Wednesday 11 July 2018

Does Transplanted Hair Look Natural? And More Questions You Would Like To Ask

You have tried many ways to solve your hair loss problem, but the progressing baldness has prompted you to consider the hair transplant option. Still, you would like more information and answers to some doubts before you take the next step.

Hair Transplantation FAQs

When in doubt, ask. It is better to be well-informed when taking vital decisions like going in for a hair transplant. Here are the answers to a few typical questions that are often asked.

What Exactly is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is just what the name implies, transplanting hair from one site to another. The donor site is usually at the back or sides of your head.

What is Androgenic Alopecia?

Alopecia is the medical term for baldness. Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia is also called Male Pattern Baldness. The hair loss is caused by a form of testosterone called dihydrotesterone or DHT which latches on to hair follicles and destroys them in men who are genetically prone to this condition.

In a Hair Transplant, why is hair taken from the back of the head?

In Androgenic Alopecia, the hair at the back and sides are resistant to DHT. So, there is still a lot of dense hair growth in these regions, to enable hair harvesting.

What methods are used in Hair Transplant?

The most used techniques now are the FUT Transplant and the FUE Transplant.
In Follicular Unit Transplant method, a strip of dense hair is removed from the back of your head. Under a special microscope, this strip is divided into smaller follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs.
In Follicular Unit Extraction method, the surgeon makes 1 mm circular incisions to extract individual follicular units rather than a long strip of hair.

How are these transplanted in the receiving site?

In both methods, the receiving area is prepared in a similar way. Using a micro-needle, small holes ae made in this region, in a pre planned pattern that best mimics natural hair growth. The extracted and prepared follicular units are then implanted in this region.

Does it give good results?

At Kaya, you are advised to go for hair transplant only if you are a good candidate for it. So, you may expect good results, but it will take a few months before you see good hair growth.

Does the transplanted hair look natural?

As the new hair grows from hair follicles extracted from your own head and the surgeon maps out the transplant pattern to match natural growth, they are real and look very natural once the new hairs gain strength and begin to grow normally.

Is this a permanent solution?

Hair at the back and sides are resistant to DHT, even when transplanted to another region of the scalp. So, the hair from the transplanted follicles, once they take hold, are as permanent as any other healthy hair.

Is the procedure painful?

Hair transplant is carried out after administering local anesthesia in both the donor and recipient areas, so the procedure is pain-free.

Will I have to endure a lot of pain and soreness after surgery?

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure, so it doesn't leave behind any severe wounds. Kaya uses the Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Transplant. This leaves behind only very slight wounds and bleeding which typically heal within a week. You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medications for a few days to alleviate the slight soreness and pain that might occur post-surgery.

When can I expect to see the result?

The graft hair will fall out within a month, but within three to five months, new hair will begin to emerge from the transplanted follicles. These will be thin at first. After eight or nine months post-surgery, the new hair will begin to gain strength and grow as normal hair, matching your natural hair growth pattern.

Will I need any other treatments?

Kaya’s systemic approach combines hair transplant with other hair fortification therapies to aid and speed up the recovery and hair regrowth process. The supplemental treatments include PRP treatment, Nutri Infusion at the hair roots, and a mild laser therapy to activate hair roots.

How much will it cost?

The hair transplant cost might vary with location, your condition and needs, and the reputation of the clinic and surgeon, to name a few factors. Enquire about the current Kaya hair transplant cost in your region.

Is Hair Transplant worth the cost?

Considering that it can provide a permanent solution to your severe hair loss, yes, it is worth the expense if done at a good clinic like Kaya for Hair Transplant where an experienced team of surgeons and technicians perform the procedure in a well equipped and safe facility.

Are there any easy payment options?

Kaya offers financing plans for Hair Transplant, enabling you to pay off the cost in EMIs. You can enquire about this facility when you go for a consultation at your local Kaya Clinic.
Kaya offers a best-in-class hair regrowth by hair transplant treatment. Customized according to each patient’s needs, the highly experienced surgeons carry out the procedure in such a way that the new hair will look as natural as the other hair on your scalp. Read Kaya hair transplant reviews online to get an idea of how successful it has been for previous customers.

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