Tuesday 8 May 2018

Chemical peel treatment for pigmentation and hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is one word that can worry all women, and for a good reason too. Once your skin gets pigmented, it can be very difficult to treat. But that doesn’t mean that there is no solution. This article is your handbook for treatments for pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Kaya Skin Clinic Chemical Peel Treatment Reviews

Pigmentation is a lot more complicated than what seems to be on the surface. You may not exactly have ageing skin with frown lines and crow's feet, but pigmentation can lead to skin dullness. Treating it is quite difficult, most of which involves the understanding of the type of pigmentation you have. Once you understand pigmentation and see what category you fall under, then it’s easier for you to consult a dermatologist, and pick out an effective treatment.

What is Pigmentation?

Any unusual colouring or discolouring of your skin that arises due to internal or external reasons and reflected in the form of sunspots or dark spots, age spots or patchy skin is known as Pigmentation. Even the dreaded dark circles are a form of pigmentation.
There are classifications within pigmentation as well, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.
Hyperpigmentation occurs when an area of the skin becomes darker than the surrounding skin due to an increased production of melanin. You might also know this as post acne blemishes that mark your face once the acne heals. 
Hypopigmentation is rarer, and results in a skin tone lighter than the surrounding skin. It causes patchy skin whitening that often peels and breaks.

Classification of Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be classified into 3 types: epidermal, dermal and mixed. This isn’t on the basis of melanin production like the previous classification. It is on the basis of the level of pigmentation and how deep it penetrates into the skin.
Most drugstore or over the counter (OTC) topical creams can help you deal with pigmentation that affects the topmost layer of the skin, this is known as epidermal pigmentation. It is the easiest of the lot to treat. You can get flawless skin again over a relatively short period.
Kaya offers superficial and medium peels for this. They penetrate into the outermost and the second layer of your skin to help remove pigmentation.
Dermal Pigmentation is slightly more challenging as any treatment used will need to penetrate deep into the skin to be able to remove them. For this, Kaya expert dermatologists suggest that you opt for medium or deep peels that help you remove pigmentation from deep within.
Mixed Pigmentation, although rarer, is often the most difficult one to treat. Due to its reach down to the dermal layer, and presence on the epidermal, finding a treatment that targets both is challenging. It is shown in the form of Melasma that many women suffer with today.

Chemical Peels by Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya offers effective solutions to pigmentation with their chemical peels. They enter the skin and work on the melanin causing the pigmentation to bring your skin back to its natural form.
In the process, mild chemical solutions are applied on the skin which are allowed to seep into the skin to work on the pigmentation. After this, the solution is easily peeled off the face to give you a flawless skin.
The first nature of chemical peel is exfoliation. It essentially rejuvenates your skin. This is not a time consuming procedure, and doesn’t require you stay in the clinic for too long.
It is normal for one to worry about chemicals put on their face. But rest assured, the process is carried out by an expert dermatologists only after examining your skin and causes no harm to it at all.
Other than chemical peels, you can also opt for laser treatments to fight pigmentation. The Insta Clarity Laser treatment shoots laser directly onto dark spots to do away with them.
Whatever treatment you choose, you’re going to be leaving with a skin more flawless and even, than you could think possible. Please give your Kaya feedback in the comment section after using any of its services/products.

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