Saturday 21 April 2018

Sunscreen - The First and Best Line of Defense Against Premature Aging from the Sun

What does the sun have to do with skin aging? Pretty much everything. Sunlight contains harmful rays that penetrate into the skin and damages cells and tissue building materials like collagen. So, when you go out, defend yourself against ultraviolet rays of the sun by using good sunscreens.
Sunlight and Skin Damage
Sunlight is composed of many rays, some of which are visible, but others are invisible to human eyes. Ultraviolet rays are invisible rays that reach the earth and affect your skin. UV rays can penetrate glass and harm your skin, even when you are inside.
There are two main kinds of UV rays that affect your skin. One is the long wavelength UVA rays, and the other is the shorter wavelength UVB rays. Most sunscreens are designed to provide optimal protection against UVB rays as they cause sunburn and have also been directly linked with skin cancer.
UVB rays can vary in intensity according to season or location of the place. UVA rays on the other hand are always present at a uniform intensity and they can go deeper into the skin because of their longer wavelength.
They damage skin cells and also destroy collagen, a structural protein that builds tissues and lends volume and suppleness to the skin. All these results in skin aging.
This kind of damage causes the skin to lose its firmness and elasticity and the skin gets wrinkled and starts sagging. Cell damage also causes skin discoloration and age spots.
Summer Skin Care - How Sunscreens Protect You from UV Rays
Sunscreens can either be classical, chemical-based formulations, or they can be physical (mineral-based). Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays and dissipate them before they can penetrate and damage your skin. Mineral sunscreens that use Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide reflect and bounce off the UV rays from the surface of your skin.
SPF Rating
Sunscreens come with an SPF rating. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the level of defence against UVB rays the sunscreen offers. SPF 15 indicates that the sunscreen shields you against 93% of UVB rays that reach you. SPF 30 sunscreens defend you against 97% of UVB rays, while SPF 50 protects you against 98% UV rays.
When you buy a sun protection cream, make sure that it is labeled Broad Spectrum, which means it is also formulated to provide protection against UVA rays. If you are going to be out in the hot weather for long, buy SPF 30 and above sunscreens, and sunscreens that are sweatproof. Apply your sunscreen every two hours to ensure maximum protection. Choose the sunscreen formulation based on your skin type. Creamy sunscreens are good for dry skins, while gel-based lightweight formulations are better sunscreens for oily skin.
Does Sunscreen Really Prevent Skin Aging?
A study that lasted for four and a half years in Australia used four groups in a research to determine the efficacy of sunscreens. The four groups in total consisted of 903 adults.
  1. One group was given specific instruction on when and where to apply sunscreen, and to repeat it after a bath or after heavy sweating
  2. The second group could apply the sunscreen whenever they wished
  3. The third group were given beta-carotene supplements
  4. The fourth group were given placebos
At the end of the study, the first group showed significantly less signs of aging than even the group that were given sunscreens, but not specific instructions on how and when to use them.
Kaya Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50
This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, SPF 50 for maximum protection against sun induced skin damage. As with all other products from Kaya, this sunscreen is researched and developed by expert dermatologists. The formulation is suitable for all skin types - Oily, Combination, Dry, and Normal.
The non-greasy formulation protects you against both UVA and UVB rays. It has been designed to offer the best protection against UVA rays that cause premature aging of the skin. It is free of Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA. This chemical can sometimes cause irritation in sensitive skin types. So, you can use it without fear of harsh ingredients that can harm your skin.
Kaya Youth Protect Sunscreen SPF 50 also contains Geranium, which is rich in antioxidants. This prevents damages caused by free radicals and keeps your skin young and supple. This sunscreen has a PA+++ rating and an Ultra Bootstar Rating of 5. Both indicate that the sun protection cream is highly effective in shielding you against UVA rays.
To ensure maximum protection against photoaging or aging caused by exposure to sunlight, choose a sunscreen that shields you against both UVA rays and UVB rays, and also contains antioxidant ingredients that prevent environmental damage. Buy the best sunscreen for face as this is the part of your body that gets exposed to sunlight the most.

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