Thursday 5 April 2018

Get Perfectly Glowing Skin on your Wedding Day with Kaya

The hot sun combined with the high levels of pollution can spell troubles for your skin. You can beat this and give your skin a good tonic in the form of  a beauty facial. A beauty facial does more than just removing the tan and lightening the skin tone. If you’re a would-be bride, get the perfect glow by pampering yourself with Kaya Lighten and De-tan facial. The facial is sure to add to your bridal glow.

The harsh sun and the exposure to pollutants is your skin’s biggest enemy. The result is dull-looking skin. The best way to perk up your skin health, de-tan, and restore the natural glow is through a regular facial. Booking one, once a month pampers your skin and gives you total relaxation. More so if you’re a soon-to-be bride, it’s all the more necessary to get a facial done, so that your bridal blush and glow complement each other. The Lighten and De-tan facial from Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the best options you have. Read on to know more about the different types of facials offered by Kaya.

Perfect Wedding Day glow with Kaya Clinic

Kaya: Beauty Facials to Suit your Needs

Kaya offers dermatologist-developed facials to suit specific skin needs. There is a facial for each skin type. Dermatologists at a Kaya clinic will test your skin to know the causes of its damage. They then will recommend the right facial for you.
Here are some of the options available for all the beautiful brides out there:
  1. Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control: This is a facial for oily skin that makes use of botanical extracts to remove impurities and bring down sebum secretion.
  2. Kaya Hydrate and Restore Facial: If you’re a bride with dry to normal skin, then this is an ideal pick for you. This facial for dry skin moisturizes your skin and makes it glow.
  3. Kaya Lighten and De-Tan Facial: Sun rays are your skin’s worst enemies and if you have dull and tanned skin, then this facial will create magic for you. It exfoliates your skin and helps it to revive its lost glow. The BioWhite complex improves skin complexion—just what you need on, one of the most important days of your life.
  4. Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy: Considered to be one of the best facials, this one works in four layers to give you rejuvenated and revitalized skin.

End Results: Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Your skin feels rejuvenated and relaxed. The smooth feel of the skin and the glow are sure to make you feel beautiful. A multitude of benefits make Kaya’s beauty facials, one of the best choices of future brides, and they are:
  Collagen is what retains the elasticity of your skin, keeping it firm and supple. The Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy improves skin elasticity and makes your skin glow.
    Cleaner, fairer and acne-free skin is the result of Clear Fresh Oil Control facial. This helps to deep cleanse, open up the clogged pores, and prevent acne breakouts.
     Kaya De-Pollute and Nourish facial expels all the accumulated toxins, dirt, and grime.
Regular facial enhances blood circulation and makes your skin look young. The increased blood flow, makes the skin appear radiant with the added benefit of evening out your skin tone.
A range of facials, suited to every skin type is offered at the Kaya Skin Clinic. With focus on hydrating, nourishing, and restoring the skin to its natural glow, the facials are a must-do not only for the bride, but for every woman out there who desires to have radiant and youthful skin. Book an appointment today to look your best on the D-day with Kaya.

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