Monday 23 July 2018

Kaya Hair Transplant Centers - Same High Standards Wherever You Go

Kaya Clinic offers hair transplant currently at three main centres in India -  One in Mumbai, one in Delhi and another in Bangalore. Kaya Clinic provides the same procedures and maintains the quality of treatment across all its hair transplant centers.
Kaya Hair Transplant Treatment
Kaya Clinic is a renowned chain of skin and hair care centers. They provide many skin and hair health treatments and products which are all designed or selected by dermatologists aiming to provide the best possible services to the clinic’s clients.
To facilitate hair restoration for those suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, Kaya provides a top drawer hair transplant service. Of the two prevalent top techniques in hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction method and Follicular Unit Transplant Method, Kaya uses the FUE Transplant.
While a strip of hair is extracted from the back or side of the head in FUT Transplant to harvest hair grafts, in the FUE hair transplant method, individual follicular units are extracted by making a 1 mm circular incision around them. These are then sorted into groups to create grafts that are transplanted in the hair loss region.
Kaya Hair Care Centers
Kaya doesn't offer hair regrowth by hair transplant service at each and every clinic it has across the country. Currently, only three Kaya Clinics in India offer this service. The Hair Transplant Centers are Kaya Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, in Green Park, Delhi, and in Indira Nagar, Bangalore.
Kaya provides the best facilities for HT surgery in these three centers. When you go for a hair loss consultation at your local Kaya Clinic, your condition is examined and if you need a hair transplant, you would have to visit one of these three centers for your treatment.
Same High Standards Across All HT Centers
Whichever center you choose to have your hair transplant surgery in, Kaya maintains the same high quality in service. The best dermatosurgeons and highly experienced hair transplant surgeons perform clinical procedures. You can read some Kaya hair transplant reviews online.
Hair transplant surgeons with many years of experience guide you through the preparation process for surgery and then perform the hair transplant. They are supported by medical and technical support teams who are all well-trained and are experts at what they do.
The clinics are all maintained to the beststandards. The Operating Theatre is kept up to meet high standards in quality and hygiene. They are all equipped with all the needed devices and machines for hair transplant and also for any emergency procedures.
The Hair Transplant Process
The hair transplant procedure is the same across all Kaya HT Centers. As you are advised to go for hair transplant only if you are an ideal candidate - for instance, you should not have any medical condition that is a contraindication for hair transplant surgery, and you should have enough hair density in your donor area -  you may be assured that the chances of success of the surgery will be high.
A folliscopy is done to determine hair density and how many grafts can be extracted for transplant. You are then provided a clear and realistic idea of the grafts that can be harvested and the results you can expect. Kaya uses the Follicular Unit Extraction for hair transplant.
Follicular units are extracted by the surgeon who does a 1mm incision around each follicular unit. When enough units have been collected, they are examined and only the best follicular units are selected. They are sorted into small groups for transplant. The recipient site is prepared by puncturing holes using microneedles in a predetermined pattern. The surgeon then transplants the grafts on the prepared site, to enable the follicles to take hold and put out hair shafts.
Whether you elect to have your Hair transplant in Mumbai, or in Bangalore or Delhi, you will get the same quality assurance and can expect similar results. Kaya promises safety and effectiveness in all its treatments, so you can rest assured that you will get the results promised.

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