Friday 10 May 2019

Don’t Lose Your Confidence to Premature Balding: Why Young Men Are Opting For Hair Transplants

Are you experiencing balding of your scalp? Is it difficult for you to look at the mirror? Are you embarrassed to meet new people because of your receding hairline or thinning hair? Premature balding can really dim down your confidence but a hair transplant treatment will help you regain your confidence.

Hair Regrowth By Hair Transplant

Evolutions in science, medicine, and technology have shown that hair regrowth by hair transplant is now a promising solution for all hair loss issues. People of all ages, especially young men are opting for hair transplants to deal with premature balding and other hair loss problems.

A bald man

 Why are Younger Men turning towards Hair Transplants?

Dealing with balding can be quite difficult. Especially if you are in your twenties or thirties, and you start experiencing a receding hairline or premature balding. It can really take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence. One of the most reliable solutions to deal with hair loss is going for a hair transplant.

Many young men are opting for this solution to premature baldness. One of the main reasons why young men are choosing hair transplant treatments is because of promising results. The hair transplant method involves the extraction of the healthier hair follicles at the back of your head, the donor area and transplanting these hair grafts to the balding areas, the recipient area to facilitate the growth of hair. In the process, all the properties of the thick hair at the back of your scalp, get transferred to the bald patch on your head and induce the growth of thick hair.

Another reason why young men are resorting to hair transplant treatments to deal with balding is because of the pain-free techniques employed in the treatments. Follicular unit extraction for hair transplant or FUE is a painless, scar-less treatment. The procedure is a minimally invasive treatment, which involves the administration of anesthesia in the donor area as well as the recipient areas before the surgery takes place. With the advent of painless, stitch-free, and cuts-free hair transplant methods, more and more young men are opting for this solution to put an end to all their hair loss issues.

Hair transplant methods, today, are conducted quickly and don’t disturb your daily routine. Follicular unit extraction procedures are of short duration and you can head back to your normal routine following this hair transplant. This is another aspect of hair transplant procedures that is attracting young men towards it. You don’t have to skip work or make alterations in your daily life.

Hair transplant procedures are attracting young men to deal with hair loss and balding because of these very aspects of the treatment. A quick and painless hair transplant procedure that has shown promising results, makes it a very attractive option for young men to get rid of their hair loss troubles once and for all.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions

The advanced follicular unit extraction treatment offered by Kaya clinic is a good option to consider. The procedure involves minimally invasive techniques to extract hair follicles from the denser and healthier parts of your scalp to the bald ones. The back and sides of your scalp are the donor areas in a transplant treatment. These parts of the scalp are genetically immune to hormonal problems and are extracted for transplanting them to the balding areas. Kaya employs a painless procedure for carrying out this hair transplant. There is no need for stitches nor does it lead to any scars on your scalp. Following this, a platelet-rich-plasma is administered to your scalp in order to ensure natural hair rejuvenation.

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