Monday 22 October 2018

What Is A Hair Transplant And Which Hair Transplant Should You Opt For?

Hair transplant is a crucial procedure that can help many of you. It can help you get back your lost hair through hair growth. Although the procedure is excellent, the one factor that makes a whole lot of difference is the clinic you opt for when getting the treatment.

A hair transplant is a method used for growing hair where you have hair loss or you have gone bald. Sometimes, you may go bald in certain areas of your head. At other times, the thickness of your hair might be reducing at an alarming rate resulting in baldness. A hair transplant treatment is what helps your hair to grow in those areas after a certain time. The reason can be in your genetics due to which you might have had permanent damage to your scalp follicles. The procedure can thus help to grow hair in your head where other methods for hair loss treatments have failed.

Where should you get hair transplant treatment done from? While there are many options available, you should only opt for reliable clinics where the proper procedure is carried out. Kaya Clinic is one of the most reliable options where hair transplant treatments are provided. It provides a step by step guide for you so you are aware of what is happening at each stage of your hair transplant treatment.

Kaya Hair Transplant

Kaya’s Hair Transplant Treatment

Kaya’s hair transplant solutions are similar to a knight in shining armor; always there to save the day! Kaya’s solutions help you get magnificent results that you will love. Kaya uses the following hair transplant methods. The hair transplant method you choose will depend on you and the doctor’s recommendation. Earlier, scalp reduction and strip harvesting methods were used extensively. Today, due to the advancement in hair transplantation, the following two methods are the most used ones.

   Follicular Unit Extraction For Hair Transplant (FUE)

The FUE procedure consists of extracting hair follicles from the back of the head or neck. This area is called the donor area. These hair follicles are then placed in the area where you are experiencing baldness and where you want the hair growth to take place. The result of this is hair that looks really natural because eventually, hair will start to grow from these areas.

   Follicle Unit Transplantation For Hair Transplant (FUT)

FUT is a procedure whereby a surgery is required. First, a strip of your hair is removed from your head. These strips of hair are then divided further into smaller units which may range from 1 hair to 4 hairs. The recipient sites are where these hairs will be placed in your head. Holes are created in these areas. The grafts which were removed earlier are then placed in these holes carefully.

The entire procedure takes up to 8 hours in total. Anesthesia will be given in the area where you are suffering from balding. The procedure is then performed on your scalp. You will feel like yourself again after a few days maximum. Your hair will take up to a few months to grow from those areas. The hair will then keep growing like usual and your scalp will be filled with luscious and healthy hair that you will love!

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind after the hair transplant procedure has been done. For example, you should always follow what the surgeon says to ensure quick recovery time and better healing. You will probably get medication to recover from any pain that might be there due to the hair transplant procedure. You might have to take around a week off from work. Don’t get worried when you start to lose hair again as it is normal. Your hair will grow back soon thereafter.

Kaya hair transplant cost is lesser than many other clinics which makes it one of the best options for getting a hair transplant done from. Kaya has many happy customers who claim to have had great results from hair regrowth by hair transplant.

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