Friday 28 September 2018

What Customers Think of Kaya Laser Hair Removal

Kaya uses two techniques, both US FDA approved, in laser hair technology. Both of these are safe and very effective in providing long-term relief from unwanted hair growth. Here, we present some customer opinions on their experience with laser hair removal treatment at Kaya.

Kaya Laser Hair Removal

Kaya clinic always uses medically approved treatments for every skin and hair issue. Any complex treatments like Permanent Laser hair removal/reduction or hair transplant etc. use techniques approved by FDA. This ensures that the procedure conforms to international standards and is considered safe for use.
A dermatologist meets you and gets all the details about your skin and hair issues before deciding whether you will be a good candidate for laser hair removal. You are also advised on the appropriate laser hair technology for your requirements - Gentle Touch or Painless.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

This hair removal treatment uses the ND_Yag laser technology, which is considered safe for Indian skin. This laser goes deep into the skin and targets the dark pigmentation of hair that emerges from the follicle, before it breaks through the skin surface. This works safely even in dark skinned people so the surrounding skin tissues are not harmed. The laser beam heats up and burns the hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth.

Kaya Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

This uses a different technique, the In-Motion technology. In this, the laser beam is not focused on one point for long; it is moved back and forth across a target area. Rather than focused, intense heat, the hair follicles get destroyed by heat buildup through several passes of the laser over the area.
Besides this, this hair removal procedure also uses a Dual Chill technology that cools the skin as the laser is being applied to the hair follicles. This makes you feel very comfortable while undergoing the treatment.
This hair removal procedure is also considered safe for use on darker skin tones.

Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews

Here are a few independent reviews for Kaya Laser Hair Removal treatments:

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch (ND-Yag Treatment)

“I have literally worn sleeveless almost every other day since I have got this treatment done at Kaya. It has been almost 18-19 days since my treatment and I barely have 5-7 tiny hairs, which have grown back. You cannot even see them from a distance. My skin has now become baby soft! Laser is almost like life changing experience for me. I am sooo glad I got a chance to try it out…...It’s just UHMAZINGGGG!” says Rati at the Makeup and Beauty Blog.
“For me I personally feel opting for Laser Services was the Best decision i took! My Ingrowths Marks have disappeared. I do not have any ingrowths. Also today i don’t have to bother or think twice before wearing that gorgeous summer dress or worry about my underarms in the sleeveless top. It has been almost 3 Years since i finished my Laser services and never had any side effects.”
“Final Thoughts: I will definitely recommend Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal packages to everyone who has been facing issues with Hair Removals or who want a Hair Free skin!” Ria at the Scarlet Blush Blog
“Last year I went through the laser reduction for my underarms at Kaya Skin Clinic and believe me, after 3 sessions only my hair growth has gone down by 80%.” Jyoti at Everythingthamatters Blog

Kaya Painless Hair Removal (In_Motion and DualChill)

“In the pain-free laser, all you feel is a slightly tingling and a bit of warm sensation. The Kaya expert makes sure you are comfortable and if you’re feeling any discomfort, more gel is added to counteract the heat from the laser.”
“I’ve undergone only 2 sittings so far but I see a significant growth reduction. According to the doctor, you might need a little bit of maintenance like 1 laser setting/year and that too if you have any hormonal imbalance causing little hair growth. But you basically get freedom from monthly waxing/weekly shaving once you’ve undergone a Laser procedure!” The Corallista Blog
“My pain free experience was a result of a special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers cooling to the epidermal layer of your skin in the very same instant as the laser pulse.”
“The results after two sessions: So far, so good…..tune in next month for my final results review and images, after which I will have completed a total of four sessions, the recommended number of visits being eight.” Review of Painless hair removal at Kaya Clinic in Mirdif Dubai
Customer opinion in reply to the above review:
“Totally agree with you when it comes to Kaya laser hair removal …...First I had a discussion with the in house dermatologist who asked me different questions about skin and health to know me better. Then she directed her team to take me through the process. The whole affair lasted for 45 minutes and I had to go for at least 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks……...Then after all 6 sessions, I observed that my skin was smooth as butter. Loved the service and highly recommend it. Painless and smart – that is kaya skin clinic review.” This was an opinion posted by Gauhar
Whether you opt for the ND-Yag or the In-Motion technology hair removal, you will see a number of positive reviews by past Kaya Customers. They all express a positive feedback for the whole experience - from the welcome drink, to the treatment, to the after care instructions, all the way to the results.
Kaya Clinic has always had a policy of listening to customer feedback and responding to them. They use the feedback to optimize their services. You can enquire about Kaya skin clinic prices for laser hair removal before you fix up a consultation.

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