Thursday 30 August 2018

Why Kaya Clinic is Your Best Choice for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is an ideal solution for severe hair fall that results in baldness. There are many good clinics offering hair transplant procedures in India. Here we discuss why Kaya Clinic is the best among them.

Kaya hair care treatments are wide and varied. They provide many hair loss treatments. This can begin from Kaya products for hair fall that nourishes your hair, to product ranges that address specific issues - root revitalisation, hair thinning solutions, therapies to treat dull and frizzy hair, etc.
Hair Transplant is the most popular hair restoration technique for baldness. A hair transplant done at a reputed clinic is safe and effective. Kaya Clinic provides the best service for hair fall. Procedures done at this clinic provide many benefits that make it the best choice for HT.
Evaluating Your Condition At Kaya
First, your scalp is examined to determine if hair transplant will be a viable option. Then the surgeon decides how much coverage of hair you can get, and how many sessions of hair transplant surgery it will take, depending on your baldness and the hair density on the back of your head. You will be informed of all these details before you agree to undergo the treatment.
The Surgeon
At Kaya, the best hair transplant surgeons in the country perform the procedure. These surgeons have all been trained in advanced hair transplant surgery. These dermatosurgeons have years of experience and have performed hundreds of successful hair transplant procedures. Some of their top dermatosurgeons have performed more than 2,000 successful hair transplant surgeries!
The Team
The surgeon is supported by a team of trained technicians and medical support staff. All of them have worked with the surgeons on numerous hair transplant surgeries and are experts in their respective fields.
The Setting
Kaya Clinic Operating Rooms are clean, hygienic and well maintained. They are fitted with world-class equipments required for the hair transplant technique used. The OR is also well equipped with emergency equipment, which is a safety requirement in any clinic that performs surgical procedures.
The Technique
Kaya hair transplant is done using the Follicular Unit Extraction method. This is a surgical procedure that does not involve any major cuts and stitches, so there are negligible wounds and scars after the treatment. Because of this, the scalp heals quite quickly after the surgery and hair growth can begin soon after. Kaya surgeons use an Advanced FUE technique that is very effective in giving the best results from a hair transplant.
Well Planned Transplant
The surgeon harvests hair follicles from the donor region at the back or sides. Then, these hair follicles are examined to select the best, and these are then grouped into follicular units of up to four hairs each. The surgeon then creates punctures in the receiving region in a pre-planned pattern. This pattern has been mapped out to make give the best coverage of the bald area, and to make the transplanted hair grow in a way that perfectly matches your natural hair growth.
The Wholesome Approach
At Kaya, the doctors have designed a systemic approach which combines the surgery with follow up scalp and root rejuvenation hair treatments to ensure the best results in hair restoration. After the transplant is completed and hair has begun to grow on your head, PRP for hair, nutri infusion therapy, and root stimulation using a mild laser treatment are all applied to give you the best chance for getting a full head of healthy, glowing hair that makes you forget you ever had a baldness problem. Healthy hair growth begins within a year on the transplanted area.
The Payment Options
If you are worried about the cost, Kaya Clinic allow you to pay by session. If even this option is too expensive, Kaya can arrange finance for the hair transplant procedure, so that you pay the entire cost through 0% EMIs.
These are some of the top reasons that make Kaya Clinic the number 1 place to get a hair transplant.

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