Tuesday 18 December 2018

Kaya’s Dr. Anuj Saigal Answers Your Queries About Hair Transplant

Balding is becoming more common due to a lot of reasons but people are still wary of hair transplant. Men and women are becoming apprehensive about this procedure as there is a lot of confusion looming around the subject of hair transplantation. Dr. Anuj Saigal from Kaya Clinic clears all your doubts about hair transplant procedure and what hair transplant is all about.

Hair transplant treatment is becoming popular for being an excellent solution for people who are balding. Before deciding about getting a hair transplant, it is important that you understand what hair transplants are all about. Dr. Anuj Saigal is an experienced dermatologist who specializes in hair transplantation procedure. He has 5 years of experience in hair transplants and has performed over a thousand hair transplants till date. He works at Kaya which is a leading provider of hair transplant treatment among other hair and skin care solutions for men and women. Kaya is known for its wide range of effective solutions.

Q: Can Hair Transplant Method Stop Balding Altogether?

A: Hair transplant can help grow hair from places where you are balding.

Q: Can Hair Transplant Be Performed Only On The Scalp?

A: Hair transplantation can be done for shaping eyebrows and can be used for expediting hair growth in the beard area.

Q: Can Hair Transplant Be Done By Anyone?

A: You need to be the right candidate to get a hair transplant.  There are many factors that need to be considered before you are eligible for hair transplant.

Q: If The Hair Loss Is The Result Of Hereditary, Can Fuller Hair Be Achieved Through Hair Transplant?

A: Yes it is possible for your hair to grow back even when you are experiencing hair loss due to genes. 

Q: Does Hair Transplant Affect The Scalp’s Natural Biosystem?

A: No it does not affect the natural biosystem of your scalp. Hair transplant is a safe procedure.

Q: Is The Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

A: It is a painless procedure since local anesthesia is administered before the procedure begins.

Q: Can People Who Are Between 25 And 28 Get Hair Transplant Surgery Done?

A: It is safe to do so bit the scalp will be examined to ensure that they are the right candidates for the transplant procedure.

Q: How Many Grafts Are Required?

A: About 1500 to 4000 grafts may be required depending on the balding area.

Q: How Long Do The Hair Regrowth By Hair Transplant Results Last For?

A: Hair transplant should last forever as your hair will continue to grow as it normally does. However, you can experience shedding of the transplanted hair which will grow back eventually.

Q: How Long Does The Procedure Take To Complete?

A: It can take from 6 to 8 hours to complete although it depends on how much hair needs to be transplanted.

Q: Does Scarring Occur When Hair Transplant Surgery Is Performed?

A: Minor crusting can occur but this will go away within a few days. You will not see any visible scarring due to hair transplantation.

A: Yes it does.

Q: What Is The Post-Treatment Care Of Hair Transplant?

A: You should abstain from the following for at least 3 weeks following your hair transplant procedure: smoking, drinking alcohol, exercising, oiling your hair, swimming, and applying hair color. 

Q: Can You Wash Hair After Getting A Hair Transplant?

A: It is advisable not to wet your scalp for at least 3 days following the hair transplant procedure.

Q: How To Choose The Best Clinic For Hair Transplant?

A: You should consider the surgeon who will be performing hair transplantation. He should be qualified with adequate experience in hair transplants and should be able to show you successful hair transplants. The clinic should have all the amenities and the proper infrastructure.

Q: Why Choose Kaya?

A: Kaya uses the best and latest technology to perform the hair transplant procedure to give you the best results. It has expert dermatologists who perform the surgery.

Q: What Does The Kaya Hair Transplant Cost?

A: It depends on the number of hair transplant sessions required and your individual case which can be different to another person.

Q: Can Balding Be Prevented?

A: If your balding has not reached serious levels, then topical solutions and oral solutions can be provided by Kaya. Other treatments can be recommended based on your case.

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