Monday 27 May 2019

Kaya’s Three-Step Approach For Hair Transplant Solution

Are you experiencing hair loss? Is a receding hairline and baldness giving you nightmares? Don’t worry because you can now enjoy having thick tresses, all thanks to the evolutions in science, technology, and medicine-related fields. Getting a hair transplant is an ultimate solution to all your hair loss woes.

The Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people. A receding hairline or bald patches appearing on your scalp can affect your overall personality. Baldness and receding hairlines can also make you look much older than you may be.

You may experience hair loss because of different reasons but it is a problem that can be fixed. Some hair loss problems can be fixed traditionally, but in the case of damage to hair follicles, it can be difficult to induce hair growth. Fortunately, advancements in science and technology have made it easier to deal with hair loss. Hair transplant is the answer to all hair loss and baldness issues. This is a safe and secure method to improve hair growth. In fact, hair transplant has proven to show a good success rate as a solution for all hair loss problems.

Kaya offers a hair regrowth by hair transplant solution that you can rely on. This is a long-term solution to all your hair loss problems. Using advanced techniques like follicular unit extraction for hair growth, hair grafts from the healthier spots on the scalp are transplanted to the balding areas. This process helps induce hair growth in those parts of your scalp where there is balding and hair loss.

Kaya's hair transplant reviews speak for the expertise of more than a decade-long experience of the surgeons and doctors. At Kaya Clinic, before going for a hair transplant surgery, a dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon will analyze the condition of your scalp. Based on the analysis, the experts will suggest the hair transplant method best suited for your condition. They will also give you a proper set of do’s and don’ts before going in for the hair transplant surgery.

The good thing about the hair transplant methods employed at Kaya is that the procedure is cut-free and scar-free. There is no need for stitches, making it a quick, painless process. The hair transplant process typically induces hair growth over a period of about six to nine months and results in healthy, thick, natural-looking tresses.

Kaya hair transplant cost includes pre-transplant scalp analysis and the hair transplant procedure that has shown to result in healthy hair growth. At Kaya, we offer a three-step approach under the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Solutions.

Three- Step Hair Transplant Solution By Kaya

Usually, hair loss begins with the balding of the temples and crown. The side and back of your head are generally not affected by balding. As a result, the side and back of your hair are the donor areas, from where hair follicles are extracted and planted to the balding areas, or the recipient areas. Kaya follows a three-step process as a part of the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Solutions.

Step 1:
The first step involves trimming off your scalp to prepare you for the transplant surgery.

Step 2:
Following this, the donor area, that is the back of your scalp is cleaned and then marked for the administration of anesthesia. The hair follicles from this part of your scalp are healthier.

After the administration of anesthesia, the healthy hair grafts or follicles from the donor area are extracted using a minimally invasive follicular unit extraction for the hair transplant procedure.

Step 3:
Then, local anesthesia is administered to the balding area. Following the right angulation and density, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are transplanted to the balding area.

To further enhance hair growth after the transplant, a natural hair rejuvenation procedure is also undertaken with the administration of plasma rich platelets. This helps in stimulating hair growth after the transplant procedure.

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