Friday 7 June 2019

Kaya’s Hair Transplant Solution For Women

Are you experiencing thinning of your hair? Does balding cause a drop in your confidence? Early balding and hair loss can make you feel old. Hair loss, especially when no treatment is working out in your favor can be a cause for concern. But the good news is that you can deal with all your hair loss troubles by going in for a hair transplantation treatment.

About Hair Regrowth By Hair Transplant

Hair loss, balding, and receding hairlines can lead to dwindling confidence and self-consciousness among women. Your hair is, after all, an important part of your physical appearance. There can be many different causes underlying the thinning of hair or bald patches on your scalp. If you do not see any improvement even after trying different home remedies, lifestyle changes, and taking medications, hair regrowth by hair transplant may be the ultimate answer to your hair loss issues.

Thanks to evolutions in science, technology, and allied fields, you can now enjoy the comfort of having thick, healthy tresses. Hair transplantation treatments help you regrow thick hair permanently. The procedure for hair transplant, today, is very quick and pain-free. Another good thing is that you don’t have to compromise on your work life because of the procedure. Apart from a few precautions that you must follow, hair regrowth by hair transplant is a very short and simple procedure.

Hair Restore Expert Solutions By Kaya

Kaya Clinic offers hair restore expert solutions to help you deal with baldness, thinning of hair, receding hairlines, and related hair loss problems. A team of trained and qualified dermatologists, surgeons, and hair transplant experts at Kaya, offer high-quality treatment for all hair loss related issues.
The advanced technology and state of the art infrastructure at Kaya offers a reliable experience.

Kaya hair transplant cost is also reasonable and can be afforded at an EMI of 0%. Kaya offers the services of hair transplant in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

At Kaya, a minimally invasive technique of follicular unit extraction for hair transplant is employed for carrying out the hair transplant procedure. The procedure is entirely pain-free with no stitches, cuts, or scars involved in the transplantation. Hair grafts or follicular units are extracted from the back of your scalp and transplanted onto the balding areas to induce hair growth.

Kaya offers a full-fledged treatment with pre-hair transplantation sessions with the experts at Kaya and a post-transplantation treatment, as well. Ahead of going for the surgery, the team of experts at Kaya will assess your condition. Accordingly, the experts will suggest a hair transplant method that will be most suitable for you. The experts also provide you with a set of precautions and tips that you should follow, both before and after the hair transplant procedure. In fact, a preoperative folliscopy procedure is conducted to assess the thickness of your hair ahead of the surgery. This is done to compare the results in the pre and post phases of the hair transplant.

The hair transplant process begins with complete trimming of your scalp. After this,  the cleaning and marking of your donor area, that is the back of your scalp, is done for the administration of local anesthesia. This is followed by the extraction of hair follicle units from the donor area. The balding area is then administered with local anesthesia and the extracted hair grafts are implanted to this part of your scalp.

In the post-hair transplantation phase, Kaya administers platelet-rich plasma for natural hair rejuvenation. The idea is to further stimulate hair growth. Typically, hair regrowth by hair transplant takes about six to nine months for your hair to grow again.

Kaya’s Hair Restore Expert Hair-Transplant solutions are the perfect way to put an end to all your hair loss troubles. 

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