Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Right Treatment to Permanently Erase Pigmentation Marks

So, you have had an acne breakout recently. It is gone now, but it has left behind its marks - dark spots and post acne blemish. How do you treat these blemishes and get back your flawless and radiant skin again? Kaya has the answer.

Pigmentation Issues and Their Causes

There are many triggers for pigmentation. Overexposure to sunlight can cause skin tanning, ageing can result in some skin discolorations. Certain medications and certain medical conditions can result in dark spots and marks. Pregnancy can cause dark patches on the face known as melasma. Acne and pimples can heal and leave behind hyperpigmentation marks and an uneven skin tone.

Kaya - Different Treatments for Different Levels

Pigmentation can be superficial or deep. It can also be large patches. Depending on the issue, Kaya provides different combinations of treatments. These usually combine chemical peels and laser treatment.

Superficial Pigmentation

For this a Superficial level Pigmentation Reduction treatment is given. This uses chemical peels which includes the Insta Clarity Peel, a special treatment developed by Kaya dermatologists. After this treatment of gentle exfoliation, depigmentation and skin lightening therapy, you are also given the Insta Clarity Laser Treatment using the Q-switched laser.

Deep Pigmentation

For this, your dark spots are treated with a Q-Switched laser which reduces pigmentation to a great extent. Then a deeper level of the Pigmentation Reduction treatment is done on your skin. This includes a peel called the Skin Perfector. This includes lactic, citric, and kojic acids which all help in reducing dark spots and lightens your skin tone
This is followed by the Intense White Luxe Therapy. This treatment uses peeling creams and nourishing vitamins to control and prevent melanin pigmentation.


These are large dark patches caused by melanin overproduction, which in turn is triggered by hormonal imbalances. This occurs mainly during pregnancy. To treat this issue, you may take the Insta Clarity Laser treatment, to eliminate the pigmentation and lighten the skin. Then you will have another form of the Pigmentation Reduction treatment, specially formulated for melasma. This  is a combination of the Insta Clarity Peel, followed by the Skin Perfector treatment.
After this, Kaya follows up with the White Luxe therapy. This includes usage of the Remy Laure Peeling Cream which exfoliates your skin and lightens it. This is followed up with a skin lightening and nourishing treatment.
All the above treatments include the Insta Clarity laser.

Insta Clarity Laser

This treatment uses the Q-Switched laser technology. This is one of the best treatments for both superficial and deep pigmentation issues. It uses pulsed laser beams to reduce pigmentation. Dark marks are caused by an overproduction of the skin coloring pigment, melanin. Melanin deposits in certain places on the skin makes those areas much darker than the surrounding skin.
Using the Q-switched laser, laser beams are sent into the deeper layers of the skin. These lasers target the melanin pigment in the skin, and do not affect the lighter regions. They focus on the melanin deposits and fragment it. These bits of melanin are reabsorbed by the system and disposed of naturally.
If you have very deep and very dark marks, more than one session may be needed to get rid of all the pigmentation. Each session takes about 15 minutes to complete and there is no high level of pain, just some slight discomfort. You can return to your regular routine immediately. However, you should use sunscreen and wear protective clothing after the treatment.
Kaya also provides the Pigmentation Reducing Complex, a cream that helps to reduce, control and prevent pigmentation. Get flawless skin and an even complexion with Kaya Clinic.
Kaya has the right solutions for all your skin issues. Call up your nearest kaya Clinic for a consultation. Then go through the appropriate therapies and use the products they recommend. Stay free of dark spots, age spots or patchy skin skin, skin dullness, and skin dullness with Kaya Laser treatment for pigmentation, combined with their intense therapies and targeted products.

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