Tuesday 20 June 2017

4 Harmful Effects of the Sun

The sun is life-giving and vital in many ways. It’s also a source of vitamin D and provides nutrition to the body. However, it has various harmful effects as well. Too much of sun exposure can lead to sunburns, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, skin damage, and even skin cancer.
Here are some of the harmful effects of the sun in detail.
1.     Sunburn
Sunburn is a condition of the skin that is caused due to overexposure of sun rays. The skin on the affected area becomes red. It’s accompanied by a burning sensation. The burnt skin peels off after a few days.
2.     Heat exhaustion
The normal body temperature is about 37-degree celsius. This temperature must be maintained, and any fluctuations can harm and disturb normal body function. Heat exhaustion is a case where the core temperature within the body rises up to 40-degree celsius.
Heat exhaustion results in headaches, excessive sweat, and makes you feel dizzy. The body loses water and becomes dehydrated. That means you need to replenish water levels in your body. Heat exhaustion is a serious issue and can lead to a heat stroke.
3.     Heatstroke/sunstroke
A heatstroke is a condition that occurs when the body temperature goes above 40-degree celsius. At this stage, the cells of the body start to break down. Subsequently, vital body functions come to a halt. In extreme cases, internal organs start failing. This eventually leads to death.
Initial symptoms of a heat stroke are vomiting, confusion, hyperventilation, and fainting.
4.     Skin damage
Prolonged or repetitive exposure to the sun damages your skin. Depending on the level of exposure and physical vulnerabilities, various conditions can arise.
Premature skin aging results in wrinkles, brown spots, and non-cancerous warts.. Skin cancer is a serious condition that happens when UV rays are exposed to the skin.
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