Tuesday 27 February 2018

Kaya’s Approach to Hair Reduction by Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving and waxing? Well, they are not only painful but demand your time as well, once a week or month. You can now be privy to smooth skin without the agony of the razor or the wax strips. Laser hair removal is the best thing now and you can opt for Laser Hair Reduction Services, wherever you choose to eliminate unwanted body hair.
Body hair growth is a normal feature, but an eyesore. Who doesn’t want to sport smooth skin? The commonly used methods of removing unwanted hair through shaving or waxing are temporary. You have to spend time and money on a repeated basis to keep body hair growth under check.
You can now liberate yourself from this monotonous routine by opting for laser hair removal. For the freedom that it gives, treat yourself and book your appointment right away. Prices are quite affordable and you can check Kaya Skin Clinic prices for laser hair removal online.

Laser hair reduction Vs. Shaving or Waxing

Well, shaving or waxing give you instant results. You can feel your skin smooth (though not silky smooth) right away after your session at the parlor. But, in few weeks, at the most 3 or 4 weeks, you have to repeat the routine. The frequency varies between individuals, based on your rate of hair growth, which is not the same for each woman.
If you want permanent results, laser hair reduction is your best choice. The results are not instantaneous. But, over a course of time, spanning multiple sittings, you can find that there is marked reduction in hair growth. This is because, unlike waxing or shaving that targets the hair above the skin surface, the laser beams target the hair follicle and the directed intense heat completely renders the hair follicle inactive, thus preventing further hair growth. Plus, there are no ingrown hairs as well.
Kaya adopts a safe and secure approach, employing the latest hair reduction techniques through the use of lasers that suit the Indian skin type. So, you can be assured that at the end of the treatment, you’ll enjoy smooth skin without any scarring.

Nd YAG Laser

The Nd YAG laser is approved by the FDA and is found to be suitable for all skin types, especially the Indian skin. In fact, Kaya Skin Clinic employs the Nd YAG laser in its hair reduction treatments. This laser works at a higher wavelength, directly reaching the hair follicle, without touching the epidermis. Whatever be the skin tone, it is unaffected by the laser which has its focus just on the hair follicle.
The use of Nd YAG laser has been found to significantly reduce hair growth by 50% to 90% in about 6 months. Plus there is reduced risk of pigmentation, scars, burns or infections.

For the Bride

Look best on your D-day. Sport any ensemble without the worry of unwanted body hair. Laser hair reduction is a must on your wedding to-dos. Unlike your facials, which can start a week before your wedding, sittings for hair removal must be planned months in advance.
       Choose a clinic that employs qualified personnel
       Check the suitability of laser and decide on the type
       Plan out your sittings for the treatment.
Start out as early as 6 months before your wedding date. Over a course of multiple sessions, say about 5 sessions, you can begin to see visible results. The lasers eliminate the hairs which are in the growth stage. So, in the course of multiple sittings, the exposure to the laser will help to significantly reduce the hair growth. On your wedding day, your smooth skin will reflect your bridal blush that would last longer.

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