Wednesday 11 January 2017

The big day bridal ritual: Top-to-toe beauty services for your wedding

Expert Beauty Facials by Kaya Skin Clinic

A bridal facial and product experts are a vital part of equipping you for that significant time. Whether you're organizing a private wedding or an exorbitant celebration with a generous bridal gathering, Kaya's bridal ritual will have you look amazing and prepared.
You may be planning for the flawless wedding look, to guarantee that your special day goes on a steady note and taking care of your gleaming skin before the wedding and after, you just can’t give a slip. For many brides, excellent makeup and the precise look on their important day is all they care about, but believe me, when I say this, your skin needs to glow, shine and be soft even after your big day.

Expert beauty facials

Weakness to the rays of the sun, complex lifestyles, and extreme pollution affects your skin. Because of these factors, in every woman's skin calendar, facials should be an essential part. Apart from relaxing the skin, it also exfoliates it, contributing to its original radiance.
Deep skin hydration
With an uncommon hydro-exfoliation method, this therapy brings out a new and fresh layer of skin. Followed by this, there is a Hydra-Nourishing Massage Cream and an Enzymatic wax with a moisturising effect that supports regeneration of the skin and also enhances its strength.
Skin eternal purification
Antox Ultrasheen Therapy by Kaya Clinic
This therapy works on skin impurities with a 3-staged action of refresh, renew and restore.
Kaya Signature Face Therapy - Ultra Rejuve
This therapy uses microdermabrasion, vitamin-C serum, Licorice and Arbutin extracts, cocoa cream and a cocoa mask to restore your skin to its natural rejuvenated state.
Kaya Signature Face Therapy - Ultra Detox
This therapy uses jet spray technology that drains toxins and makes your skin fresh.
Delightful skin whitening
This therapy uses Remy Laure Peeling Cream, Arbutin extracts and vitamin-C to give brighter and more moisturized appearance.
Bridal beauty products
Complexion Perfect Cream
A one-step solution for instant coverage and even skin tone, this cream contains Imperita Cylindrica, SPF 25, and Niacinamide, to blur imperfections, reduce fine lines and give your skin a smooth finish.
Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover
This product is created to efficiently clean waterproof, regular, and long-lasting makeup without using water. With an alcohol-free 3-in-1 formula, this remover is soothing on the skin, eyes, and lips. Retaining the natural pH and moisture of the skin, it contains Hazel extracts and cucumber to decrease pore volume and immediately relieve the skin.
Your skin demands deep-rooted skincare attention, and at Kaya Skin Clinic, to give effects that highlight your gorgeous look, is the purpose.

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What causes acne and how to treat it?

Acnes is a common problem that affects more than 85 percent of the youth, and is the most common skin condition in the world.
Acne is more than just few pimples and there are umpteen number of reasons behind its cause and it’s not easy to control them. Let’s have a look at some of the common acne-causing reasons and how to deal with them.

Kaya Skin Clinic PurePore Clear Skin facial

Acne gives you headache—not literally—but knowing that you’ve acne and they leave behind stubborn marks is no less than a headache. You probably have already tried out a number of ways to treat them and prevent recurrence, but they just keep coming back and it’s not easy to break up with such a clingy beau. Some of the common reasons for acne outbreak are:
Studies show that dairy products and carbohydrate products may trigger acne outbreak. Eating excessive chocolates can cause acne as well.
Try and avoid processed and junk food. Include whole wheat products, and a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet.
A cause that you can avoid—your genes. They play a key role in the intensity of breakouts that occur. You have a higher chance of suffering from acne if both your parents also suffered from it.
Your hormonal balance affects the oil production rate in your skin. The production of certain hormones is higher during puberty, and so teens are more prone to acne. The hormonal levels also increase during pregnancy, menopause, and other stages of a woman’s life and it can cause a bout of acne on your skin.
Also, women with higher levels of androgen have a higher risk of developing acne.
Acne outbreak makes you stressed. Now, this stress can make the situation worse. Stress increases oil production in your body, and triggers acne outbreak.
To counteract stress, you need to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle. Sleep for at least 8 hours and indulge in meditation and yoga.
Environmental factors like pollution, heat, and humidity can trigger acne outbreak. The skin and haircare products you use that usually are loaded with chemicals also contribute to an increased oil production in your glands.

How to treat acne?
Kaya Skin Clinic PurePore Clear Skin facial

These are only some of the acne-causing factors, and most of them are beyond your control. However, by following a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, and purifying your skin effectively using PurePore Clear Skin facial by Kaya Skin Clinic, can help you to a great extent. This facial utilizes a detoxifying, conditioning, and moisturizing treatment, and deals with the acne-causing bacteria, thereby treating them at it roots. It also mattes the skin and reduces the redness caused by acne.
An effective solution for mild to moderate acne breakouts, this facial also hydrates your skin without the greasy effect. Use it daily to enjoy acne-free skin.

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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Wedding rituals by Kaya Skin Clinic: All that a bride needs on that big day

Kaya’s Q-Switched Laser Treatment for pigmentation

Your wedding day will transform the rest of your life—it is that one day that every girl dreams of and yours is finally here. Kaya Skin Clinic's customized wedding ritual services can help you embrace this journey with radiating beauty and elegance—not on just that day, but every day after!
Everyone desires to have radiant skin on their wedding day, but what about your look after the big day? Don't limit your grand look to just one day, extend it beyond that and make the time ahead gorgeous too. Kaya Skin Clinic's Bridal Beauty Services will make sure you wake up ready to put your best face forward in the days to come, after your big event.
Painless laser hair reduction
Kaya Skin Clinic offers a US FDA-approved, safe technology that decreases hair from the source and can prevent additional growth.

Process for the reduction treatment 
Kaya’s Painless Laser Hair Reduction

There are many hair reduction systems today, but the next-generation of laser treatment is the Painless Hair Reduction technology. Uncomplicated and simple, this solution for hair reduction uses advanced invention technology, usually labeled as a convenient laser reduction option.
Pulses of infrared diode laser energy slowly melt the hair follicles in the subdermal flap of skin. This painless treatment is continued until there is no more production of new hair.
Licensed DualChillT treatment and IN-MotionT technology will get the exterior of your skin fresh and soft. Missed spots common in other types of hair removal is not found with this type of treatment because of its sweeping motion.
This treatment is suitable for any stretch of skin with surplus hair, with an exception of the eye area. The laser achieves great on darkened, coarse hair and diminishes until they are completely reduced.
Q-Switched Laser Treatment for pigmentation
Created from advanced technology this Kaya Q-Switched Laser can heal hyperpigmentation and bumpy skin tone.
Aiming precisely at the brown pigment which is present in dark spots, this treatment creates an invisible beam of light that reduces pigmentation without affecting other areas of the skin.

By absorption of laser energy, the pigment gets pieced inside the tissue of the skin, providing you with a skin tone that is even and smooth.
This soft treatment care, crafted by experts, lets your beauty stay beyond the wedding day and gives you a faultless appearance.

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