Friday 29 June 2018

Hair Transplant - The FUE and the FUT Methods

If you are suffering from severe hair loss and balding, opt for a consultation at Kaya Clinic. They have several treatments and therapies for hair restoration. If your baldness is too severe for hair restoration therapies, Kaya offers an effective hair transplantation treatment.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant usually works for male pattern baldness, where hair loss is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT damages hair follicles, and hair in the affected regions do not grow back. However, hair at the back and sides of the head are typically resistant to DHT.
In a Hair Transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are extracted from the back or sides of the head and implanted on the bald region. There are many methods used in the hair transplantation process. However, the two most common methods currently used are FUE Transplant and FUT Transplant.

The FUT and FUE Methods

Both methods are highly effective hair transplant techniques and have many similarities. However, they differ in how the donor hair is removed and prepared.

The FUT Method

In the Follicular Unit Transplant method, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head. The surgeon then divides the strip into smaller units using a microscope to magnify the strip for precise cutting. The strip is cut into smaller follicular units with each unit having 1 to 4 hairs. These follicular units are then embedded in the recipient region. 

The FUE Method

In the Follicular Unit Extraction method, individual hair follicles are removed. The surgeon makes a 1mm circular incision around a follicular unit using a special instrument. This is then extracted. After extracting the required number of hair follicles, the surgeon then begins the process of placing them over the recipient area.

The Similarities

In both methods, the operation is performed after administering local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas. In both techniques, the receiving region is prepared in a similar way. The surgeon uses an instrument to make tiny holes in the area, and the follicles or grafts are placed over these.


Both procedures provide good results. The FUT method mimics the way hair grows in the normal way, in follicular units. In this method, the extracted strip leaves behind a wound that heals within two weeks but leaves behind a long term scar. If your hair is dense enough, this scar will not be visible.
In Follicular Unit Extraction, tiny round wounds are created in the places where the follicles were removed. These heal quickly within a week, but leave behind tiny white scars. Mostly, your remaining hair in the donor site will cover these minute scars, so they will not be visible.
At Kaya, the FUE method is used with high efficacy.

Kaya Hair Transplant Process

     First you are made to sit down and relax
     Local anesthesia is applied to both the donor and the recipient regions
     The surgeon extracts  the required number of follicular units
     In the receiving area, small holes are made for hair placement. These holes are planned and made by the surgeon to match a natural hair growth pattern
     The follicular units, which have been examined and the best ones selected, are formed into groups
     These are then placed precisely over the holes in the receiving region
     There are no stitches involved in this process

Fortification Therapies

Kaya Clinic combines the hair transplant procedure with other hair restoration therapies. These are done after the scalp has healed. Kaya uses Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, Nutrition Infusion into the roots, and laser induced hair root activation to aid and speed up the transplant effects.

The Results

Performed by experienced hair transplant surgeons in well-maintained and well-equipped clinics, Kaya Hair Restore Expert Hair Transplant procedure provides good results. The surgeons take into consideration your scalp health, your hair type, hair growth pattern etc., to plan the extraction and map out how the extracted follicular units are placed over the bald patch, to provide the best results when the hair starts growing.
Because hair at the back and sides of the head are resistant to Male Pattern Baldness, even when extracted and placed in a different area, the transplanted hair is real and permanent. If you follow the precautions and post-operative care instructions, within 8 or 9 months you will begin to see the results.
If you have severe baldness issues, it might be time to look at the hair regrowth by hair transplant option. Go for a consultation at Kaya and enquire about the current Kaya hair transplant cost. Kaya also offers financing plans that allow you to pay for hair transplant in easy EMIs. You can more Kaya feedback to learn about the outcome of the treatment.

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