recommend broad-spectrum sunscreen and all of Kaya’s sunscreens are just that.

The Daily Use Sunscreen from Kaya protects you from tanning and is SPF(Sun Protection Factor) 30. It is suitable for all skin types. Ultra Light Aqua Gel Sunscreen by Kaya Clinic comes with SPF 25 and protects acne-prone, and oily skin. Kaya’s Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50 comes with intense protection that enables your skin to be protected from skin damage and premature skin aging. Kaya Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin is perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen protects people who have dry skin and Sweat Proof Sunscreen from Kaya is perfect if you tend to sweat a lot.

You never again have to suffer from skin damage from the sun when you have Kaya sunscreen by your side. Choose from the range of sunscreens that it offers and protect your skin from UVA rays and UVB rays always.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Fight Back the Sun’s Harmful Rays with Kaya’s Sunscreen Range

Summer is all about the sunshine. But at what cost? While basking in the sunshine is glorious in itself, you should keep your skin protected when you step out in the sun. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can severely damage your skin over time so you should always protect your skin with sunscreen.

Sunshine might feel so good and refreshing when you get out in the morning but the sun’s exposure can easily damage your skin. While tanning is a byproduct of long exposure in the sun, some people can feel the effects within a few minutes. In fact, the most dangerous times to get out in the sun are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The reason is the sun’s rays are so intense at that time, they can penetrate and damage your skin easily. There are three different types of rays and each affects the skin in a different way.

Women applying sunscreen

What You Need To Know About Harmful Rays

While there are three types of rays that are harmful, we are going to speak about two of them. These two types of rays are important to know about because they can penetrate the earth while the third type cannot. The two rays are called UVA rays and UVB rays.

      Ultraviolet-A rays are responsible for 95% of the radiation that gets to the surface of the earth. These cause skin damage by enabling premature aging of the skin. They can get through to the second layer of the skin and cause sunspots and wrinkles.

      Ultraviolet-B rays directly affect the topmost layer of your skin. These rays cause damage by affecting the DNA in your skin. These rays are more intense since they cause sunburns. Some people get sunburns in just 15 minutes!

If you want to stay safe from the damage of the sun’s harmful rays, then you need sun protection.

Kaya Sunscreen Range

Kaya clinic has a huge range of sunscreens to help you get the perfect protection you need from the sun.Here is how you can avoid skin damage from sun by using any product from the Kaya sunscreen range.

      Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 30

This sunscreen from Kaya smoothly blends with your skin and protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. It comes with Niacinamide which helps you retain your natural skin tone.

      Ultra Light Aquagel Sunscreen SPF 25

This Kaya sunscreen is specifically created for people who have acne and for those who have oily skin. Since it is gel based, it is absorbed quickly and gives your skin a beautiful, shiny look. It protects you from both UVA rays and UVB rays.

      Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

This sunscreen is designed for people with sensitive skin and protects their skin against the sun’s harmful rays. The lightweight formula is gentle on your skin and makes your skin look flawless.

      Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50

This Kaya sunscreen is suitable for all types of skin. It ensures your skin is brilliantly protected so you never have to be conscious about skin damage. The PABA free sunscreen prevents premature aging and ensures your skin retains its youthfulness.

      Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30

Do you have dry skin? Then this sunscreen from Kaya is going to help your skin be protected, safe, and nourished the entire day. It helps your skin stay supple and gorgeous no matter how long you stay out in the sun.

      Sweat Proof Sunscreen

This Kaya sunscreen is for all types of skin and can last for up to eight hours. Since it is sweat resistant, you don’t need to worry about greasiness and oily skin. It protects you against both UVA and UVB rays.

Sun protection is vital and you should get in the habit of applying sunscreen every single day to protect yourself. Beat the heat and step out of your home in confidence with Kaya sunscreen, which is made to protect you from the sun always. Say bye bye to tanning and skin damage! 

Friday 10 May 2019

Don’t Lose Your Confidence to Premature Balding: Why Young Men Are Opting For Hair Transplants

Are you experiencing balding of your scalp? Is it difficult for you to look at the mirror? Are you embarrassed to meet new people because of your receding hairline or thinning hair? Premature balding can really dim down your confidence but a hair transplant treatment will help you regain your confidence.

Hair Regrowth By Hair Transplant

Evolutions in science, medicine, and technology have shown that hair regrowth by hair transplant is now a promising solution for all hair loss issues. People of all ages, especially young men are opting for hair transplants to deal with premature balding and other hair loss problems.

A bald man

 Why are Younger Men turning towards Hair Transplants?

Dealing with balding can be quite difficult. Especially if you are in your twenties or thirties, and you start experiencing a receding hairline or premature balding. It can really take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence. One of the most reliable solutions to deal with hair loss is going for a hair transplant.

Many young men are opting for this solution to premature baldness. One of the main reasons why young men are choosing hair transplant treatments is because of promising results. The hair transplant method involves the extraction of the healthier hair follicles at the back of your head, the donor area and transplanting these hair grafts to the balding areas, the recipient area to facilitate the growth of hair. In the process, all the properties of the thick hair at the back of your scalp, get transferred to the bald patch on your head and induce the growth of thick hair.

Another reason why young men are resorting to hair transplant treatments to deal with balding is because of the pain-free techniques employed in the treatments. Follicular unit extraction for hair transplant or FUE is a painless, scar-less treatment. The procedure is a minimally invasive treatment, which involves the administration of anesthesia in the donor area as well as the recipient areas before the surgery takes place. With the advent of painless, stitch-free, and cuts-free hair transplant methods, more and more young men are opting for this solution to put an end to all their hair loss issues.

Hair transplant methods, today, are conducted quickly and don’t disturb your daily routine. Follicular unit extraction procedures are of short duration and you can head back to your normal routine following this hair transplant. This is another aspect of hair transplant procedures that is attracting young men towards it. You don’t have to skip work or make alterations in your daily life.

Hair transplant procedures are attracting young men to deal with hair loss and balding because of these very aspects of the treatment. A quick and painless hair transplant procedure that has shown promising results, makes it a very attractive option for young men to get rid of their hair loss troubles once and for all.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions

The advanced follicular unit extraction treatment offered by Kaya clinic is a good option to consider. The procedure involves minimally invasive techniques to extract hair follicles from the denser and healthier parts of your scalp to the bald ones. The back and sides of your scalp are the donor areas in a transplant treatment. These parts of the scalp are genetically immune to hormonal problems and are extracted for transplanting them to the balding areas. Kaya employs a painless procedure for carrying out this hair transplant. There is no need for stitches nor does it lead to any scars on your scalp. Following this, a platelet-rich-plasma is administered to your scalp in order to ensure natural hair rejuvenation.

Monday 6 May 2019

Laser Hair Removal and Why It Is More Efficient Than Waxing and Shaving

Traditional forms of hair removal include shaving and waxing which women have been using for a long time. But, the two methods are not good for your skin since they can cause a host of other problems. Laser hair removal is the replacement that you need instead of opting for these painful and short-term hair removal methods.

You are probably looking for a way to be summer ready with beautiful and smooth hairless skin. If you have shaved your hair off or have waxed in the past, then you know the problems that accompany these procedures. Both lead to tiny bumps on your skin that don’t take long to spread and cause irritation. This can spread all over your body if you are not careful. They usually lead to ingrowths as well which is one of the worst skin annoyances. If you are tired of these methods and the problems that come along with these, then you should definitely opt for a laser hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

There are many benefits of opting for laser hair removal treatments. Here are some of the top benefits.

      It ensures your hair grows slowly. When you get the treatment done, you will notice that the hair that will grow much later, is going to be softer.

      Laser treatment is more precise since the beam targets hair excellently. It ensures that your skin that surrounds the hair is not damaged in any way.

      The hair takes a long time to grow back which means you can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal for a long time.

      The procedure is much faster than other forms of hair removal. Since the hair takes longer to grow back, this type of hair removal is a more effective strategy to be hair-free.

      This treatment is not restricted to only your arms and legs, you can remove hair from your face, underarms, and other parts of your body as well.

      You will need to frequently get waxed which means you’ll be spending a lot of money very often. Laser hair removals are cost effective and the results last much longer.

      It ensures there is no problem of ingrowth. The reason is laser hair removal targets the root of the hair, ensuring that your hair grows straighter and leaving no scope for ingrowth.

As you can see there are numerous benefits of getting a permanent hair removal treatment done.

Why Kaya Laser Hair Removal Is The Safest Option

In order for any permanent Laser hair removal/reduction to be successful, the doctor should have the right skill set and experience. Kaya ensures that only experts perform the treatment and that they use only the best equipment. Kaya’s dermatologists supervise the laser therapist during the laser hair removal session to ensure that everything goes smoothly. All experts at Kaya are experienced so you know you are in good hands. Kaya experts first take the time to understand your skin type, and hair growth pattern. This helps them come up with a customized plan just for you.

The laser hair technology used by Kaya is US FDA approved. You can get rid of your unwanted hair pretty quickly with the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch procedure that is painless. You won’t feel anything when the hair is being removed and you will be thrilled with the result. Kaya’s laser hair removal procedure is safe and the number of sessions you need to go to depends on your hair growth patterns.

Kaya clinic offers impeccable support throughout the hair removal procedure. Experts at Kaya will ensure you understand the procedure, what is going to take place and the laser treatment for hair removal cost before the treatment begins. Kaya has over 1,00,000 satisfied customers who have got amazing results from their hair removal laser treatment. You can be next! When are you planning to book your next appointment with Kaya and get the flawless skin you dream about?