Monday 24 June 2019

Suffering From Acne-Prone Skin? Here’s A Skin Care Routine For You

With constant exposure to the pollutants in the air and the extremities of the climate, your skin becomes vulnerable to many problems. You may experience breakouts every once in a while or you may end up with acne blemishes. Acne-prone skin can take a toll on your self-confidence so it’s essential to follow a good skin care routine to keep skin clear, smooth, and supple.

The Nuisance That Is Acne

Acne is a skin condition characterized by the appearance of blemishes and pimples on your skin. It happens when your hair follicles and skin pores are clogged with oil and dead skin cells. While there are treatments available for acne you will still need to back the treatment with a proper skin care routine, otherwise, it can become a persistent condition.

Kaya Clinic offers an advanced acne care kit that has been designed to help you take care of your acne problems.

Skin Care For Acne-Prone Skin With Kaya Acne Kits

Kaya acne kits have been designed to offer you the perfect skincare routine for combination and oily skin. With a four-step skincare routine using Kaya acne kits, you can control open pores and reduce acne marks/ pimple marks. After using Kaya’s acne kit, you will see a visible difference in your skin within four hours. In fact, the skincare products offered as a part of this kit help you get rid of your pimples as well. Within 24 hours of using these products, you will see a remarkable difference as your pimples start reducing.

A woman with Acne Free Skin

The Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit comes with four products - Purifying Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Purifying Nourisher and Purifying Spot Corrector. In order to get clear, acne-free skin, you have to follow a step-by-step procedure involving the use of each of the products in this acne kit.

Step 1: Use The Purifying Cleanser To Remove Excess Dirt, Oil, And Impurities

Get started on your skincare routine by using the Purifying Cleanser. Acne occurs as a result of clogging of pores, due to the accumulation of oil and dirt. The accumulation of all these substances in your pores can further lead to other skin problems like blemishes and blackheads. Use the Purifying Cleanser in the Kaya acne kit, first, to cleanse out all the dirt, oil and impurities.

Consisting of salicylic acid, Kaya’s Purifying skin cleanser helps ensure that your skin is free of dirt. This dermatologically tested product by Kaya should be your go-to solution for putting an end to acne and other related problems. Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine. Cleansing your skin on a regular basis is recommended to help clear out blackheads and blemishes. Regularly using the skin cleanser purifies your skin and removes any form of accumulation of dirt, dust, and oil.

Step 2: Exfoliate And Unclog Pores With Kaya’s Purifying Toner

After cleaning out all the dirt and impurities from your skin, exfoliate using Kaya’s, Purifying Toner. Formulated with non-alcoholic ingredients like mandelic acid, the Purifying Toner exfoliates your skin and closes its pores. It also consists of niacinamide which is responsible for getting rid of blemishes.

Step 3: Use The Purifying Nourisher To Make Your Skin Smooth And Soft

Kaya’s Purifying Nourisher consists of Sodium PCA which makes your skin supple and soft. The Purifying Nourisher has been formulated with ingredients that have been tested for hypo allergenicity and non-comedogenicity.

Step 4: Apply The Spot Corrector To Erase Blemish And Acne Marks

Kaya’s Spot Corrector is a pimple marks removal cream. The Spot Corrector consists of zinc sulfate, which helps tighten your skin and, the glycolic acid and salicylic acid reduce the size of acne.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

All Your Hair Transplant Related Questions Answered

Tired of all the hair clustered around your hairbrush? Like any other problem, your hair loss also has a definite solution. Over the years, advancements in science and technology have made it possible for you to revive hair growth. Hair regrowth by hair transplant is the solution to all your hair loss problems. There are many questions that people have before they go in for a hair transplant; read on to get more clarity about them.

About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant method is the surgical procedure through which hair growth is revived. Hair regrowth by hair transplant typically involves the transplantation of hair follicles from the back of your head to the balding patches, including your crown.

To help you understand the procedure at a deeper level, we have covered some of the frequently asked questions about hair transplant in the next section.

A man having hair loss

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Hair Transplant

 Q: What exactly is a hair transplant method?

A: A hair transplant method is a process through which you can revive the growth of your hair. It is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles from the healthier part of your scalp are extracted and transplanted to the balding areas of your scalp such as your crown.

Q: Where to get your hair transplant treatment?

A: If you plan on getting a hair transplant treatment, you should consider Kaya’s Hair Restore Expert hair care solutions. The team of certified and highly skilled dermatologists offers an end-to-end treatment, from pre-transplant consultation sessions to a satisfactory hair transplant and post-transplant care as well.

Q: What is the hair transplant procedure followed by Kaya?

A:  At Kaya Clinic, follicular unit extraction is used to induce hair growth. The hair transplant method begins with an assessment of your scalp, on the basis of which you are provided a particular course of treatment. Before the hair transplant method takes place, your scalp is completely trimmed out by the experts at Kaya. Following this, the donor area on your scalp is cleaned out and marked where the local anesthesia is to be administered. After the administration of local anesthesia, the follicular units from your donor area are extracted. The balding area is then administered with local anesthesia to get it ready for transplantation. After the hair grafts from the donor area are transplanted to the balding area, Kaya also administers platelet-rich plasma on the scalp to further enhance the growth of hair follicles.

Q: What is the donor area and the balding area?

A: The donor area is the area from where the hair follicle units are extracted. The back of your scalp experiences healthy hair growth and remains unaffected from any hormonal imbalances. Hair loss usually begins from the temple and crown of your head, which is why it is known as the balding area.  Hair follicles from the back of your scalp are transplanted to the balding area to transfer the qualities of your donor area to your balding area and induce hair growth in the process.

Q: Is the hair transplant procedure followed at Kaya painful?

A: Kaya uses a minimally invasive advanced follicular unit extraction method to conduct the hair transplant method. Local anesthesia is administered ahead of the treatment, making the process painless.

Q: How long does it take for the hair to start growing after the transplant procedure?

A: Typically, it takes around three to four months for the newly grafted hair follicles to start growing. Eight to ten months after the hair transplant, you can start experiencing a mature hair growth that continues to grow for the rest of your life.

Friday 14 June 2019

Save Time and Money by Removing Unwanted Body Hair with the Right Procedure

Do you feel like you are spending way too much on getting rid of unwanted body hair? Or, do you feel like you have to go to the parlor too many times for waxing? Do you want an end to the endless cycle of visiting a parlor and shaving? Then we have the best long-lasting solution for you!

When you feel like time and money are paramount, then you must think of efficient ways of getting things done. Since summer is here, all you’ll want to do is go out and enjoy wearing whatever you want. If unwanted body hair is stopping you from getting the best out of summer then it is time you think of an alternative. You don’t need to waste your time and money on waxing, shaving, and other ways to remove hair from your body. Choose Kaya’s laser hair reduction for safe reduction of body hair and get the flawless, smooth, and hairless body you always crave for during the summer!

Looking for permanent laser hair reduction? Then think Kaya. Kaya is one of the most widely known and loved names when it comes to reducing body hair from anywhere on your body. Kaya’s laser hair reduction treatment is called Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch. This procedure is a safe alternative to all the painful methods that have many harmful side effects. With Kaya’s method of reducing unwanted hair from your body, you will start to feel confident in your own skin in no time. Are you ready to embrace change?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How Kaya Can Help Save Time And Money

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider.  You don’t want to waste your time and money, do you? When you opt for permanent laser hair reduction by Kaya, you save a lot in the process. Consider how many sessions you go for waxing or the amount of time you spend when you shave. They are way too many when compared to hair removal with the help of a laser. Not just that, if you experience problems due to waxing and shaving, then you will be required to buy extra products which easily add to the cost.

One of the best things about Kaya is that it has everything laid out for you. There is a cost calculator available on the Kaya website which shows you how much you spend on waxing compared to the laser treatment for hair reduction cost. You will be asked a few questions regarding which body part you wax the most, the frequency per month, how much you spend, and since when you started waxing. Based on what you choose from the options provided, the cost calculator on the Kaya website computes how much a lifetime of waxing costs and how much cheaper Kaya’s laser hair reduction treatment is comparatively. This calculator gives you ample evidence of how you think you might be saving when you use traditional hair removal methods. In the long-run, a laser hair reduction treatment will help you save. If you don’t believe us, then go to the Kaya’s website and check for yourself!

Another an extremely important thing to note is that anyone, even people with very sensitive skin can undergo a laser hair removal treatment.  With Kaya’s expert dermatologists guiding you through the permanent hair reduction treatment, you have nothing to fear. You can select any area of the body such as underarms, legs, face and choose to undergo this safe and painless procedure to remove unwanted hair and reduce its growth.

You can find out about Kaya clinic prices for laser hair reduction by booking an appointment with the experts for a consultation. When are you planning to book your appointment with Kaya? You can also read Kaya Clinic review online.

Friday 7 June 2019

Kaya’s Hair Transplant Solution For Women

Are you experiencing thinning of your hair? Does balding cause a drop in your confidence? Early balding and hair loss can make you feel old. Hair loss, especially when no treatment is working out in your favor can be a cause for concern. But the good news is that you can deal with all your hair loss troubles by going in for a hair transplantation treatment.

About Hair Regrowth By Hair Transplant

Hair loss, balding, and receding hairlines can lead to dwindling confidence and self-consciousness among women. Your hair is, after all, an important part of your physical appearance. There can be many different causes underlying the thinning of hair or bald patches on your scalp. If you do not see any improvement even after trying different home remedies, lifestyle changes, and taking medications, hair regrowth by hair transplant may be the ultimate answer to your hair loss issues.

Thanks to evolutions in science, technology, and allied fields, you can now enjoy the comfort of having thick, healthy tresses. Hair transplantation treatments help you regrow thick hair permanently. The procedure for hair transplant, today, is very quick and pain-free. Another good thing is that you don’t have to compromise on your work life because of the procedure. Apart from a few precautions that you must follow, hair regrowth by hair transplant is a very short and simple procedure.

Hair Restore Expert Solutions By Kaya

Kaya Clinic offers hair restore expert solutions to help you deal with baldness, thinning of hair, receding hairlines, and related hair loss problems. A team of trained and qualified dermatologists, surgeons, and hair transplant experts at Kaya, offer high-quality treatment for all hair loss related issues.
The advanced technology and state of the art infrastructure at Kaya offers a reliable experience.

Kaya hair transplant cost is also reasonable and can be afforded at an EMI of 0%. Kaya offers the services of hair transplant in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

At Kaya, a minimally invasive technique of follicular unit extraction for hair transplant is employed for carrying out the hair transplant procedure. The procedure is entirely pain-free with no stitches, cuts, or scars involved in the transplantation. Hair grafts or follicular units are extracted from the back of your scalp and transplanted onto the balding areas to induce hair growth.

Kaya offers a full-fledged treatment with pre-hair transplantation sessions with the experts at Kaya and a post-transplantation treatment, as well. Ahead of going for the surgery, the team of experts at Kaya will assess your condition. Accordingly, the experts will suggest a hair transplant method that will be most suitable for you. The experts also provide you with a set of precautions and tips that you should follow, both before and after the hair transplant procedure. In fact, a preoperative folliscopy procedure is conducted to assess the thickness of your hair ahead of the surgery. This is done to compare the results in the pre and post phases of the hair transplant.

The hair transplant process begins with complete trimming of your scalp. After this,  the cleaning and marking of your donor area, that is the back of your scalp, is done for the administration of local anesthesia. This is followed by the extraction of hair follicle units from the donor area. The balding area is then administered with local anesthesia and the extracted hair grafts are implanted to this part of your scalp.

In the post-hair transplantation phase, Kaya administers platelet-rich plasma for natural hair rejuvenation. The idea is to further stimulate hair growth. Typically, hair regrowth by hair transplant takes about six to nine months for your hair to grow again.

Kaya’s Hair Restore Expert Hair-Transplant solutions are the perfect way to put an end to all your hair loss troubles. 

Monday 3 June 2019

Get Ready for Your Summer Trip with Kaya’s Laser Treatment

Is body hair preventing you from wearing your favorite summer clothes? Making frequent visits to the salon for waxing sessions can turn out to be very tiring and painful. Thanks to evolutions in technology and science, we’ve got a very convenient and long-lasting hair removal solution for you - a laser hair removal treatment. Get a laser treatment done and enjoy your summer trip and wear your favorite clothes without any worries!

About Laser Treatment

Body hair growth often prevents you from donning your choice of clothes. This means regular visits to the parlor for getting yourself waxed. One way that you can get rid of your body hair without going to the parlor is through a laser treatment. You can enjoy having soft, smooth, hair-free skin all the time after getting a laser hair removal treatment done. Instead of relying on these painful methods, you can now opt for a more effective, permanent solution. Laser hair technology will help you bid adieu to all the painful hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, epilating, etc.

Kaya offers hair removal treatments to help you get rid of your body hair through its Permanent laser hair removal/reduction services.

Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal Services

Kaya offers great and reasonably priced laser hair removal services. With an experience of almost a decade and after having served more than 1,00,000 satisfied customers, Kaya’s quality treatments and services will not disappoint you. Kaya employs a US FDA approved advanced technology for hair removal. This treatment is completely suitable for the Indian skin, as well.

A laser light technology is used to target the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. Your skin does not get affected by the laser light technology. It usually requires six sessions for you to get completely smooth, hair-free skin. This treatment works on all skin types and gives you great long lasting results.

A team of laser beauty therapists undergo intense training and hold certifications before they carry out treatments and procedures at Kaya. Combining high-quality technology with the expertise of laser beauty professionals, Kaya assures the best possible results to their customers. Full adherence to safety and hygiene standards is followed and reliable service is what you can look forward to at Kaya.

Given that every person has a different skin type and a different kind of body-hair growth pattern, a customized plan is prepared for every customer. The dermatologists at Kaya analyze every case with full precision and suggest a course of treatment accordingly. To achieve this, a three-step process is followed at Kaya, ensuring that your skin gets the right treatment and care.

Kaya’s Three-Step Approach To Hair Removal

Before going in for a laser hair removal at Kaya, an expert dermatologist assesses your skin type along with your hair growth pattern and hair type in detail. Following this, the experts conduct a laser test on a small portion of your skin. This is done to evaluate the sensitivity of your skin. Finally, the certified dermatologists frame out a customized treatment plan for you, based on the best possible options for your skin.

Kaya offers laser hair removal services for underarms, arms, legs, bikini, body hair, and even facial hair. Using the advanced Nd- YAG technology, Kaya helps you get rid of body hair in a hassle-free, pain-free manner.

Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews have mostly shown good results. If you too want to avail the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch to get smooth, hair-free skin, you can check out the laser treatment for hair removal cost on the website or you can get in touch with them on phone. You can rely on Kaya’s safe, secure and hygienic hair removal services for a long-lasting solution.