Tuesday 6 February 2018

Hair Transplant - The Most Effective Treatment For Hair Loss or Balding

Excessive hair loss can lead to premature balding. There are various reasons for hair loss. Analyzing the root cause will help you to choose the right treatment option. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant is one of the best ones available to you.
Losing up to 100 hair strands in a day is normal. However, if you notice clusters of hair on your comb or the shower drain, it is a cause of worry.
Signs of Hair Loss
The quantum of hair loss and the conditions vary between men and women. In women, hair loss is characterized by thinning, especially at the crown, where the thinning is more evident. In men, the signs include a receding hairline, hair thinning on the scalp, and a horseshoe-shaped pattern that leaves the crown exposed.
The best solution to regain your crowning glory is to go in for a hair transplant. It is a safe process that can help promote hair growth, reduce thinning, and prevent balding.
A good place to carry out the hair transplant procedure is Kaya Skin Clinic. You can check out Kaya hair transplant reviews, which highlight the popularity of hair transplant.
Kaya offers hair transplant solutions in its clinics in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.
Hair transplant is suitable for both men and women. As long as you’re healthy, you are qualified for a hair transplant.
Primarily, there are two hair transplant techniques that are widely used, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Follicular Unit Extraction:
FUE hair transplant method can successfully lead to regrowth of hair that looks absolutely natural. In this technique, there is no visible scarring. A circular punch is used to extract individual follicular units. These follicular units, measuring 1mm in diameter, are individually transplanted into tiny incisions that are made on the scalp. The incisions are positioned in the areas where baldness has occurred.
The FUE method can also extract body hair for transplanting the same on the scalp. Talk to an expert to know the options available to you.
Follicular Unit Transplantation:
In this technique, the natural hair is transplanted as follicular units, that is a clump of 1 to 4 hairs. In addition to the hair follicle, these follicular units also contain sebaceous glands, a small muscle, nerves, and occasional vellus hair.
During this procedure of hair transplantation, these follicular units, as a composite unit help to successfully transplant thousands of grafts in a single session, maximizing the results. The hair restoration process is quick, and which results in almost full baldness coverage.
When Can You See Results?
You have to remember that hair cannot grow overnight. It will take at least one year for you to see results.
Hair transplant is a safe procedure when done under expert supervision. The recovery time is also quick. You can get back to your routine in about 2 to 7 days, depending on individual cases. However, a few precautions need to be taken before and after the procedure, as mentioned below:
       Avoid alcohol consumption for 3 to 4 days prior to the day of the hair transplant procedure.
       Avoid medications like blood thinners and anti-depressants.
       Avoid going out when it is hot and sunny.
       Avoid strenuous physical activity as it can lead to excessive sweating.
       Maintain high levels of personal hygiene, especially the scalp.
       Keep the head elevated to help reduce any swelling. An ice pack can be applied to reduce swelling.
       Avoid itching and rubbing.
       Avoid swimming.
       Use a mild shampoo, only after removal of the protective bandage.
Expert hair doctors at Kaya will tell you about all these precautions, so that complications are minimized. Consult one today and start the treatment as soon as possible to reclaim your crown.

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