Thursday 8 June 2017

What to Avoid When Hair Is Damaged

Dull hair is a result of factors like chemicals, improper styling techniques, and even stress. Hair repair takes time. Here are a few simple steps to make your hair shine and bounce.
There are certain things that tend to damage your hair a lot more than others. It’s vital to avoid these to ensure that your hair heals back. Some of them include:
Avoid hot showers
Excess heat damages your hair and scalp. It changes the shape and swells the hair shaft. This opens up the hair cuticle as well. Open cuticles look dull and lifeless, since they don’t reflect light. Showering under hot water for a long time takes away natural oils from the scalp. This makes your hair dry and lifeless.
Go for a cool rinse or lukewarm water at most when you’re showering. If you’re accustomed to a warm shower, then make sure you rinse your hair in cool water for a few seconds at the end. This is so that the cuticles close up. Your hair will look smoother and shinier this way.
Don’t handle your hair roughly
When you’re drying your hair, don't rub the hair abrasively. Simply pat and dry your hair. Drying by rubbing the towel against the hair makes it rough and damages the texture.
Choosing the wrong shampoo
Use a shampoo that offers an all round benefit like Kaya Hair Health Boost System. It strengthens the hair from within and makes it smooth and shiny. Take a glance at KayaProducts reviews and you can find out more about this product.
The Kaya Nourishing Shampoo is enriched with hibiscus extracts to make your hair healthy and bouncy. The Kaya Hair Health Gel With Protein, Mineral & Vitamin Complex is formulated to reach the hair root and reduce hair fall. Kaya Skin Clinic provides complete solutions to all hair related problems. Their products contain natural ingredients that are highly effective in bringing life and shine back to your hair.
Ignoring conditioning

After you wash your hair with shampoo, makes sure your to use a conditioner. This keeps your hair and scalp moisturized. Conditioned hair is smoother and more manageable. This also avoids tangles and breakage. 

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