Thursday 17 August 2017

Kaya Skin Clinic: Laser Hair Removal, Reviews and Results

Hair removal can be a grueling ordeal for most of us. Be it waxing, bleaching, shaving or epilating, all of these are painful, can irritate your skin, and cause rashes and damage your skin. Also, none of these hair removal techniques offer long-lasting results.
However, with Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal, all your hair-removal woes will be put to rest.
Launched by Marico in 2002, Kaya is India’s most popular and trusted skin and hair care clinic and skin and hair products and service provider. With numerous clinics spread across India and Middle East, they make use of US-FDA approved technology and a team of experienced, expert dermatologists and hair experts with one aim in mind - delivering flawless skin and healthy hair.
The services and products offered by this clinic are US FDA approved, conforming to the highest international quality standards.
The Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews 
Statistics show that over 61% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product or service.
Going through testimonials before you purchase a product or service is important, and this is especially the case when you are about to purchase a hair or skin product or avail a service for yourself.
Testimonials don’t only help customers make a purchase or choice, they also help the vendors improve their standards and quality.
And this is why at Kaya, reviews are of utmost importance. Every opinion and feedback matters, as this helps in improving their products and services, thereby generating ultimate customer satisfaction.
The Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal reviews are an indication of how great this solution for unwanted body hair is. With a rating of five stars and a score of 9 out of ten, this laser hair removal technique is the first choice among most people, and these reviews confirm that.
A 25 year old woman from New Delhi says, that owing to her busy working schedule, regular appointments for hair removal is near impossible, and Kaya Laser Hair Removal was the best thing that happened to her. After getting her hair removed with Kaya’s laser hair removal treatment, she doesn’t have to worry about unwanted body hair anymore.
A 23 year old Bangalore based girl, who was suffering with excess facial hair said that she now has a renewed sense of confidence, thanks to Kaya’s laser hair removal treatment.
Kaya Laser Hair Removal
Since 2002, Kaya has more than a decade of being successful in serving more than a 8,00,000 customers, by giving them a great experience.
Their laser hair removal is one service that has been a constant success and is one that both men and women have used. The advanced, cutting-edge laser technology has a positive approval from the US FDA and is deemed safe and the best for the Indian skin and hair type.
The gentle laser light technology targets and deals directly with your hair follicles, reducing and removing unwanted body hair. Unlike other hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving, this technique has no effect on  your skin, leaving it smooth and hair free.
Every skin type is kept in mind, and this treatment is suitable for all types of Indian skin.
Say Goodbye To Unwanted Body Hair : Why Kaya Laser Hair Removal?
You will find numerous ways to remove unwanted body hair. So why should you choose the Laser Hair Removal Treatment? Read on to know why:
       No More Monthly Waxing
A monthly waxing routine can be painful. Also, with a busy schedule and long working hours, getting an appointment at the local salon can be a tiring process. Constant waxing can do great harm to your skin. It loosens the pores, and damages the top layer of your skin, resulting in sagging and loss of elasticity.
To keep all these problems at bay, it is only sensible to opt for a long-lasting solution, and this laser hair removal treatment gives you just that.
       Prevents Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hair can be extremely painful and irritating. This laser hair removal treatment not only prevents ingrown hair, but helps cure it too.
       Smooth And Soft Skin
Constant waxing, shaving, bleaching, and use of epilators can leave your skin rough, dry and lifeless. Kaya laser hair removal treatment deals directly with the hair follicle and doesn’t affect your skin.

So, try this procedure of hair removal today and you’ll surely won’t regret. 


  1. I have dark, fast growing body hair which is great for my head but not for the rest of my body. It was really very difficult to always shave before going anywhere. So, I recently had my second of 6 laser hair removal sessions from Kaya Skin Clinic. I decided to get this treatment done only after reading reviews and researching thoroughly about Laser hair treatment. I hope i will get best from this treatment.

  2. Laser hair removal treatment made my life easy. Earlier, i used to get up early to shave unwanted hair but now i can invest that time in doing some productive work. Kaya skin clinic really helped to get rid of those unwanted hair.

  3. Life can be challenging for women, where we spend hours shaving, waxing hair from our body; laser treatment is a solution forPermanent Hair Removal

  4. Kaya laser hair removal treatment is one of the best treatments from Kaya Skin Clinic. I am thankful to the staff and doctors at Kaya for their great service.

  5. Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal works great. I have done quick precautionary research before opting for this treatment. The treatment is worth every penny.