Thursday 31 August 2017

Get the Best of All Skin Treatments: Kaya Skin Clinic, Kolkata

Kaya Skin Clinic is a well-known chain of skin clinics where you can get the best in class skin treatment. Whether you want to treat an allergy or opt for hair treatment, Kaya can introduce you to a better version of yourself.
Kaya Skin Clinic has its branches in select cities pan-India and the Middle East and they are rapidly expanding to reach out to as many people as they can across the globe. Kolkata is one of the cities where Kaya is providing its unique skincare services. Each of the clinics across the country provides a range of services and treatments to ensure that you look beautiful. Let’s look at some of these services in detail.
Services Provided By Kaya
Kaya Skin Clinic provides several different types of services and treatments based on your needs. There are 7 Kaya skin clinic centres in Kolkata which offer great solutions for your damaged skin. Some of them are:
Clear Fresh Oil Control Treatment
Meant specifically for girls with acne-prone and oily skin, this treatment helps reduce the pimples on your skin. It removes the impurities from your skin and also reduces sebum secretion, which is the root cause of acne and pimples. The process gently exfoliates your skin and removes all the dead skin cells. A purifying mask then helps tighten your pores and completes the process.
Insta Skin Purify
This treatment is meant for those who can’t spare a lot of time for parlors from their busy schedules. Which is why this method is quick and fuss-free. This quick service comprises of an express cleanup of your face to remove the oil and dirt from your skin using jet sprays of air and saline water. A seaweed mask is lastly applied on the skin to remove dead skin and have your skin looking clean and healthy. Many Kaya skin clinic reviews state that this procedure has given the customers great results when it comes to a purified skin.
Intensive Hair Root Therapy
The intensive hair root therapy at Kaya could work wonders on your constantly falling hair. This service includes the use of vital ingredients that support hair growth. These ingredients are injected into your scalp. The results start appearing within 2-3 days after the procedure, which is highly effective in bringing back your beautiful and luscious hair.
Acne-Pimple Free Peel
Sometimes, constant application of creams and other solutions to treat acne can clog the pores and worsen the condition. Kaya has a great method to clear your pores with their ‘Pimple free’ peel. The procedure includes mild cleansing of your skin, after which a layer of salicylic acid gel is applied. This not only opens up your pores and cleans them up, but also disinfects your skin to avoid infection. The layer is then removed like a peel-off mask. A peel neutralizer then completes the process to close your pores once again.
Juvederm XC Beautifillers
This is a derma-filler treatment used to reduce the wrinkles on your face, giving it a smooth appearance. This is a non-surgical service which makes use of hyaluronic acid. Most Korean skin care products contains hyaluronic acid in their products to give the skin a firm and young appearance. The ingredient is well-hydrating for your skin and you can start seeing differences in just around 30 minutes after the treatment. The effects can last even a year after treatment!
Kaya’s Beauty Facials
Kaya always takes care of everything that your skin needs. The facial session suggested to you may vary depending on your skin type and the care it needs. Each skin type requires different facial ingredients, a different type of massaging, and a different type of treatment. Kaya tests your skin type and then decides on the type of facial that you need.
Most Kaya skin clinic centres in Kolkata have facials that concentrate on reducing the damage your skin experiences due to the sun and pollution. The facials help relax and exfoliate your skin to help bring back its natural glow. They also improve the blood flow, which improves the cell renewal process to reduce aging. Experts recommend that you undergo a facial every month to keep your skin young and healthy.
Deep Skin Hydration
Dryness is one of the main reasons why your skin can look dull. And many times, the hydration creams and measures you use don’t produce a lasting effect. This is because they don’t moisturize your skin from deep within.
Kaya takes care of this problem with the Deep Skin Hydration. It includes a hydra-exfoliation procedure that surfaces a fresh layer of your skin. Your skin is then moisturized with a massage cream that causes a smoothing effect and also promotes cell regeneration.

One of the best Kaya skin clinic centres in Kolkata is the Salt Lake branch which offers all of the solutions mentioned above. Kaya Skin clinic reviews is one of the best ways you can understand whether these services are worth it or not. Read as many reviews as you can, before you start any treatment to understand the results and the affects on your skin better.

Thursday 17 August 2017

Kaya Skin Clinic: Laser Hair Removal, Reviews and Results

Hair removal can be a grueling ordeal for most of us. Be it waxing, bleaching, shaving or epilating, all of these are painful, can irritate your skin, and cause rashes and damage your skin. Also, none of these hair removal techniques offer long-lasting results.
However, with Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal, all your hair-removal woes will be put to rest.
Launched by Marico in 2002, Kaya is India’s most popular and trusted skin and hair care clinic and skin and hair products and service provider. With numerous clinics spread across India and Middle East, they make use of US-FDA approved technology and a team of experienced, expert dermatologists and hair experts with one aim in mind - delivering flawless skin and healthy hair.
The services and products offered by this clinic are US FDA approved, conforming to the highest international quality standards.
The Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews 
Statistics show that over 61% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product or service.
Going through testimonials before you purchase a product or service is important, and this is especially the case when you are about to purchase a hair or skin product or avail a service for yourself.
Testimonials don’t only help customers make a purchase or choice, they also help the vendors improve their standards and quality.
And this is why at Kaya, reviews are of utmost importance. Every opinion and feedback matters, as this helps in improving their products and services, thereby generating ultimate customer satisfaction.
The Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal reviews are an indication of how great this solution for unwanted body hair is. With a rating of five stars and a score of 9 out of ten, this laser hair removal technique is the first choice among most people, and these reviews confirm that.
A 25 year old woman from New Delhi says, that owing to her busy working schedule, regular appointments for hair removal is near impossible, and Kaya Laser Hair Removal was the best thing that happened to her. After getting her hair removed with Kaya’s laser hair removal treatment, she doesn’t have to worry about unwanted body hair anymore.
A 23 year old Bangalore based girl, who was suffering with excess facial hair said that she now has a renewed sense of confidence, thanks to Kaya’s laser hair removal treatment.
Kaya Laser Hair Removal
Since 2002, Kaya has more than a decade of being successful in serving more than a 8,00,000 customers, by giving them a great experience.
Their laser hair removal is one service that has been a constant success and is one that both men and women have used. The advanced, cutting-edge laser technology has a positive approval from the US FDA and is deemed safe and the best for the Indian skin and hair type.
The gentle laser light technology targets and deals directly with your hair follicles, reducing and removing unwanted body hair. Unlike other hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving, this technique has no effect on  your skin, leaving it smooth and hair free.
Every skin type is kept in mind, and this treatment is suitable for all types of Indian skin.
Say Goodbye To Unwanted Body Hair : Why Kaya Laser Hair Removal?
You will find numerous ways to remove unwanted body hair. So why should you choose the Laser Hair Removal Treatment? Read on to know why:
       No More Monthly Waxing
A monthly waxing routine can be painful. Also, with a busy schedule and long working hours, getting an appointment at the local salon can be a tiring process. Constant waxing can do great harm to your skin. It loosens the pores, and damages the top layer of your skin, resulting in sagging and loss of elasticity.
To keep all these problems at bay, it is only sensible to opt for a long-lasting solution, and this laser hair removal treatment gives you just that.
       Prevents Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hair can be extremely painful and irritating. This laser hair removal treatment not only prevents ingrown hair, but helps cure it too.
       Smooth And Soft Skin
Constant waxing, shaving, bleaching, and use of epilators can leave your skin rough, dry and lifeless. Kaya laser hair removal treatment deals directly with the hair follicle and doesn’t affect your skin.

So, try this procedure of hair removal today and you’ll surely won’t regret. 

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Get a Deeper Insight with These Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews

Kaya is an Indian skin care clinic founded in 2003 by Mr. Harsh Mariwala. Kaya Skin Clinic offers a wide range of products created with the aid of more than 140 dermatologists and beauty therapists.
Kaya Skin Clinic doesn’t only cater to the beauty needs of their Indian customers but also has 20 clinics in the Middle East. They also have an online e-commerce website where their products can be bought online.  There is an option where customers can add Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews on Facebook, and these go out to speak volumes about the company and its offerings.
What Are Reviews And Why Are They Important?
In the past when people used to buy new products from brick-and-mortar stores, they had no clue about the quality and efficiency of the product. Only after using the product, were they able to assess if the product was trustworthy or not.
Word of mouth was the mode of recommendations about various products and services. However, now every online shopping portal allows customers to add reviews on the products they have purchased from stores and used. This helps others to make an informed decision.
Reviews are nothing but a retrospective view of a product by an individual. An individual usually posts a comment after using the product. It can be both positive and negative.
Most people study these online before making a purchase on the Internet or anywhere else. These have more impact on the customer than advertising, promotions, and product descriptions. In simple terms, reviews let them decide if the product is good or bad. This is because consumers are more likely to trust these more as these are given by consumers just like them. Reviews boost confidence in a purchase decision and help consumers choose the right product for their own scenario.
Skin Care
There is a wide range of facial care products that this brand offers, which includes the purifying cleanser. The purifying cleanser is a product that cleans the pores gently, removing excess oil, impurities, and dirt. This product contains salicylic acid that has acne fighting properties and prevents acne from occurring in the future as well. Here are a few real-time online testimonials about the product.
“A user from Bangalore says that he has used the product for more than five months and it has helped him to control acne and oil on his face”
“A user from Delhi wrote that it’s a very effective product and it does wonders to his acne prone and oily skin”
The Brightening Day Cream is another product that falls under the Facial Care category. This product is used by people who want clearer and brighter skin. The unique combination of ingredients helps to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.
“A Chennai user says that this product is amazing. It instantly brightens her face and gives a healthy glow. She has been using this product regularly and she loves it. It has improved her skin tone a lot. She says that the best part is it doesn't make her skin look oily by the end of the day, even during summers”
“A user from Trivandrum tells that this Kaya brightening cream not only moisturizes the skin but also keeps it bright and glowing”
Body Care
The White Protect body lotion provides three benefits—maintaining skin tone, sun protection, and rich hydration. It has niacinamide, a whitening active that makes your skin brighter and tone. Following are the experiences that people had with the product:
A Coimbatore user shares her experience with the product. She tells that she has been using this product for a while and it feels great to have a moisturizing lotion that contains skin tone properties and sun protection. She also says that her skin gets dry really quick and this product keeps her skin hydrated and rejuvenated.
Another product in this category is the Foot care cream. This product is for healing rough and cracked heels.  This product is also suitable for foot softening, treating corns, and calluses.
Here’s its review of the products:  A Bangalore user comments that she was promised that this cream would work wonders very quickly. She tells us that she was very skeptical at first but she was shocked to see the results just after two days. She wrote that her feet have become softer and her cracks started to disappear.
Sun Protection
There are a lot of varieties of sun care products that are available from Kaya. One of them is the Daily Use Sunscreen. This product offers protection to your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. There’s also niacinamide, which is a potent whitening active that removes tan and lightens your skin.
"A Mumbai user wrote on the Internet that this is a very good sunscreen as it does not feel heavy or oily. She also adds that it does not break the skin and it’s a great product overall”
Another product in this category is sweat proof sunscreen. This sunscreen delivers up to 8 hours protection against UV rays. This cream is white in color and leaves the skin with a smooth after-feel.
A user from Kochi reviews this product by calling it amazing and says that she loves to use the cream on a daily basis.
A user from Chennai adds that it’s the best sunscreen for her skin type and has a long lasting effect.
Whatever product it may be, reviews play a vital role in deciding the lifetime of the product in the market. These are a just a reflection of the quality that Kaya Skin Clinic offers.

Make sure that you learn about the product from first-hand user experience rather than advertising. Also, don’t hesitate to write reviews online about a product that you’ve tried. By doing this, you directly help other customers just like you and help them make the right decision in their lives!