Monday 5 March 2018

Your Guide to Lessening Pigmentation

Everyday, your skin is exposed to a myriad of pollutants and stressors that threaten to ruin its functioning. This makes the job of keeping your skin healthy and fresh even more difficult. If you’ve tried every over-the-counter skin treatment and still struggle with pigmentation woes, then there’s a new ray of hope.
Pigmentation is a skin disorder that strikes everyone at some point in their life. A healthy adult living a relatively normal lifestyle in a city would start showing microscopic signs of uneven skin tone and age spots well into their mid- twenties.
This isn’t to say that you are completely at fault. Pigmentation is caused by starting reasons and even more so many that we may not know about. Some of the pigmentation stressors include the harmful UV rays of the sun and even freckles. One you may avoid using ample sunscreen, but what about freckles or even melasma?

What Pigmentation Looks Like

Pigmentation broadly refers to the discoloration of your skin or straying from your natural skin color. It manifests itself in two ways -- hyperpigmentation refers to when your skin gets darker than its actual tone and hypopigmentation means the opposite, in that, the skin gets lighter than its actual tone.
You must have come across a number of over-the-counter skin products that promise to remove all age spots and dark circles and give you a ‘fairer skin tone’ or something along those lines. This perpetuates the false belief that dark skin is just a pigmentation problem. Regardless of skin tone, pigmentation can occur, and it cannot be done away with by attempting to bleach one’s actual skin color off.
Your skin color is determined by the amount of melanin you have. The more the production of melanin, the darker the skin color. Melanin, however, is a great protectant against all kinds of outside evil. It’s almost like a natural sunscreen with 100% effectiveness. However, pigmentation does not depend on your levels of melanin and can affect anyone.

Taking Control of Your Skin

Taking a long hard look at your skincare routine and lifestyle choices can very easily help you understand the level of damage your skin might have. Besides, it also factors in your city of residence and the level of sun exposure.
However, if you need help, you can visit the Kaya Skin Clinic near you to help you understand your skin better. Identifying the problem is the first step to finding the right kind of treatment. Kaya Skin Clinic can also help you pick a treatment from one of its many options.

Pigmentation Treatments 101

One of the most popular skin treatments is Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy, which works in a multi-step way to give you skin that you see an instant difference in. The Kaya Skin Clinic reviews about this treatment have been positive among its users. The Kaya skin clinic pigmentation treatment cost is well-within the budget, making it a popular option among many.
Kaya also offers a number of products that help treat pigmentation as home like Nourishing Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream.
It’s the Q Switch Laser Therapy that’s gaining popular interest. Also referred to as the Insta Clarity Laser, this latest piece of effective technology mainly targets uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. It is also designed in a way that makes it safe for Indian skin; so you know you’re only getting the safest.
It works by shedding an invisible beam of light, which individually targets the darker spots on the skin, without having any effect on the surrounding skin cells. The laser is even able to penetrate deeper into skin tissue, where topical treatments like peels and creams cannot. The pigment is effectively dissolved and broken down, and within 6 to 8 sessions, the results start becoming prominent.
Combine this with a range of skincare routines; so that you can give your skin the proper equipment to fight the endless battle against pigmentation.

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