Friday 22 September 2017

Get Flawless Skin with Q-Switch Laser at Kaya Skin Clinic

Some of the most common skin conditions to affect people are acne and hyperpigmentation and the side effects of these include marks and spots on the skin. Getting rid of these marks is tough. However, you can do so with the Q-Switch laser treatment. Read further to understand more about this treatment.
Understanding Acne and Hyperpigmentation
People of all races and ages can get acne. Around 80% of the people around get pimples and acne at least once, between the ages of 11 and 30. Every time they appear, they leave behind marks that usually take a long time to fade away.
Hyperpigmentation is a condition where melanin gathers in some regions of your skin causing that area to become dark. There are several reasons why hyperpigmentation occurs, and the most common one is the exposure to sunlight. Some skin types cannot withstand the sun’s rays, causing the skin to swell and cause hyperpigmentation.
Why Q-Switch Laser?
This treatment concentrates on removing the marks caused by acne and hyperpigmentation on your skin. The Q-Switch laser creates a ray of light invisible to the naked eye which is designed to target dark spots and marks on your skin. The dark spots are created as melanin gets concentrated in those areas. The melanin pigment is then released into the skin with the heat of the laser, which is reabsorbed and disposed of the body naturally. You can also use this treatment to remove tattoos. The treatment works only on the affected area while the surrounding skin is not affected.
The Treatment Procedure
Laser is released in pulses, which is one billionth of a second and the dark spots in the concerned area is removed instantaneously. This enables the process to be quick, where a single session lasts up to 15 minutes. The laser beams feel like hot spots on your skin during the treatment, the effect of which is reduced with a stream of cold air in the concerned area of your skin.
After Effects And Risks Of Q-Switch Laser
The treatment will only be done at professional treatment clinics of Kaya under experienced dermatologists. Which means there is almost no risk involved. There are minimal to no side effects caused by the laser treatment. Kaya Skin Clinic ensures to use FDA-approved laser technology for this treatment to ensure that your skin doesn’t adversely react to the procedure.
Precautions That Need To Be Taken
There is no recovery time for laser treatment. It is completely natural if your skin develops a crust on the treated spots. These crusts disappear in 2-4 weeks. Make sure that you apply petroleum jelly on these spots to keep them from getting infected. It is also advisable that you keep away from direct sunlight until they heal.
How Many Sessions Do You Need?
Depending on your skin type and the amount of pigmentation, you will require 6-8 sessions of this treatment to completely remove the spots.
Kaya Q-Switch Laser Reviews
Thanks to the Internet, you always have the option of considering reviews of any product or treatment before you try it out for yourself. Reviews carry a lot of importance in understanding any kind of procedure. They also give you a good idea of whether it is worth going for the treatment.
Many customers have already tried the Q-Switch laser treatment at Kaya and have written reviews of their experience on the Internet. Down below are some of these reviews.
Review 1
This customer visited the Kaya Skin Clinic in Bangalore to get a Q-Switch Laser treatment. She mentions that the treatment involved of short impulses of the laser on her skin only on certain areas of her face. A soft tissue was used to wipe her face after the treatment and sunscreen applied to protect the skin from the sun.
She also mentions that in case you’re taking medication for acne, then you have to stop using them a few days before and after the treatment. She used cold water to clean her face after a few hours but was advised not to use hot water or soaps.
She also bought the Intense Clarity System Kit from Kaya to help enhance the effects of the Q-Switch treatment which worked wonders on her skin. She was advised to undertake 4 sessions of the Q-switch treatment because she had deep pigmentation.
Review 2
Another customer went for the Q-switch treatment in the Indiranagar branch of Bangalore. She starts off with the professionals being friendly and polite with her. She agrees that the procedure is US FDA approved and is entirely safe for the Indian skin tone and type.
She also mentions that during the procedure, some of her facial hair turned white which fell off after a few days. The face has to be left unwashed for at least 4 hours after the session and she was asked to use cold water with extremely mild cleansers. Make sure that you apply sunscreen religiously to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment is preserved.
She confirms that the treatment actually worked and she noticed 25-30% reduction in scars right after the first session. The dark spots were not entirely lightened but the lighter marks were definitely lighter.
Review 3

A customer from Mumbai also opted for this treatment to reduce the pigmentation on her skin. She admits that the texture of her skin has improved immensely and the skin appears brighter, clearer, and more even-toned. The skin also feels softer with a reduction of the freckles caused by sunlight. Entirely satisfied with the treatment, she says that the treatment was hygienic while the staff was friendly. The professionals performing the procedure was also careful enough to not hurt her in any manner.

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  1. Earlier, i never used to apply any product on my skin as was i scared of side effects. Once my friend asked me to at least try kaya's product so i started looking for reviews regarding different products and i found many customers were actually happy with results. Today, i use many Kaya products and i can say that most of them are really amazing.