Monday 10 September 2018

Prevent Hair Loss with Kaya Root Regen Range of Products

Hair fall is a common problem that almost everyone faces. Having bald patches on your head or suffering from massive hair loss can affect your confidence level to a great extent. However, with Kaya Root Regen Hair Care Range, you can reduce hair fall and regain your lost confidence. Read on to know more.

Hair loss is common and it’s something that is natural. Losing 50-100 hair strands in a day is not  a cause of concern. However, if you’re losing more than that, it’s important that you get an effective hair loss treatment.
Hair loss affects both men and women. There are actually numerous reasons for hair loss in men and some of them are even preventable. Before looking at the available treatments, let’s understand the various stages of hair growth and what causes hair loss in men.

Stages of Hair Growth

  1. Anagen: An active hair growth stage which lasts for 2-6 years and determines the length of your hair
  2. Catogen: A regression stage where your hair follicles collapse within a span of 1-2 weeks
  3. Telogen: A resting and shedding stage where the old hair strands fall out and make way for newer hair growth

Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be of different types. Here’s are some of the more common ones that men experience:
  1. Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune disease that targets hair roots deep inside the skin. The symptoms include appearance of bald patches on the scalp. Some can experience excessive hair loss as well.
  2. Telogen Effluvium: This is the most common hair loss condition in men. Characterized by substantial hair loss and hair thinning, Telogen Effluvium happens as the hair strands enter the telogen phase early. Chronic stress, crash dieting, and side effects of  antidepressants are thought to be the causes of this.
  3. Androgenic Alopecia: It is also known as male pattern baldness, determined by the male hormone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair loss occurs on the front and top of your head. The hairline recedes to take the pattern of ‘M’ on the head.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

  1. Physical Stress: Stress plays a major role in hair loss.  Any kind of trauma like accidents, or acute illnesses can cause stress which in turn can trigger hair loss.
  2. Lack of Nutrients in the Diet: Hair needs nutrients to grow. A poor diet that lacks protein and iron can lead to hair loss.
  3. Heredity: Your genes can also be responsible for your losing hair.
  4. Old Age: Hair loss and hair thinning become common after a certain age.
  5. Psoriasis: Commonly mistaken as dandruff, Psoriasis can also lead to temporary hair loss.
While genes and Mother Nature (aging) are two things that you cannot fight with, the rest can be taken care by Kaya Targeted Root Regen Hair Treatment solution.

Kaya Root Regen Range

Consisting of 4 products, the Kaya Root Regen Range is a one-stop solution to all your hair loss problems. The pre-wash oil, the nourishing shampoo, the conditioning masque, and the serum work together to treat the root cause of hair loss. Enriched with the goodness of superfoods like basil, avocado, basil, sugarcane, apple, and olive oil, this range stimulates the roots of your hair and reduces hair loss and hair thinning.
The range is free of paraben and ensures long term results. You can order Kaya Root Regen products from the comfort of your home. Order here and start your hair treatment at home.
Kaya Targeted Root Regen Treatment is another option you have. It’s absolutely safe and can treat all the types of hair loss experienced by men. Visit your nearest kaya clinic and talk to an expert hair doctor today, for this. Kaya also offers Hair Transplant in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. This is another effective treatment for excessive hair loss.

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