Wednesday 29 November 2017

Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy: Your One-Stop Solution To Beautiful Hair

Are you facing a lot of hair fall? Concerned about how your hair will look on your wedding day? The Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy is here to make your hair look beautiful on your wedding day and also after that.
Hair loss is common, and it is something that affects both men and women. Losing 50-100 hair strands in a day is normal. However, if you’re losing more than that, it’s a matter of concern.
Regardless of your gender, it is important that you look good on your wedding day, one of the most important events of your life. And that will only be possible if you have healthy and thick hair.
Many factors can be responsible for your hair loss. The treatment depends on the causes too.
Let’s look at some of the known causes of hair loss, first.

Causes of Hair Loss

The causes of hair fall can be many. Some of the most common ones are:

Undernourished Diet

Not eating right is one of the most common causes of hair fall. If your diet contains too much of Vitamin A, this might be a cause of you losing your hair. A lack of protein and Vitamin B in your diet can also lead to hair fall.

Male Pattern Baldness

This is a common cause of hair loss in men. It happens due to a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. It results in your hair receding from the temples and forming an M-pattern on your scalp. Two out of every three men get affected by this.


Your genes can also be responsible for your excessive hair loss.


Too much of stress is bad for everything, and that includes your hair. Be it professional stress or personal stress; both can lead to hair fall.


If you have anemia, the hair loss is due to the deficiency of iron in your blood. Get your blood tested to find out if this is the cause.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This is affecting most women at present. This can be a cause as well
If you’re eating a healthy diet and you don’t have any of the above-mentioned health conditions, the cause of hair fall can either be stress or your lifestyle practices. But Kaya has a solution for you—the Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy.  It works by gently nourishing your scalp and revitalizing your hair. The Kaya Clinic reviews about this therapy have been positive. The customers are really happy with the results, and so you have to give it a shot too.
Let’s look at how this therapy works.

Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapy

This therapy is a basic one, and it works by strengthening your hair roots. It nourishes your scalp, and this helps in preventing further breakage of hair strands.
Here are the steps involved:
       First, your scalp is cleansed and nourished and so are your hair shafts. Antioxidants give the required protection to your scalp while keratins, a type of protein make your hair smooth and shiny.
       The next step involves strengthening your hair roots with an application that offers anti-aging benefits to your skin as well. The roots are stimulated that increases blood circulation and boosts hair growth.
       Finally, your scalp gets the required hydration. Deep penetration ensures that your scalp, hair shaft, and hair roots are nourished.

This therapy strengthens your hair and makes it shine, and this is having been said by the men and women who have opted for this therapy. Read customer testimonials to know more about the real-time experiences of happy Kaya customers.
If you start with this therapy a month before your wedding day, you can surprise your guests with an entirely new look.
The Kaya Clinic offers other types of hair therapies as well. The Kaya Hair Health Boost System is one of them, and this is designed to repair severe hair damage. It consists of a series of hair therapies that deeply nourishes your scalp and boosts your hair health.

Thursday 23 November 2017

Kaya Filler and Botox Treatment: Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

If you are thinking of how to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines before your wedding, then the Kaya Skin Clinic Filler and Botox Treatment is the ideal option you can go for to get guaranteed results.
Fine lines and aging is a common problem. Stress and pollution cause a lot of skin problems and that includes premature skin aging. If you sleep with your makeup and try out chemical-laden skin products, you're harming your skin. These day-to-day mistakes might not look like a big issue, however, over a certain period of time can take a toll on your skin and leave you looking prematurely aged.
The sun is another reason of early skin aging. Make sure to apply a sunblock before going out under the sun,
If you are getting married soon and you’re worried about wrinkles and fine lines, simply opt for Kaya Skin Clinic’s Botox & Fillers Treatment. According to Kaya Skin clinic reviews regarding this treatment, many brides-to-be have had satisfactory results and highly recommend it.

What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Also known as onabotulinumtoxinA, Botox is a popular name for a remedial form of botulinum toxin type A. After injecting Botox in small amounts into particular muscles, it acts as a muscle relaxant. The effects of Botox can last for a couple of months. The effect it has on your skin is amazing. Botox gives you smooth skin surface, and the fine lines and wrinkles seem relaxed.
Botox is recommended to cure existing wrinkles and lines as a precautionary measure. It is most effective on dynamic wrinkles that become visible when your face is in motion, such as when you frown.
There are two forms of the botulinum toxin medicine - Botox Cosmetic and Botox. Botox Cosmetic is used to get rid of facial wrinkles whereas Botox is used to deal with certain medical problems.

What Are Fillers and How Do They Work?

Almost like Botox, fillers are also injected into the skin to tackle difficult and frustrating signs of aging. In contrast to Botox, fillers don’t calm the facial muscles; preferably it replenishes the creases and eliminates them. To substitute the lost tissue volume on your face, soft tissue fillers are used which fills the fine lines and wrinkles.
A popular filler is the Kaya’s Juvederm® XC Beautifillers. It will give you tighter, younger, and fuller looking skin in less than 30 minutes. Juvederm® contains hyaluronic acid which contributes in filling, plumping up the skin, and finally smoothing it out of any external wrinkles.  The injectable gel assists smoothening and restoring visible fine lines around the nose and mouth.  Juvederm® XC is a compact formula that helps to enhance the appearance of denser and deeper layers.
The effects of the process can last you for about one year and are absolutely comfortable and safe.

Botox And Fillers Together: How It Works

Botox is a pure, refined protein that the dermatologist uses to relax muscles and block nerve transmission that causes folds and wrinkles. On the other hand, fillers enlarge or enhance particular areas that need volume.
Both Botox and fillers can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For many brides, an amalgamation of Botox and fillers can impart best results.

You can go for fillers and Botox together for the optimal results. Simply visit your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic 30-40 days before your wedding and consult their in-house dermatologist for expert opinion. The Kaya dermatologist will examine your skin and help you pick the best treatment option depending on your skin type and problem. You and your makeup artist will not have to sweat it out on your wedding about hiding creases and fine lines anymore.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Kaya Aqua Refresh Therapy: Get Rid of Nasty Acne Before Your Wedding

If you are a bride-to-be who is facing acne problems, then fret not. Simply try the Kaya Aqua Refresh Therapy to have glowing, fresh skin and look your best on your special day.
Acne is the most common skin condition. It occurs mostly during adolescent years when the sebaceous glands are active. However, it can happen later as well. At least 80 percent of people in India suffer from acne problem between the ages of 12 to 25.
It can be very saddening to see acne when you are in your 20s. It is that time in your life when you finally wish of having clear skin, but adult acne and breakouts don't end with teenage years. Adult acne can be very difficult to deal with. However, there are many ways to get rid of them effectively. The best way is by taking Kaya Skin Clinic's Aqua Therapy.
The first step towards treating acne is by knowing the cause. Here are some reasons why you get acne.
       Hormonal changes
       Stress and tension
       Usage of skin products that don’t suit your skin types
       Unhealthy diet

Get Acne Free with Aqua Therapy

It is a therapy that uses water jet technology and also instills salicylic peel on the skin. The salicylic peel goes deep into the skin ensuring effective results. The treatment is a water-based and results in acne-free skin. It helps your skin purify from within to cure the main cause of acne, it then works towards the skin with an extensive peel followed by an anti-acne mask that reduces the chance of further manifestation of acne, giving you oil-free, clear skin.

How Does it Work?

The experts at your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic will first analyze your skin. Your medical history is also analyzed. You’ll be a given a booklet where you’ll have to fill all these details.
First, the therapist will deeply cleanse your skin with saline water and cold compressed air. This is followed by exfoliation and blackheads removal. Next is the application of the salicylic gel that is left on your skin for 5-7 minutes. The neutralizer is applied next which gives you a slight burning sensation. To tackle this, ice is applied all-over the face to soothe the skin. Lastly, Acne-Free mask is applied which stays on your skin for 15 odd minutes and after that is peeled off.
The dermatologists will offer you an instruction sheet that you’ll need to follow after the therapy. The numbers of sessions that you’ll need will depend on the seriousness of the issue.

Kaya Skin Clinic Aqua Radiance

Kaya Aqua Radiance is a thorough service which infuses minerals and vitamins as deep as 4.5 mm into your skin. This treatment includes combining water and oxygen to rejuvenate skin cells effectively. This service also uses cool and relaxing supersonic water jet sprays to gently remove dead cells layer. It immediately enables your pores to breathe while also making radiant. This deep cleansing treatment removes blackheads which leaves your skin shining and fresh.

How Does it Work?

The treatment uses a Jet M machine which is a hand machine with a specialized nozzle. It gives out a gentle jet of saline water on the skin and its corresponding energy cleans and exfoliates the skin. After the exfoliation, hyaluronic acid and nutrients such as vitamins B5, A+E, C are added resulting in nourished skin.
 Aqua Radiance treatment is super effective at hydrating, exfoliating, and rejuvenating skin—just what you need before your wedding.

Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe Treatment

This makes your skin bright instantly. This is the water jet technology and it reverses the damages caused by the sun and sweat to your skin. The skin tone becomes up to 2 shades lighter in only 3 sessions.
According to Kaya Clinic reviews, the Aqua therapy by Kaya Skin Clinic is highly recommended for people who suffer from acne. The services are great for deep cleansing and deep hydration of the skin.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Unravel Gorgeous Face for your Wedding with the Amazing Kaya Dark Circle Treatment

As with all to-be brides, you probably also have started following a strict skincare regime. There is a lot that a to-be bride needs to worry about like dark circles, tanning, dark sports, and others.
Removal of dark circles is probably the most common concern among women. The main reason behind this is the fact that dark circles make them look exhausted and fatigued at all times even if when they are not. You, obviously, don’t want to look tired on the D-day.
Dark circles have a major effect on your skin and can make you look older than your actual age. The appearance of dark circles and fine lines also make you look unattractive. And as the bride-to-be, a dark circle treatment is more than a necessity before, your wedding.
The Kaya Dark Circle Treatment is just what you need to get rid of dark circles. It brightens and lightens you under-eye skin like never before and you will be able to see a vast difference. Before dwelling into the treatment, let’s have a closer look at all the causes of dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles

Dark circles are basically blood vessels that are under your eyes and can be seen by through your skin. Due to the fact that the skin around and under your eyes are thin, the blood vessels occasionally become visible when you are stressed or under pressure.
There are several causes of dark circles, let us take a look at the major ones.
       Unhealthy Habits: Unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking and drinking can cause dark circles. The blood vessels become even more prominent because of smoking and causes dark circles. Also, smoking and drinking are not good for your overall health and should be avoided.
       Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue: Insufficient sleep results in dark circles and bags under your eyes. It is a very well-known fact that sleep deprivation makes your skin appear dull and pale because of which the dark circles become even more noticeable. Always make sure that you get a minimum of 8 hours of continuous sleep.
       Dehydration: Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is a necessity. Failing to do so causes dark circles and lead to the deterioration of your overall health.
       Hormonal Changes: The phases of body changes such as menstruation, etc. can cause a lot of hormonal changes within the body. The common day-to-day transformation of the body combined with an entire spectrum of lifestyle changes can cause anxiety and stress leading to dark circles.
       Not Removing Eye Makeup Properly: Removal of makeup is essential for healthy skin. Make sure you clean your eye makeup with a good eye makeup remover and also clean your face every night before you sleep. It will ensure that you have a healthy glowing face in the morning.
       Unhealthy Food Habits: Inadequate nutrition and improper selection of food can also lead to dark circles. If your daily diet lacks the essential dose of nutrients and vitamins, then you are possible going to get dark circles around and under your eyes.
       Genetics: Sometimes, dark circles are inherited by the child from the parents. Research suggests that genetics play a major role in passing down dark circles from one generation to another.

Kaya Dark Circle Treatment

Kaya Skin Clinic offers a holistic approach towards getting rid of dark circles. The Glycolic peel is the most effective therapy for treating dark circles. The therapy is tremendously efficacious, has no side effects, and is a breath of fresh air for women looking for dark circle treatment options.
Getting proper sleep is not simply enough, a bride must also undertake certain therapies that tackle the issue from within. And Kaya offers you just that. Read through Kaya review to know more about the success of their Dark Circle Treatment. The therapy makes your skin clear and even toned, just what you need for your special day.

If you are stressed or overworked because of the hustle and bustle of your wedding, a pampering therapy at Kaya is the least that you deserve.

Friday 3 November 2017

Get A Flawless Face for Your Wedding with Kaya Skin Clinics Face Laser Hair Reduction

Clear, smooth skin is every woman’s dream, but facial hair stops them from achieving it. Women often need to bleach, shave, wax, and tweeze their facial hair on a regular basis. On top of this inconvenience, many of these temporary fixes irritate the skin which can be more embarrassing than the actual facial hair. Opt for Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction Treatment to get rid of facial hair permanently.
Many women have to go through painful measures to hide facial hair. Having too much of facial hair can be embarrassing as well.
According to Kaya Clinic reviews, Face Laser Hair Removal is the best choice for women who feel embarrassed and frustrated with their facial hair. Thanks to this treatment, you don’t need to rely on temporary solutions to remove your facial hair. Among the customers at the various Kaya Skin Clinics, this method is being availed by future brides more.
All brides want to look their absolute best even months after their wedding, and that is possible only when they have a hairless face. Kaya Skin Clinic offers you just that.

How Does the Face Laser Hair Reduction Work?

Face Laser Hair Treatment has been used in the past decade as a cosmetic treatment and has become very popular in the present days. It works great for almost all areas of the body including the face, chin, and arms. The treatment helps remove unwanted hair and also reduce fine lines, if you have any. Only expert dermatologists and should perform this treatment and so it’s important that you get it done from the right place.  This procedure can effectively reduce unwanted hair and comes with minimal risk.
The Face Laser Hair Reduction works with a laser that emits heat energy which is absorbed by the skin of upper lip, cheek, forehead etc. The light penetrates deep down the root of each hair strand, and in turn, damages the follicle, without affecting the surrounding skin. The damaged follicle is not able to produce any further hair for a long time, and sometimes never. Kaya makes use of an FDA-approved technique which is absolutely safe.
It has been developed keeping the Indian audience in mind and so, is suitable for all skin types. You may require 6-7 sessions for permanent hair reduction. Follow-up sessions will be required after years.

Advantages of Face Laser Hair Reduction

       Laser hair reduction is the most effective treatment to get rid of hair. Customers who have undergone this treatment had positive results and in many cases experienced permanent hair elimination as well.
       The treatment burns and entirely impair the hair follicle and destroys the hair strand invariably. Though waxing is the most accepted way of hair removal, laser treatment is a safe and easy way of removing hair. This makes laser treatment a growing method of removing hair from the body and face.
       It is less not as unbearable as waxing, threading, plucking, and lastly electrolysis. A tingly feeling is felt by the patient which can be warded off with the use of an anesthetic cream.
       If there is any re-growth of hair post-treatment, it will be lighter and finer in texture in contrast to before.
       Laser hair removal seldom has any complications and even if you face some sort of difficulty, it won't be lifelong. Also, if you face any swelling, pain or redness, it will fade soon.
       Laser hair removal provides you with even and smooth skin tone and is sure to enhance your beauty. It is absolutely safe for sensitive zones near mouth and eyes.

Disadvantages of Face Laser Hair Reduction

There aren’t many disadvantages of this treatment.
Laser hair removal is successful only on actively growing hair. It indelibly gets rid of the hair follicle that is in an operative growing period. However, the treatment does not fend off new hair follicles from growing. Therefore, it is not a permanent hair removal treatment, and some re-growth is possible.

Pre-Laser Reduction Precautions

  1. The area to be treated should be secured from sun exposure and tanning for at least 4-6 weeks. Simply apply a high SPF sunblock on the area and keep away from the sun in the course of treatment as this could cause sunburn.
  2. Avoid plucking, bleaching, or waxing the area for four to six weeks before the treatment.
  3. Avoid shaving for at least 3-8 days before the treatment. For additional appointments, do not shave for 1-2 weeks so that the dermatologist can examine the growth of the stubble on the day of the treatment. Always use sunblock throughout the course of your treatment.

Post-Laser Reduction Precautions

  1. Apply aloe vera gel on the treated area because you might see some redness and swelling. The problem will subside after 2-3 hours, and there’s nothing that you need to worry about.
  2. You must avoid using creams and cosmetics for at least 24 hours after you get your Face Laser Hair Reduction treatment.
  3. Avoid spa and saunas or any heavy exercise which will cause perspiration. It may stimulate hyperpigmentation.

Make sure to include the Face Laser Hair reduction for your pre-wedding treatment and get it done from Kaya so that you get the results you are looking for. You can read the Kaya Clinic feedback for more details.