Thursday 4 October 2018

Going Glamorous This Navratri with A Backless Blouse? Read This.

The Indian festive season is coming up and it is one parade of celebrations. Most women would want to go for an ethnic look during this period. Be glam while gong ethnic. Don’t hold back because of skin blemishes, kaya Clinic is here to help.

Navratri and Your Apparel

Celebrate being a woman. This Navratri - whether you celebrate it Kolkata style or in the fashion of South Indian Navratri, with Kolu or a dolls display - plan your clothes for each day.
Probably you go with the casual jeans and T-Shirt for everyday wear. Maybe you wear Salwars daily. You may even wear sarees every day. Still, this festival is special, it focuses on women. So, show off your femininity, go for glamorous rather than sexy. Choose a set of delightful ethnic sarees and designer sarees.
Then, what is the saree without the well-designed blouse? You can choose so many styles to suit your body style, long sleeved, no sleeves, cape style, flap style and so on. And then there is the bodice style - high neck, round neck, boat neck, strap style, laces and ruffles, low neck, backless, halter-top and more.
Afraid to wear low back or backless blouses because of skin issues? Hair growth or pigmentation? Fear not, plan, and visit Kaya now.

Kaya Laser Hair Removal

If unwanted hair growth on your arms or back is the issue, you can book a consultation at Kaya. Get laser hair removal treatment now. Kaya offers this treatment for underarms, arms, legs, body hair, facial hair, and bikini lines. Read some Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews, to learrn more.
Ask about Laser treatment for hair removal cost. Begin your permanent laser hair removal/reduction treatment before Ganesh Chathurthi, to be ready for Navratri, Diwali, and Christmas.
Kaya provides the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch and the Painless Hair Reduction laser hair technology options for permanent hair removal. While both are effective methods, the dermatologist who examines your skin will decide which is best for you, decide the number of sessions you need, and set it up for you.
The treatment itself will be carried out by a trained and certified technician, in a safe and clean setting equipped with high-end devices needed for the treatment.
In the Gentle Touch Treatment, the technology used is Nd-YAG laser, which is FDA approved for use on darker skins. So, whether you have milk white, or golden or dusky skin, this laser hair technology works. In this treatment, the laser beam targets the dark hair shafts emerging from the hair follicles beneath the skin. The laser heat shrivels up and destroys the hair shaft and follicles, preventing further hair growth.
In the painless treatment, the laser works on the same principle, focusing on the dark pigment of the hair shaft. However, in this treatment, the technician will move the laser repeatedly back and forth on the target area.The gradual buildup of heat destroys the hair follicles. This also avoids the pain caused by the laser focusing for too long on one point. In addition, the accompanying DualChill technology cools your skin as the laser is being applied, so the surface of the skin remains undamaged and you feel no pain.
Whatever technology is used, may need to come back for more sessions, spaced a few weeks apart. But, you will soon be free of unwanted hair.
Still worried about skin pigmentation?

Kaya Q-Switch Laser to Treat Pigmentation

The Q-switch laser technology uses invisible light beams to target the dark brown concentrations of melanin in the discolored areas. The heat of the laser breaks down the melanin into tiny fragments which are reabsorbed by the body and later it is disposed of naturally.
The Q-Switch laser goes deep into the skin and breaks up pigmentation where topical applications and chemical peels can't reach. This removes discoloration and gives you a smooth and even toned skin after a few sessions.
Q-Switch laser works on diffused pigmentation and isolated patches of skin discoloration like acne marks, dark patches etc. So, if you have pigmentation problems on your back, consult with the dermatologist about how best to schedule your hair removal and pigmentation reduction treatments.
Be ready by Navratri, to try on low neck, sleeveless, backless, or halter-top blouses.

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