Monday 15 October 2018

Has Your Hair Loss Caused You To Worry? Find Out When You Should Consider Getting A Hair Transplant

If you are experiencing severe hair loss then it might be time to get a hair transplant. There are many factors to consider before you opt for hair transplant treatment. When exactly is the best time for getting a hair transplant and how can you ensure zero complications?

Has hair loss caused a huge dip in your confidence? You have had a head full of hair and now you are concerned about the receding hairline and hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to a lot of reasons but how do you determine when is the right time to get a hair transplant? First, it is important to understand what a hair transplant is in order to decide whether you should get it done. A hair transplant procedure consists of removing hair follicles found in one area of your body to the area where you are balding. There are different ways of performing hair transplant and it would depend on the clinic.

When Should You Get A Hair Transplant?

When should you start seriously considering hair transplant? Just having hair loss and a receding hairline does not mean you should head straight to a clinic for hair transplant. Your age is a factor that you should consider. Getting a hair transplant done at a young age is not a good idea. You should consider getting a hair transplant when you are 25 years old or above. Speaking to a doctor is the best way to determine for sure whether you require a hair transplant or not. Many people confuse a mature hairline as hair loss. This is simply a stage of your life that is bound to occur. However, if the hair loss is affecting you psychologically then a hair transplant is a good idea.

Remember that hair loss is a serious concern. If you feel that you are losing hair at a rapid rate then you might need to get a hair transplant procedure done. One of the common causes is genes and in this case, you have no other option apart from hair transplant for hair regrowth. When you have advanced balding then getting a hair transplant is a great idea. It will help your hair regrow in the parts where your hair is thinning and falling off. One great way to measure your hair loss is through the Norwood Scale. This scale has 7 stages, some with sub-stages, of hair loss. You can access your situation and where you stand in terms of hair loss.

Your age and the severity of hair loss are the first things that an expert will look at. The condition of your scalp and other factors will be additionally considered when assessing your hair loss situation. It is advisable that you speak to an expert first and then go for treatment for your hair loss issue.  The procedure of hair regrowth by hair transplant is a safe procedure which is why you can consider it as one of the best options for treating baldness and hair loss. It is a long-term procedure too. As long as you follow the hair transplant care tips given to you by your Dermatologist, you should be fine and no complications will ever occur.

Kaya hair transplant

Where Should You Get Hair Transplant Procedure Done?

Each person and different and your scalp story can be entirely different from another person. The best way to be sure about hair transplant is to speak to experts. You can get a hair transplant in Mumbai by visiting Kaya. Kaya has expert Dermatologists who will help you understand the entire procedure of hair transplant and what you can expect from the hair transplant method. Kaya’s Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Transplant is one of the techniques used for restoring your hair. Kaya examines your head and scalp before speaking to you about the available options that you can consider for hair regrowth. This helps you get an overview of what your hair loss stage is and what you can do about it. The best thing is the Kaya hair transplant cost is affordable.

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