Monday 9 October 2017

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Do you find hair strands on your shirts? Has your hairline been moving further away from your forehead? It could be because of excessive hair fall. The problem of hair fall is generally associated, but not limited to women. If you are experiencing the same problem, Kaya Clinic’s hair fall treatments can come your rescue.
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Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems for both men and women. It is natural to see signs of baldness and thinning of hair with growing age but sometimes the hair fall starts at an early age due to various environmental factors like air pollution, excessive stress, or due to medical conditions like changes in hormone levels, medical surgeries, and scalp infections.
These unexpected bouts of hair fall can be controlled and even reversed with the right treatment courses and products offered by Kaya Clinic.
Kaya Clinic works in a three-step process to arrest hair fall and promote its re-growth. The first step is the 'Diagnosis' in which the Kaya Hair Experts will assess the root cause of the problem and suggest possible treatment courses. 
The Second step is the 'Treatment' in which Kaya experts will treat the issue with FDA approved and dermatologically tested products and therapies.  The final step is 'Maintenance' in which you will be guided by the Kaya Clinic experts on how to make changes in your diet, lifestyle, prescribed products to maintain the effects of the treatments and make it last longer.
Kaya Targeted Root Regen System
With age, the roots in the scalp become blocked or undernourished, which leads to hair fall. And this is something that can happen before as well. The Kaya Targeted Root Regen System is a specially designed treatment by expert dermatologists to boost the hair roots with a dose of essential nutrients which promotes hair growth and stops hair fall.                            
This contains a number of specialized services and procedures that supply nutrients and growth factors directly to the roots. Following treatments are recommended by the in-house experts of Kaya Clinic:
 1. Intensive Hair Root Therapy (IHRT)
This procedure involves supplying a nutrient cocktail to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth through microinjections. This nutrient cocktail contains natural plant extracts and vitamins which nourish the scalp from within and promote healthy hair growth.
 2. Natural Hair Rejuvenation
This is an FDA-approved non-invasive hair fall treatment offered by Kaya Skin Clinic performed by expert dermatologists. This procedure involves the use of your blood plasma to boost hair growth. The blood plasma helps to heal the damaged hair follicles and to rejuvenate them.
 There is multiple positive Kaya feedback available online by the users of this treatment.
 3. Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy
The Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy uses charged ions to stimulate hair growth. The therapy involves delivery of vital nutrients to the hair roots to stimulate follicles for hair growth. These essential nutrients provide nourishment to the scalp from within and stop hair fall and thinning of hair.
 4. Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy
The laser therapy uses light rays to stimulate your hair follicles and to activate them. The light photons lead to the production of ATP in the hair follicles and the release of some energy that stimulates the metabolic processes necessary for hair growth. This stimulation leads to hair growth and overall hair health.
There are positive Kaya reviews available on the internet about this procedure that display its effectiveness and good results.
Hair fall is a natural process that takes place in every individual. When the hair reaches its final phase of development, they fall naturally and new hair replaces them. In some cases, however, this natural hair fall process is accelerated by other genetic, medical, environmental, and dietary factors. Kaya Clinic offers some excellent treatment procedures and specialized hair care services that will revive your natural hair growth and give you your healthy, soft tresses back.
Read the Kaya products review to gain more information about the procedures, their effects and costs involved. You can also get in touch with the expert dermatologists at Kaya Clinic and get a personalized and consultation before the treatment.

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