Tuesday 13 March 2018

Nd-YAG Laser—Best Laser For Hair Removal on Indian Skin

Cosmetic lasers have been in use since 1988. There are in fact many, but there is a need for one that suits the typical Indian skin. The FDA approved Nd: YAG laser is the most suitable for Indian skin and the same is used by Kaya Skin Clinic in its Laser Hair Reduction Services.
Women have grappled with various painful methods to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, these offered only temporary results. Effective hair reduction is made possible through laser hair removal techniques and its success rate and suitability have goaded many to opt for laser hair reduction services.

Why Opt for Laser Hair Reduction?

Unwanted body hair is a problem for all women. Be it their arms, legs, or underarms, they prefer smooth skin without hair. There are many proven methods of hair removal like shaving, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, hair removal creams etc. Though the results can be instant, these do not offer long-lasting solutions.
Your desire for permanent smooth skin is met through laser hair removal. Opted by many women today, including brides who want to sport super smooth skin, laser hair reduction services are the most searched for.
While there are a number of clinics that offer the procedure, quality and efficiency are the governing choices when it comes to choosing a clinic for laser hair removal. Kaya Skin Clinic employs the latest laser technology, Nd-YAG laser that is the best suited for Indian skin and is also FDA approved. Kaya Skin Clinic laser hair removal reviews offer you an insight into the efficacy of the  Nd-YAG laser.

About Nd: YAG laser

The Indian skin tone is predominantly brown. The tropical sun has showered on our skin a higher melanin content, which contributes to the darker skin tones. The cosmetic lasers in the early 90’s were targeted more towards people with light skins.
Technology upgrades led to the advent of the Nd-YAG laser. This is a long pulse laser which works well on the tanned skin as well. This laser can treat large areas and the faster repetitions enable large area coverage in single sittings. The best results of this laser are found on the dark and tanned skin, making it the obvious choice for the Indian skin.
Use of this laser has a significant reduction in hair growth, and regrowth of hair in the treated areas is also delayed. About 6 months after the treatment, there is a 50% to 90% reduction in hair growth.

Pre-Wedding Laser Hair Reduction

A necessary preparation before your wedding is hair removal treatment, especially one that offers permanent results. And your best choice is to opt for Nd-YAG laser as it is the most effective on Indian skin.
The treatment to cover all areas requires multiple sessions, so it’s best to plan out your laser hair reduction sessions at least 6 months before your wedding. On the D-day, your smooth skin will be the highlight of the occasion, giving you the confidence to sport any bridal attire without any hesitation. Be it a backless choli for the sangeet ceremony or a cocktail gown for the reception, you can be confident about your own skin.
The laser does have minor side effects, but these can be minimised by choosing a qualified professional who operates in a well-equipped setting with the state of art equipment.  It is very important that the procedure is carried out under expert supervision for best results, without giving any chance for scars or infections.
Whether, it is your arms or legs, underarms or bikini line, the Nd-YAG laser is suitable to be used with the highest levels of safety.

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