Tuesday 27 February 2018

Kaya’s Approach to Hair Reduction by Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving and waxing? Well, they are not only painful but demand your time as well, once a week or month. You can now be privy to smooth skin without the agony of the razor or the wax strips. Laser hair removal is the best thing now and you can opt for Laser Hair Reduction Services, wherever you choose to eliminate unwanted body hair.
Body hair growth is a normal feature, but an eyesore. Who doesn’t want to sport smooth skin? The commonly used methods of removing unwanted hair through shaving or waxing are temporary. You have to spend time and money on a repeated basis to keep body hair growth under check.
You can now liberate yourself from this monotonous routine by opting for laser hair removal. For the freedom that it gives, treat yourself and book your appointment right away. Prices are quite affordable and you can check Kaya Skin Clinic prices for laser hair removal online.

Laser hair reduction Vs. Shaving or Waxing

Well, shaving or waxing give you instant results. You can feel your skin smooth (though not silky smooth) right away after your session at the parlor. But, in few weeks, at the most 3 or 4 weeks, you have to repeat the routine. The frequency varies between individuals, based on your rate of hair growth, which is not the same for each woman.
If you want permanent results, laser hair reduction is your best choice. The results are not instantaneous. But, over a course of time, spanning multiple sittings, you can find that there is marked reduction in hair growth. This is because, unlike waxing or shaving that targets the hair above the skin surface, the laser beams target the hair follicle and the directed intense heat completely renders the hair follicle inactive, thus preventing further hair growth. Plus, there are no ingrown hairs as well.
Kaya adopts a safe and secure approach, employing the latest hair reduction techniques through the use of lasers that suit the Indian skin type. So, you can be assured that at the end of the treatment, you’ll enjoy smooth skin without any scarring.

Nd YAG Laser

The Nd YAG laser is approved by the FDA and is found to be suitable for all skin types, especially the Indian skin. In fact, Kaya Skin Clinic employs the Nd YAG laser in its hair reduction treatments. This laser works at a higher wavelength, directly reaching the hair follicle, without touching the epidermis. Whatever be the skin tone, it is unaffected by the laser which has its focus just on the hair follicle.
The use of Nd YAG laser has been found to significantly reduce hair growth by 50% to 90% in about 6 months. Plus there is reduced risk of pigmentation, scars, burns or infections.

For the Bride

Look best on your D-day. Sport any ensemble without the worry of unwanted body hair. Laser hair reduction is a must on your wedding to-dos. Unlike your facials, which can start a week before your wedding, sittings for hair removal must be planned months in advance.
       Choose a clinic that employs qualified personnel
       Check the suitability of laser and decide on the type
       Plan out your sittings for the treatment.
Start out as early as 6 months before your wedding date. Over a course of multiple sessions, say about 5 sessions, you can begin to see visible results. The lasers eliminate the hairs which are in the growth stage. So, in the course of multiple sittings, the exposure to the laser will help to significantly reduce the hair growth. On your wedding day, your smooth skin will reflect your bridal blush that would last longer.

Monday 19 February 2018

Say Goodbye to Under-Eye Circles Forever

Do you wake up and dread looking in the mirror because your under-eye circles keep making their (un)friendly appearance? Well, you’re not alone. Under-eye circles affect everyone at some point or another. There are some fool-proof treatments you can consider, that will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.
We’re all too familiar with under-eye circles and what havoc they can wreck in your life. This is part of the reason that the makeup industry is booming like no other. This doesn’t mean that you keep covering them up. A good way to deal with under-eye circles is to actually get rid of them. This of course isn’t something one can accomplish overnight.

Under-Eye Circles: What and How?

You know what they look like, so we won’t try to paint an uncomfortable picture. But very few people actually know what’s going on. The very stressfully visible darkness under the skin of your eyes can be caused by anything from genetics to seasonal allergies, and the all-too popular reason, lack of sleep.
But what’s going on? Well, the skin under your eyes is not only thinner, but all the more sensitive.  This can be made worse by your genetics. The thin skin is more likely to reflect the pooling of blood caused by lowered circulation.
Seasonal allergies too make dark circles more profound. They cause one’s immune system to release histamines, due to the various allergens attacking the body. These chemicals cause swelling, which makes your circles more prominent.

What Can You Do?

Well, now that you know what causes them, you’re better equipped to  deal with them in an effective way. This isn’t to say that you should pick up the next makeup brush you get your hands on. There are many brands that promise to completely dissipate your under-eye circles and often use bleach or other agents that work by physically peeling the colour off of your skin. This is not good for you, for obvious reasons.
Other more subtle treatments are mostly home remedies, but not only do they take awfully long, they also require immense consistency and dedication. Kaya Skin Clinic comes through for you with a very effective and healthy treatments -- Aqua Eye Rejuvenation.
Both of these treatments fall under the umbrella of Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Treatments that target the discoloration and uneven tone, along with the dullness that appears on one’s skin in the form of age spots, dark circles, and patchy skin tone. 

Which One Should You Opt For?

The Aqua Eye Rejuvenation uses a quick working combination of effective ingredients; aqua jet, glycolic peel, and  micro-current. This is paired with a few home remedies to quickly rid your eyes of unnecessary puff and dullness.
Glycolic peels may have reduced in popularity due to the rise of laser treatments, but they’re still quite effective in reducing under eye circles. They work especially well in the case of hyperpigmentation. They work in two ways; by gently peeling off the dead skin around the sensitive under eye area, and then by encouraging the production of collagen. This peel combined with a healthier lifestyle is sure to make visible improvement for those with under eye circles.

What to Expect?

For starters, you have a subtle glow to your skin that looks natural and pure, because it is your skin healing itself. The ingredients used in both the treatments mentioned above lighten, brighten, and effectively rejuvenate your skin, while keeping its natural balance and renewing abilities in mind.
So everywhere you go, you can be sure that you’ll be glowing.  

Friday 16 February 2018

Hair Transplant Precautions, Expectations & Recovery Time: What You Need to Know

Hair transplant is a popular solution for hair thinning and excessive hair fall. Hair loss and baldness can rarely be cured. Hair transplantation is often the only solution as far as baldness is concerned. However, it is important that you do it from the right place. Kaya happens to be one of the most trusted names for the same.

There is a silver lining in the horizon for those who are suffering from hair fall and baldness. Hair transplant can indeed be the answer to your hair-loss problems, if done in the right way and by experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable expert hair doctors.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant solutions offer a very nuanced approach to hair transplant as opined by people in Kaya Hair Loss Treatment reviews. The solution revolves around two different procedures of hair transplant - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Though different in approach, both these procedures adopt essentially the same philosophy in transplanting hair.

The Procedure

Whether it is Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplantation, the patient is first administered with local anesthesia so that he or she does not feel any pain during the procedure.


You should not attempt hair transplant if you are less than 23 years of age or are suffering from any illness that can get aggravated due to the procedure.

Expectations and Cost

There is no reason to be either very optimistic about hair transplant or very pessimistic about it. You need to have reasonable expectations only. This is a surgical intervention that may have diverse repercussions, which may not be predicted before the procedure. However, with Kaya, results are guaranteed. The Kaya Hair Transplant cost has been found to be reasonable according to Kaya Hair Treatment reviews, and so there is nothing that you need to worry about.

FUE Hair Transplant

In this method, donor hair follicles are extracted from the scalp one by one, until the number of active follicles is enough to cover a specific area of bald patch on the skull. A needle-like instrument is used to make circular incisions around selected follicular units. These units are then separated from the scalp and extracted. This leaves a small opening at the site. The surgeon goes on repeating this procedure until there are enough follicular units for grafting on the selected site.
The harvested follicular units are then placed onto these recipient sites. It is here that the follicles give rise to healthy hair. This makes it a time-consuming process. However, the tiny openings at the donor sites completely heal over a period of a week. You may only have tiny white scars behind the head which get buried in the fuller hair that you are likely to get after the procedure.

FUT Hair Transplant

In this procedure, active follicles are removed from the donor sites in strips of 1-4 hair strands from the back or side of head. The hairs are then cleaned and divided into active follicular units. This procedure needs to be conducted under high magnification so that survival of the grafts can be ensured.
Before preparing these follicular units, the dermatologist makes tiny holes on the donor sites. The strips are then placed on these sites until they cover the entire selected area. The doctor needs to be very careful and precise during harvesting, arranging, and positioning the follicular units. Good arrangement and positioning of the graft will determine the natural aspect of the transplanted hair. Nevertheless, the arrangement also varies from patient to patient.


The result of a carefully harvested and properly grafted hair transplant procedure can be amazing as many patients have mentioned in Kaya Hair Transplant reviews. You can have fuller hair that can grow and be cut and designed like natural hair, after around eight to ten months.

Recovery time

Usually, patients recover within a day or two of the procedure. In some patients, though, the feeling of numbness or soreness may linger for few days.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Hair Transplant - The Most Effective Treatment For Hair Loss or Balding

Excessive hair loss can lead to premature balding. There are various reasons for hair loss. Analyzing the root cause will help you to choose the right treatment option. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant is one of the best ones available to you.
Losing up to 100 hair strands in a day is normal. However, if you notice clusters of hair on your comb or the shower drain, it is a cause of worry.
Signs of Hair Loss
The quantum of hair loss and the conditions vary between men and women. In women, hair loss is characterized by thinning, especially at the crown, where the thinning is more evident. In men, the signs include a receding hairline, hair thinning on the scalp, and a horseshoe-shaped pattern that leaves the crown exposed.
The best solution to regain your crowning glory is to go in for a hair transplant. It is a safe process that can help promote hair growth, reduce thinning, and prevent balding.
A good place to carry out the hair transplant procedure is Kaya Skin Clinic. You can check out Kaya hair transplant reviews, which highlight the popularity of hair transplant.
Kaya offers hair transplant solutions in its clinics in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.
Hair transplant is suitable for both men and women. As long as you’re healthy, you are qualified for a hair transplant.
Primarily, there are two hair transplant techniques that are widely used, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Follicular Unit Extraction:
FUE hair transplant method can successfully lead to regrowth of hair that looks absolutely natural. In this technique, there is no visible scarring. A circular punch is used to extract individual follicular units. These follicular units, measuring 1mm in diameter, are individually transplanted into tiny incisions that are made on the scalp. The incisions are positioned in the areas where baldness has occurred.
The FUE method can also extract body hair for transplanting the same on the scalp. Talk to an expert to know the options available to you.
Follicular Unit Transplantation:
In this technique, the natural hair is transplanted as follicular units, that is a clump of 1 to 4 hairs. In addition to the hair follicle, these follicular units also contain sebaceous glands, a small muscle, nerves, and occasional vellus hair.
During this procedure of hair transplantation, these follicular units, as a composite unit help to successfully transplant thousands of grafts in a single session, maximizing the results. The hair restoration process is quick, and which results in almost full baldness coverage.
When Can You See Results?
You have to remember that hair cannot grow overnight. It will take at least one year for you to see results.
Hair transplant is a safe procedure when done under expert supervision. The recovery time is also quick. You can get back to your routine in about 2 to 7 days, depending on individual cases. However, a few precautions need to be taken before and after the procedure, as mentioned below:
       Avoid alcohol consumption for 3 to 4 days prior to the day of the hair transplant procedure.
       Avoid medications like blood thinners and anti-depressants.
       Avoid going out when it is hot and sunny.
       Avoid strenuous physical activity as it can lead to excessive sweating.
       Maintain high levels of personal hygiene, especially the scalp.
       Keep the head elevated to help reduce any swelling. An ice pack can be applied to reduce swelling.
       Avoid itching and rubbing.
       Avoid swimming.
       Use a mild shampoo, only after removal of the protective bandage.
Expert hair doctors at Kaya will tell you about all these precautions, so that complications are minimized. Consult one today and start the treatment as soon as possible to reclaim your crown.

Thursday 1 February 2018

Foot Care Tips for Harsh Winters

In most parts of a tropical country like India, winter is a pleasant season -- a time for long walks in the cool morning air or for a brisk jog to warm up for the day. However, to enjoy these activities, you need to take good care of you feet.
The dry winter air can quickly dry the moisture in your skin, leaving it dehydrated and chapped if you don't take proper care. Usually, most people take care to keep their faces, hands, and even their body moisturized, but neglect their feet. Yet our feet suffer a lot of wear and tear due to hard use.

Taking Care of Your Feet

Your feet keep you mobile - they walk, they run, they jog, and through all these activities, they also undergo a lot of stress. So, it is essential to care for your feet at any time of the year. It becomes especially important in winter because dry feet can lead to cracks and abrasions.

Clean Your Feet

Use warm water and a gentle shower gel to clean your feet while bathing. Use pumice stones to rub off dead skin. Clean your toenails and cuticles. Take care to clean under your nails too. Keep your toenails trimmed and free of jagged edges.

Soak Your Feet

If you have a tendency to suffer from cracked feet, use foot soaks regularly. Use warm water. Set aside a tub for foot soaks. Fill it halfway with warm water. Add epsom salt to relieve pains and aches. You can also add essential oils to the foot soak to pamper your feet further

Use Herbal Pastes

If you have cuts and cracks on your feet, it can lead to bleeding and infections. Make a paste of powdered neem and tulsi leaves and a little turmeric. You can use oils like coconut oil to mix these ingredients. Apply this on your feet and leave it on for some time before washing it off. Neem, tulsi and turmeric all have antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. So does coconut oil and it also helps keep your feet hydrated

Wear Good Socks

Use socks made of natural fibre, rather than synthetic material. Ideally choose moisture-wicking socks that keep the dampness away from your skin. When you come back home, remember to remove your shoes and socks and clean your feet. Let it dry before you put on another pair of shoes and socks.

Choose the Right Footwear

Wear shoes of the right fit. As far as possible, avoid using stressful footwear like high heels and hard, tight shoes. Your shoes should be comfortable, flexible, and have enough room to move your heels and toes easily. In the winter, stick to footwear that provide maximum coverage for your feet and keep them warm, like loafers and sportswear.

Use Foot Cream or Oil

At night, apply oil or a foot cream to your feet. Rub the cream or oil in thoroughly over each foot. Wear a snug-fitting. comfortable. clean pair of socks. This can help keep your feet hydrated and prevent dry feet and cracks.
Try Kaya Elbow and Foot Care Cream. You can read Kaya Footcare Cream reviews on the Internet to see how the product works and how effective it is. It contains glycolic acid that quickly heals cracked feet and rough skin. Wash your feet with warm water. Take a little of the foot care cream and gently apply the cream and work it in over the affected area. Repeat this one more time. Cover your feet with socks. After 8 hours, wash off the cream and clean your feet.
Taking proper care of your foot is as important as taking care of your face or hands. Keep your feet clean, use moisturizers during the day. Use pumice stones to rub off hard skin and dead cells. Pamper your feet with foot soaks and pedicures. Your feet will thank you by enabling you to take long walks or hikes in this cold season, letting you enjoy the break from the usual hot weather to the maximum.