Monday 19 February 2018

Say Goodbye to Under-Eye Circles Forever

Do you wake up and dread looking in the mirror because your under-eye circles keep making their (un)friendly appearance? Well, you’re not alone. Under-eye circles affect everyone at some point or another. There are some fool-proof treatments you can consider, that will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.
We’re all too familiar with under-eye circles and what havoc they can wreck in your life. This is part of the reason that the makeup industry is booming like no other. This doesn’t mean that you keep covering them up. A good way to deal with under-eye circles is to actually get rid of them. This of course isn’t something one can accomplish overnight.

Under-Eye Circles: What and How?

You know what they look like, so we won’t try to paint an uncomfortable picture. But very few people actually know what’s going on. The very stressfully visible darkness under the skin of your eyes can be caused by anything from genetics to seasonal allergies, and the all-too popular reason, lack of sleep.
But what’s going on? Well, the skin under your eyes is not only thinner, but all the more sensitive.  This can be made worse by your genetics. The thin skin is more likely to reflect the pooling of blood caused by lowered circulation.
Seasonal allergies too make dark circles more profound. They cause one’s immune system to release histamines, due to the various allergens attacking the body. These chemicals cause swelling, which makes your circles more prominent.

What Can You Do?

Well, now that you know what causes them, you’re better equipped to  deal with them in an effective way. This isn’t to say that you should pick up the next makeup brush you get your hands on. There are many brands that promise to completely dissipate your under-eye circles and often use bleach or other agents that work by physically peeling the colour off of your skin. This is not good for you, for obvious reasons.
Other more subtle treatments are mostly home remedies, but not only do they take awfully long, they also require immense consistency and dedication. Kaya Skin Clinic comes through for you with a very effective and healthy treatments -- Aqua Eye Rejuvenation.
Both of these treatments fall under the umbrella of Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Treatments that target the discoloration and uneven tone, along with the dullness that appears on one’s skin in the form of age spots, dark circles, and patchy skin tone. 

Which One Should You Opt For?

The Aqua Eye Rejuvenation uses a quick working combination of effective ingredients; aqua jet, glycolic peel, and  micro-current. This is paired with a few home remedies to quickly rid your eyes of unnecessary puff and dullness.
Glycolic peels may have reduced in popularity due to the rise of laser treatments, but they’re still quite effective in reducing under eye circles. They work especially well in the case of hyperpigmentation. They work in two ways; by gently peeling off the dead skin around the sensitive under eye area, and then by encouraging the production of collagen. This peel combined with a healthier lifestyle is sure to make visible improvement for those with under eye circles.

What to Expect?

For starters, you have a subtle glow to your skin that looks natural and pure, because it is your skin healing itself. The ingredients used in both the treatments mentioned above lighten, brighten, and effectively rejuvenate your skin, while keeping its natural balance and renewing abilities in mind.
So everywhere you go, you can be sure that you’ll be glowing.  

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  1. This article is quite informative. I am suffering from dark circles would love to try Kaya's product.
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