Friday 14 September 2018

Kaya Laser Hair Removal Experience

At Kaya, whatever treatment you take, you can always be assured of the best service. Here, we look at the laser hair removal experience at Kaya, based on Kaya skin clinic laser hair removal reviews. Kaya offers two types of laser hair removal treatments - Gentle Touch and Painless.

Kaya Laser Hair Removal Experience
Your treatments and therapies at Kaya are always targeted and focused for your conditions. The treatments are conducted by experts in a well-equipped and safe setting. You can get an idea of the laser treatment for hair removal cost through an online search.
The Consultation
When you visit Kaya for any skin or hair problem, you will first meet a doctor. Your will be asked a lot of questions about your particular problem, about any medical conditions you have, etc. If necessary, some tests might be done. After the underlying cause of your problem has been properly identified, a package of treatments and products will be suggested.
You can ask the doctor any questions regarding the treatments and products, to get a clear and complete picture before you sign up.
The Preliminaries
Before you sign up, make sure you know the exact Kaya skin clinic prices for laser hair removal. Once you sign up for treatment, your sessions will be scheduled.
When you visit the clinic, you will be welcomed with the Apple Cinnamon Green Tea, the signature Kaya drink. You will then be taken to the treatment area. You will have to change into the clothes they provide, you will be given a locker to keep your clothes and other possessions in, while undergoing the treatment. You will also have to wear protective tinted glasses when you are undergoing laser treatment.
The Treatment Setting
The room where the treatment is given is clean and safe, and has state-of-the-art equipment for the laser treatment chosen.
The Treatment
The treatment is provided by a highly trained and certified technician under the guidance of expert dermatologists. Whether you are having the ND-Yag or the Diode laser treatment, first, the target area is cleaned and shaved. Then a cooling gel is applied. When you went for the consultation, the doctor would have decided what settings to use in the laser machine. The technician would set the device accordingly.
With the ND-Yag (Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch) laser treatment, the sensation you get will be mild pin pricks as the laser heats up and destroys the hair follicles under your skin.
With the Diode In-Motion and DualChill (Painless Hair Removal) treatment, you just feel a warm sensation and a slight tingling.
You can tell the technician if you are not comfortable. More cooling gel may be applied or settings might be changed, to increase your comfort level.
The duration of each session for a particular region takes anywhere between a few minutes (upper lip for instance) to around 20 minutes to half an hour (like underarms). Other areas like legs could take longer.
After the treatment, the gel is wiped off and and an ice pack is applied. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience some redness in the treated area, but this should soon go away. You may be given a special cream for post-laser treatment care and asked to use it for two to three days. The cream will be applied on the treated area before you leave. You can change back into your clothes and get back to your regular schedule.
The Post-Treatment Instructions
After the treatment, you will be asked to take certain precautions, like wearing sunscreen, avoiding the use of soaps. Take care to use the post-laser cream regularly and avoid bathing in hot water. Other instructions specific to your needs might also be given. You will also be told what to expect over the next few days, and what effects you can see after you complete all your sessions.
The Results
The laser treatments are all safe for use on Indian skin and you will see results even after a single session. After you complete the advised number of sessions, the treated area will be hair-free and smooth, you will not have to schedule regular waxing sessions. With repeat treatments in the long run, the result may be permanent hair removal in most cases.
The Benefits Of Laser Hair Technology For Hair Removal
The laser treatment is precise, targets just the dark hair shafts and the follicle, doesn't damage skin tissues. It discolors the existing hair and destroys the follicles, preventing hair regrowth. No issue of partially removed hair or ingrown hair, when you have the treatment done by an expert as at Kaya Clinic. You stay hair-free for a long time and the results improve with each session of permanent laser hair removal/reduction.

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