Friday 16 March 2018

Secrets to Skin Rejuvenation

Having healthy and glowing skin is one of those three wishes that any woman would make. And why not? Make up may have its day, but a naturally glowing skin is reflective of one’s health. However, pigmentation is your biggest worry. Pollution, stress, and an unbalanced lifestyle—all are responsible for eroding your skin’s glow and making it look dull.
Often, we think that healthy skin is something that goes away with age. We also are quick to make the assumption that over-the-counter creams and health supplements will slowly but surely make a difference to our skin. This is not the case. Skin health and brightness are largely dependent on a lot of factors -- everything ranging from pollution and other external factors to your genes and even your lifestyle choices. Here’s the know how.

Your Skin and its Natural State

The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires a lot of care and attention in order to keep itself healthy. This is only strained by the fact that it’s your first line of defense for your health and body in general. It is sufficient to say that your skin is exposed to a lot of harmful environmental agents. So, is it really a shocker that it loses its touch after the first few decades or so?
That's right. Your skin starts microscopic signs of tiredness from the age of 25 and up. These are seen in the form of mild dark spots, circles, and an uneven skin tone. This is most commonly referred to as pigmentation and is the culprit behind most skin problems.

What causes Pigmentation?

Seasonal allergies, dust, pollution, and even your own genes are responsible for skin pigmentation. Pigmentation is difficult to pin down in simpler ways. However, what we do know is that pigmentation is a problem and the sooner it is dealt with, the higher your chances are of restoring your skin back to health.

What Can You do?

Pinning down the causes of pigmentation is one thing and curing them is quite another. Of course if bleaching is something you will seriously consider putting your skin through, then it might make sense to opt for one of the thousands of over-the-counter skin ‘whitening’ and ‘brightening’ creams. But we’re sure that’s not what you’re going for.
Home treatments come as a blessing and you might have even tried some on yourself. They work, that’s for sure, but are you able to keep them up with dedication and consistency? Most probably not. This is where Kaya Skin Clinic comes into play. They have formulated different methods that target pigmentation specifically.
All of these treatments only affect discoloration and uneven skin tone, without damaging the surrounding skin. The results are an even skin tone and a clean subtle look.

Which One Should You Opt for?

Kaya offers a Pigmentation Reduction System that takes care of uneven skin tone, dark patches, and even under-eye circles. There is Nourishing Day Cream that offers triple action benefits and makes your skin tone lighter. It also offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Add the Nourishing Night Cream to your skin care regime to supply your skin with antioxidants. Finally, the Insta Brightening Micro Mask containing brightening actives makes your skin visibly brighter and reduces dullness.
You can also opt for the beauty facials offered by Kaya. Facials like Intense White Luxe Therapy deeply nourishes your skin and perfectly suitable for tanned skin.

What You can Expect?

A healthy skin is a lifetime commitment. With Kaya Skin Clinic, you can be sure you get started towards the right path. Your skin is nudged in the right way to  healing itself. You can book an appointment today with the nearest Kaya skin clinic.
All of these procedures are designed using only tested and approved ingredients, that leave your skin nourished and keep  its natural balance and abilities in mind.

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