Monday 18 June 2018

Sensitive Skin Care - Tender and Soothing Treatment is the Key

When shopping for skin care essentials, you should choose with care. Check the ingredients; buy only those products that are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Sensitive skin reacts quickly to external factors, so take special care to prevent allergic reactions.

What is Sensitive Skin?

Dry, dehydrated skin is prone to develop allergic reactions to heat, sunlight, strong chemicals, and synthetic fragrances in products and so on. Dry skin loses moisture quickly. Sebum production is also less in dry skin, so the skin is unable to shield nerve endings in the skin against heat, dust, pollution, ingredients in skin care products etc.
Choose hydrating, calming, gentle products for sensitive skin

Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually dry skin. Drink a lot of water for skin hydration. You can also drink lemon water to derive benefits from the Vitamin C and antioxidant properties of lemon. Limit use of cosmetics. Focus on using skin moisturising and nourishing products. Hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin using easily available items like milk and coconut oil.

Choosing Skin Care Products

For sensitive skin, you need to pay special attention to the ingredients list in any product you buy. Do not buy products those that have alcohol, strong chemicals, added fragrance, colors etc. If you need exfoliating products, choose gente scrubs that do not have abrasive content like beads.
Find good, deep moisturising products. Buy sunscreens that are formulated for sensitive skin. Choose skin nourishing creams and lotions that add nutrients to your skin to make it healthy and smooth. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that provide the vitamins and minerals needed for skin health. To enhance and maintain skin health, choose the best facial for sensitive skin.

Kaya Sensitive Skin Care - Products and Facials

Kaya Clinic offers sets of skin care products and services that are specially created for different types of skins. For sensitive skin, Kaya offers a gentle face wash for sensitive skin and a special sunscreen. You can also try their soothe and balance facial for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Face Cleanser from Kaya

This cleanser contains no soap or added perfume, so it will not irritate your skin. It makes use of natural fatty acid derivatives to deliver deep cleansing without dehydrating your skin. Removes makeup traces, dust and dirt and leaves your skin feeling light and clean.

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin from Kaya

This is among the best sunscreen for sensitive skin. It provides comprehensive sun defence, against both UVA and UVB rays. Lightweight and easy to apply, this sunscreen hydrates your skin even as it shields it against sun damage. This perfume free, gentle product has been formulated by dermatologists at Kaya specifically for sensitive skin care.

A Skin Calming and Rejuvenating Facial

The Soothe and Balance facial at Kaya is targeted towards cleansing and nurturing sensitive skin. It starts with a gentle microdermabrasion to exfoliate your skin. Then, a specially formulated serum is applied. This serum contains the right nutrients to restore your skin’s pH balance to keep it free of irritation, and to give it a healthy, glowing look.
Next, your skin is soothed with a cream that contains extracts of Grapefruit Seeds. Then a mask composed of Tea Tree Oil is applied. This also aids in purifying and nourishing your skin. Once the facial therapy is finished, you can perceive the difference. Your skin feels calm and free of irritation, with a refreshed look.
Go online and you will find a lot of sensitive skin care tips. Keep your skin protected against external factors like heat and dust, and use hydrating products. Kaya Clinic is a trusted name in Skin and Hair Care. Its products and services are designed and tested by dermatologists, and the special treatments are carried out by experienced professionals. Rejuvenate and pamper your sensitive skin with facials and the regular use of Kaya’s sensitive skin care and dry skin care products.

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