Wednesday 15 November 2017

Kaya Aqua Refresh Therapy: Get Rid of Nasty Acne Before Your Wedding

If you are a bride-to-be who is facing acne problems, then fret not. Simply try the Kaya Aqua Refresh Therapy to have glowing, fresh skin and look your best on your special day.
Acne is the most common skin condition. It occurs mostly during adolescent years when the sebaceous glands are active. However, it can happen later as well. At least 80 percent of people in India suffer from acne problem between the ages of 12 to 25.
It can be very saddening to see acne when you are in your 20s. It is that time in your life when you finally wish of having clear skin, but adult acne and breakouts don't end with teenage years. Adult acne can be very difficult to deal with. However, there are many ways to get rid of them effectively. The best way is by taking Kaya Skin Clinic's Aqua Therapy.
The first step towards treating acne is by knowing the cause. Here are some reasons why you get acne.
       Hormonal changes
       Stress and tension
       Usage of skin products that don’t suit your skin types
       Unhealthy diet

Get Acne Free with Aqua Therapy

It is a therapy that uses water jet technology and also instills salicylic peel on the skin. The salicylic peel goes deep into the skin ensuring effective results. The treatment is a water-based and results in acne-free skin. It helps your skin purify from within to cure the main cause of acne, it then works towards the skin with an extensive peel followed by an anti-acne mask that reduces the chance of further manifestation of acne, giving you oil-free, clear skin.

How Does it Work?

The experts at your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic will first analyze your skin. Your medical history is also analyzed. You’ll be a given a booklet where you’ll have to fill all these details.
First, the therapist will deeply cleanse your skin with saline water and cold compressed air. This is followed by exfoliation and blackheads removal. Next is the application of the salicylic gel that is left on your skin for 5-7 minutes. The neutralizer is applied next which gives you a slight burning sensation. To tackle this, ice is applied all-over the face to soothe the skin. Lastly, Acne-Free mask is applied which stays on your skin for 15 odd minutes and after that is peeled off.
The dermatologists will offer you an instruction sheet that you’ll need to follow after the therapy. The numbers of sessions that you’ll need will depend on the seriousness of the issue.

Kaya Skin Clinic Aqua Radiance

Kaya Aqua Radiance is a thorough service which infuses minerals and vitamins as deep as 4.5 mm into your skin. This treatment includes combining water and oxygen to rejuvenate skin cells effectively. This service also uses cool and relaxing supersonic water jet sprays to gently remove dead cells layer. It immediately enables your pores to breathe while also making radiant. This deep cleansing treatment removes blackheads which leaves your skin shining and fresh.

How Does it Work?

The treatment uses a Jet M machine which is a hand machine with a specialized nozzle. It gives out a gentle jet of saline water on the skin and its corresponding energy cleans and exfoliates the skin. After the exfoliation, hyaluronic acid and nutrients such as vitamins B5, A+E, C are added resulting in nourished skin.
 Aqua Radiance treatment is super effective at hydrating, exfoliating, and rejuvenating skin—just what you need before your wedding.

Kaya Aqua Fairness Luxe Treatment

This makes your skin bright instantly. This is the water jet technology and it reverses the damages caused by the sun and sweat to your skin. The skin tone becomes up to 2 shades lighter in only 3 sessions.
According to Kaya Clinic reviews, the Aqua therapy by Kaya Skin Clinic is highly recommended for people who suffer from acne. The services are great for deep cleansing and deep hydration of the skin.

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