Friday 25 November 2016

Instant flawless skin with Complexion Perfector Cream

Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream

Who doesn’t want perfect skin? Of course, it would be a dream-come-true for all of us if we had a magic potion to rid us of our skin problems. Though there might not be a magical solution to your skin woes, you can obtain the skin you desire with ease. Read on to find out how.
We don’t have much time on our hands to get ready, in this busy age of smartphones. You can’t afford to be sitting in front of the mirror for hours, preparing your perfect look. However, you do need to look your best. First impression is the best impression. So, how do you do it in a time-saving way?
When a product provides dual benefits of makeup and skincare, what more can a girl ask for, right? The Complexion Perfector Cream from Kaya Skin Clinic gives you just that. You don’t have to worry anymore about separate skin care and makeup routines. The benefits of using a perfector cream are numerous.
Instant glow
A perfector cream provides an instant glow to your skin. The radiance adds youthfulness and cheer to your face.
Protects from the sun
This all-in-one cream will shield your skin from the harsh rays of the Sun. The UV rays of the sun are harmful to your health as well as your skin. Kaya Skin Clinic’s CC cream has an SPF of 25 that makes it a catch indeed.
It also protects your skin from the damaging effect of free radicals.
Kaya Skin Clinic Complexion Perfector Cream

Evens skin tone
The product offers an even skin tone that provides you with a smoother look.
Brightens skin
This Kaya product makes your skin brighter in appearance, getting rid of a dull appearance.
Blurs imperfections
A CC cream fades the imperfections and fine lines on your face, giving you that perfect look for an outing.
Keeps skin hydrated
It keeps your skin from getting dry and flaky.
With so many benefits in a single product, we will all want to get our hands fast on the product. CC cream from Kaya Skin Clinic provides you with all the benefits, and with regular use, you can have prolonged results.

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Thursday 24 November 2016

Get Beautiful Acne-Free Skin with the Purepore Clear Skin Treatment

Kaya Purepore Clear Skin Treatment

Acne—that persistent enemy we hate to face; maybe, you’re wondering if there’s a way to get rid of it. This skin problem has probably haunted you since teenage and has never stopped. Read on to find out about an effective method to fulfill your wish of spotless skin.
Acne is a common skin problem that occurs more commonly in people with oily skin. No matter what you do, they hit you, and quite often. Do you want to get back the clear skin that you had as a child?
You can!
A facial targeted specifically to clear the skin of acne problems by digging out the root cause of the problem, like the Purepore Clear Skin treatment by Kaya Skin Clinic, can help you battle these troubles. This method is really effective for those with mild but active acne, since it eliminates the bacteria responsible for the outburst. It detoxifies the skin and also moisturizes and conditions the skin. The benefits and stages of this facial are outlined below.
Cleanses your skin
The facial consists of an antioxidant synergistic tea blend that soothes your inflamed skin.
Your face and neck is massaged with a serum that is prepared for extraction of dirt and germs.
Desincrustation masks
Topical application is followed by a thorough extraction routine.
Tones your skin
Salicylic acid is an additive in the mask that helps control excess oil and unclogs the pores. The tea blend helps in soothing the skin.
Sea mud mask
The next step in this facial is the application of a sea mud mask to your face and neck. It prevents future outbreaks, as the mineral-rich sea mud and ichthammol composition absorbs the oil without drying out your skin.
Calming mask
It consists of buttermilk and a synergistic tea blend that cools and soothes the skin.
The final step consists of applying micro algae that reduces the dryness of your skin, and gives you a glow.

The compound, zinc oxide, provides a matte finish and reduces redness.
Purepore Clear Skin Treatment

Each step of this facial aims to go to the root cause of your acne problem, to cure as well as prevent future outbreaks. An effective treatment for your acne-prone skin will give you that spotless skin of a baby. PurePore Clear Skin facial by Kaya Skin Clinic provides you with all the benefits through all its stages.

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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Aging Skin Trouble: Effective Ways of Taking Care Of It

Kaya's Skin Clinic Youth Excell

Unquestionably, one of the major downsides of aging is the fact that your skin steadily loses its elasticity and luster. Kaya Skin Clinic has created Youth Excell, which helps reveal tighter, firmer, and deeply rejuvenated skin with a youthful radiance.
While some people’s skin will show signs of aging faster than others, everyone eventually experiences sagging skin, unsightly lines, and wrinkles. Our genes mainly control these shifts. The medical term for this type of aging is “intrinsic aging.”
Kaya's Age Arrest System is a customized solution that uses advanced services and technologies to reduce aging of the skin.
Anti-aging methods that work well with skin aging
There are many products which promise a younger-looking you. Here are certain things that you need in order to maintain your skin and reduce the aging process.

Sunscreen can limit skin aging
Kaya Skin Clinic’s Age Arrest System

This suggestion may seem less effective when compared to the latest anti-ageing brews that are in the market—sunscreen is the most trusted to protect your skin from aging badly. The sunscreen used must be measured SPF 30 or greater and applied and reapplied every 4 hours, when you are out in the sun.
Antioxidants can help build collagen
Antioxidants like green tea, Vitamin C, coffeeberry, and pomegranate can guard your skin against environmental threats. They reduce inflammation, build elastin and collagen, and repair DNA damage.
Kaya's Skin Clinic Youth Excell
The capacity of the skin to regenerate itself is where the secret of youthful skin lies. The stem cells in the skin are on which the regeneration capacity rely on. Motivated by plant stem cell research, Youth Advance was created to combat skin aging right at the roots.
Using a stem cell extract of the Argan tree, which is among the rarest and oldest species in the world, it is selected for its outstanding ability to reinforce and protect the regenerative ability of skin cells.
Youth Advance helps reveal tighter, deeper, and firmly rejuvenated skin with youthful radiance. It comes with three products that can bring back your charm.
1) Derma Stemness Benefactor - Preserves the microenvironment of skin cells.
2) Derma Stemness Reviving - This oil-free formula is intense and accelerates the natural repair process of the skin.
3) Derma Collagen Intense Solution - Mimicking the natural collagen, this forms a protective layer on the skin and tightens it.
Youth Excell is dermatologically tested to be safe and hypo-allergenic. This will not only make you look younger but you will also feel younger.

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