Tuesday 3 January 2017

Wedding rituals by Kaya Skin Clinic: All that a bride needs on that big day

Kaya’s Q-Switched Laser Treatment for pigmentation

Your wedding day will transform the rest of your life—it is that one day that every girl dreams of and yours is finally here. Kaya Skin Clinic's customized wedding ritual services can help you embrace this journey with radiating beauty and elegance—not on just that day, but every day after!
Everyone desires to have radiant skin on their wedding day, but what about your look after the big day? Don't limit your grand look to just one day, extend it beyond that and make the time ahead gorgeous too. Kaya Skin Clinic's Bridal Beauty Services will make sure you wake up ready to put your best face forward in the days to come, after your big event.
Painless laser hair reduction
Kaya Skin Clinic offers a US FDA-approved, safe technology that decreases hair from the source and can prevent additional growth.

Process for the reduction treatment 
Kaya’s Painless Laser Hair Reduction

There are many hair reduction systems today, but the next-generation of laser treatment is the Painless Hair Reduction technology. Uncomplicated and simple, this solution for hair reduction uses advanced invention technology, usually labeled as a convenient laser reduction option.
Pulses of infrared diode laser energy slowly melt the hair follicles in the subdermal flap of skin. This painless treatment is continued until there is no more production of new hair.
Licensed DualChillT treatment and IN-MotionT technology will get the exterior of your skin fresh and soft. Missed spots common in other types of hair removal is not found with this type of treatment because of its sweeping motion.
This treatment is suitable for any stretch of skin with surplus hair, with an exception of the eye area. The laser achieves great on darkened, coarse hair and diminishes until they are completely reduced.
Q-Switched Laser Treatment for pigmentation
Created from advanced technology this Kaya Q-Switched Laser can heal hyperpigmentation and bumpy skin tone.
Aiming precisely at the brown pigment which is present in dark spots, this treatment creates an invisible beam of light that reduces pigmentation without affecting other areas of the skin.

By absorption of laser energy, the pigment gets pieced inside the tissue of the skin, providing you with a skin tone that is even and smooth.
This soft treatment care, crafted by experts, lets your beauty stay beyond the wedding day and gives you a faultless appearance.

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