Friday 7 December 2018

Beauty Facial for Your Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin type can be a pain to deal with. This type of skin is susceptible to regular unsightly breakouts that take weeks to heal and often leave prominent scars and marks behind. And, just using over-the-counter products for acne treatment will not put an end to the trials and tribulations of dealing with an acne prone skin type.

About Acne Prone Skin
This is the skin type that is prone to acne, an inflammatory skin condition that can be either be in the form of a zit, blackhead or whitehead. There are various factors like genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors that can make your skin more prone to acne. And, while acne treatment can undeniably give you relief from the recurring breakouts, for long-lasting results it is best to incorporate skin care habits in the daily routine to lessen your skin’s proneness to breakouts.
If you have this type of skin, then you should take proper precautions to ensure that it does not get irritated. From using the right type of skin care products to treating your skin with beauty facials, you should take proper measures to ensure that your acne is not triggered or aggravated.
Using right grooming products like primers and foundation that is specifically formulated with ingredients suitable for acne-prone skin type becomes essential. And, so does following a skin care routine that prevents unwanted factors from triggering acne breakouts.
Acne Prone Skin Care Routine
Following a skin care routine that is specially designed for this skin type can go a long way. It can help control excessive oiliness or dryness, reduce acne, close open pores and also help your skin look its absolute best at all times.
To design a balanced skin care routine that is best suited for your acne-prone skin type, you can consult with skin care specialists at Kaya. They can help you pick the right type of skin care products, makeup products and also inform you about the ingredients that you should be on a lookout for while buying grooming products.
For your acne prone skin, cleansers that contain salicylic acid are highly recommended. Similarly, moisturizers that are made with anti-acne formula and can keep the skin well-hydrated are considered to be the best options for your skin type.
Kaya Pure Pore Clear Skin Facial
Choosing Kaya Pure Pore Clear Skin Cleansing facial is one of the best things you can do for your skin. More effective and fast-acting than the over-the-counter acne products, this beauty facial is designed specifically for your acne prone skin. It targets the problem areas by removing bacteria and accumulated impurities from the skin pores. This simple-yet-powerful procedure can promote your skin’s health and keep troubling breakouts at bay.
Benefits of Pure Pore Clear Skin
There are numerous ways in which this beauty facial can benefit your skin. It mainly involves cleansing, masking, and hydration, three essential procedures to clear up the pores and improve the skin’s overall condition. Thorough cleansing provides relief from inflammation and gets the gunk out of the skin pores. Once done, a gentle serum will be massaged all over the skin to stimulate a healthy circulation of blood and promote the cell regeneration process.
Post the cleansing process, a skin-rejuvenating mask that contains salicylic acid will be placed on your face. The masking step helps control greasiness and unclogs the pores. After this mask is removed, your skin will get treated with a deep-cleansing sea mud mask. This mask’s real strength lies in its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin.
The last step in this wonderful beauty procedure involves hydration. A moisturizing serum will be applied to your skin to help retain moisture and provide a glow to the skin. This serum is enriched with an active Porphyridium complex and zinc oxide that can keep oiliness in control, prevent flakiness and reduce the visibility of the pimple marks.

When you are troubled with acne prone skin, then do not just limit yourself to generic store-bought products, as they may further exacerbate the problem. Fix an appointment at a trusted skin care clinic like Kaya clinic and get a beauty facial done that can help improve the state of your skin. Cheers to beautiful skin!

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