Monday 3 June 2019

Get Ready for Your Summer Trip with Kaya’s Laser Treatment

Is body hair preventing you from wearing your favorite summer clothes? Making frequent visits to the salon for waxing sessions can turn out to be very tiring and painful. Thanks to evolutions in technology and science, we’ve got a very convenient and long-lasting hair removal solution for you - a laser hair removal treatment. Get a laser treatment done and enjoy your summer trip and wear your favorite clothes without any worries!

About Laser Treatment

Body hair growth often prevents you from donning your choice of clothes. This means regular visits to the parlor for getting yourself waxed. One way that you can get rid of your body hair without going to the parlor is through a laser treatment. You can enjoy having soft, smooth, hair-free skin all the time after getting a laser hair removal treatment done. Instead of relying on these painful methods, you can now opt for a more effective, permanent solution. Laser hair technology will help you bid adieu to all the painful hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, epilating, etc.

Kaya offers hair removal treatments to help you get rid of your body hair through its Permanent laser hair removal/reduction services.

Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal Services

Kaya offers great and reasonably priced laser hair removal services. With an experience of almost a decade and after having served more than 1,00,000 satisfied customers, Kaya’s quality treatments and services will not disappoint you. Kaya employs a US FDA approved advanced technology for hair removal. This treatment is completely suitable for the Indian skin, as well.

A laser light technology is used to target the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. Your skin does not get affected by the laser light technology. It usually requires six sessions for you to get completely smooth, hair-free skin. This treatment works on all skin types and gives you great long lasting results.

A team of laser beauty therapists undergo intense training and hold certifications before they carry out treatments and procedures at Kaya. Combining high-quality technology with the expertise of laser beauty professionals, Kaya assures the best possible results to their customers. Full adherence to safety and hygiene standards is followed and reliable service is what you can look forward to at Kaya.

Given that every person has a different skin type and a different kind of body-hair growth pattern, a customized plan is prepared for every customer. The dermatologists at Kaya analyze every case with full precision and suggest a course of treatment accordingly. To achieve this, a three-step process is followed at Kaya, ensuring that your skin gets the right treatment and care.

Kaya’s Three-Step Approach To Hair Removal

Before going in for a laser hair removal at Kaya, an expert dermatologist assesses your skin type along with your hair growth pattern and hair type in detail. Following this, the experts conduct a laser test on a small portion of your skin. This is done to evaluate the sensitivity of your skin. Finally, the certified dermatologists frame out a customized treatment plan for you, based on the best possible options for your skin.

Kaya offers laser hair removal services for underarms, arms, legs, bikini, body hair, and even facial hair. Using the advanced Nd- YAG technology, Kaya helps you get rid of body hair in a hassle-free, pain-free manner.

Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews have mostly shown good results. If you too want to avail the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch to get smooth, hair-free skin, you can check out the laser treatment for hair removal cost on the website or you can get in touch with them on phone. You can rely on Kaya’s safe, secure and hygienic hair removal services for a long-lasting solution.

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