Monday 9 July 2018

Beard Sculpting with Laser

With most men, the clean shaven look is the preferred choice. But then, there are many who look good with a trim moustache and beard. The problem is that a trimmed beard does not stay that way. You need to shave and cut hair that grows outside your preferred borderline. Is there any way to shape your beard and keep it that way?
The Beard
Men usually pick up a razor and their favourite shaving cream to get rid of unwanted hair. While this works pretty well for men who want to be clean shaven or for men with just a moustache, it gets more complicated for men who sport beards. Most men prefer to wear their beards in a certain style - a circle beard that connects with your moustache, just a chin strip or a chin strap style, a goatee, a boxed beard and many more styles.
You choose the beard and/or the moustache that suits your face and fits your style. You spend many months, even years shaving and trimming to get that beard to grow into the desired style. Once you have it, you flaunt it, as a good beard can hide many facial flaws and keep you looking attractive. Even when your jawline gets a bit flabby, a designer beard can keep your facial outlines looking well defined and sharp.
Eliminating Unwanted Hair
Once your beard attains that perfect shape, you want to keep it that way. However, our body metabolism ensures that hair grows back. Especially in unwanted places. So soon, hair starts sprouting around your carefully trimmed and shaped beard. You pull out the razor again, only to end up with rough skin and cuts on your face.
After sometime you get tired of this and start wondering if you can get a permanent solution to ridding unwanted facial hair. You can, with laser hair removal. Laser beams can target tiny areas or cover larger regions, so, you can have the beard trimmed in between the border lines, outside the beard, below or above it - and get it just right.
Look for good skin clinics that provide laser hair removal. Kaya Clinic is one the best choices for any skin and hair care treatment.
Kaya’s Permanent Laser Hair Removal/Reduction
Kaya uses safe and approved technologies in its various treatments and therapies. In laser hair removal, Kaya uses US FDA approved techniques. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is a safe technique for use on Indian skins. This laser technique can perceive even a slight difference in the colour tone between the skin and hair pigment and focus on the darker hair shaft in the hair follicle, avoiding touching the skin cells.
This is a good technique for beard shaping. Call Kaya and fix an appointment. Your skin and hair will be thoroughly examined before a course of treatment is prescribed. Before fixing an appointment, you can read some Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews online.
The laser treatment itself is performed by a trained and certified technician, so you know you are safe. The clinical setting where the procedure is carried out is also safe, and equipped with up-to date machines and other facilities. Kaya Clinic maintains the best safety and hygiene standards and is always up-to-date in the technology it uses.
The laser will be applied to a small spot on your skin, to determine your pain tolerance and to determine the laser device settings that will give you the best effects. Then, a cooling gel is applied on the target area and the hand held laser probe is used to remove unwanted hair. This laser probe is moved around the area so that the beam focuses on and destroys hair follicles through the heat generated by the laser beam.
As the laser beam can work on as small or as large an area as desired, laser hair technology is very effective for sculpting beards. You will need a few sessions of laser treatment to achieve permanent hair removal for the perfect beard.
However, the time spent is worth it, as you will soon be free of the need to shave and pluck unwanted hair to keep your beard in shape. Enquire about Kaya clinic prices for laser hair removal , and start your treatment. The time and money spent will prove worthwhile, when you see the final result.

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