Thursday 1 February 2018

Foot Care Tips for Harsh Winters

In most parts of a tropical country like India, winter is a pleasant season -- a time for long walks in the cool morning air or for a brisk jog to warm up for the day. However, to enjoy these activities, you need to take good care of you feet.
The dry winter air can quickly dry the moisture in your skin, leaving it dehydrated and chapped if you don't take proper care. Usually, most people take care to keep their faces, hands, and even their body moisturized, but neglect their feet. Yet our feet suffer a lot of wear and tear due to hard use.

Taking Care of Your Feet

Your feet keep you mobile - they walk, they run, they jog, and through all these activities, they also undergo a lot of stress. So, it is essential to care for your feet at any time of the year. It becomes especially important in winter because dry feet can lead to cracks and abrasions.

Clean Your Feet

Use warm water and a gentle shower gel to clean your feet while bathing. Use pumice stones to rub off dead skin. Clean your toenails and cuticles. Take care to clean under your nails too. Keep your toenails trimmed and free of jagged edges.

Soak Your Feet

If you have a tendency to suffer from cracked feet, use foot soaks regularly. Use warm water. Set aside a tub for foot soaks. Fill it halfway with warm water. Add epsom salt to relieve pains and aches. You can also add essential oils to the foot soak to pamper your feet further

Use Herbal Pastes

If you have cuts and cracks on your feet, it can lead to bleeding and infections. Make a paste of powdered neem and tulsi leaves and a little turmeric. You can use oils like coconut oil to mix these ingredients. Apply this on your feet and leave it on for some time before washing it off. Neem, tulsi and turmeric all have antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. So does coconut oil and it also helps keep your feet hydrated

Wear Good Socks

Use socks made of natural fibre, rather than synthetic material. Ideally choose moisture-wicking socks that keep the dampness away from your skin. When you come back home, remember to remove your shoes and socks and clean your feet. Let it dry before you put on another pair of shoes and socks.

Choose the Right Footwear

Wear shoes of the right fit. As far as possible, avoid using stressful footwear like high heels and hard, tight shoes. Your shoes should be comfortable, flexible, and have enough room to move your heels and toes easily. In the winter, stick to footwear that provide maximum coverage for your feet and keep them warm, like loafers and sportswear.

Use Foot Cream or Oil

At night, apply oil or a foot cream to your feet. Rub the cream or oil in thoroughly over each foot. Wear a snug-fitting. comfortable. clean pair of socks. This can help keep your feet hydrated and prevent dry feet and cracks.
Try Kaya Elbow and Foot Care Cream. You can read Kaya Footcare Cream reviews on the Internet to see how the product works and how effective it is. It contains glycolic acid that quickly heals cracked feet and rough skin. Wash your feet with warm water. Take a little of the foot care cream and gently apply the cream and work it in over the affected area. Repeat this one more time. Cover your feet with socks. After 8 hours, wash off the cream and clean your feet.
Taking proper care of your foot is as important as taking care of your face or hands. Keep your feet clean, use moisturizers during the day. Use pumice stones to rub off hard skin and dead cells. Pamper your feet with foot soaks and pedicures. Your feet will thank you by enabling you to take long walks or hikes in this cold season, letting you enjoy the break from the usual hot weather to the maximum.

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